June Photo Dump

Good morning! I didn’t get home until 10:00 last night, so the great post I was working on isn’t going up until tomorrow because I needed more time on it. So today you get a “wordless Wednesday” of sorts (just ignore that I’m using words RIGHT NOW….ok so I will caption them…) and see some of the photos I am dumping into my computer from my phone. Some have appeared on Instagram, some haven’t.

Getting stronger


Sweet girl

photo (9)

Give me caffeine

photo (8)

Pink kind of day

photo (10)

Father’s Day delivery

photo (11)

Sunset off the balcony

photo (12)

Post run cool down, it was 92 degrees and 88% humidity.

photo (13)

Golf outing

photo (14)

QOTD: Which pic is your favorite? Is your photo album CONSTANTLY full like mine because you have too many pictures on your phone?

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  2. How on earth did you get Sassy to hold that card in her mouth!? Hah! Too funny!!

    • he loves holding things in her mouth to show people when she first sees them in the morning or when they come in the front door so I just gave it to her and she was happy to walk around with it!

  3. Most of the pictures on my phone are of the family cats. My mom keeps sending them and I keep saving them 🙂 I love the hearts Running Skirt and I’ve bookmarked that one in black as my next one.

  4. 1) I am drinking out of my princess half mug right now. 2) how did you get Sassy to carry the card in her mouth? true talent!

  5. Kristyn says:

    love photo dump posts! I do them a lot on our family blog. Don’t you just love our sunsets down here? So pretty!

  6. Love the pink you’re rocking!! And that sunset is beautiful!

  7. Aw your pup is adorable 🙂 My phone used to be constantly full (mostly of pictures of Disney and my dog, lol), but I am getting in a better habit of plugging it in to the computer every night and emptying it out. Looks like your summer is starting off very well!

  8. Love your post run pic. Hilarious face. But I also love that view you have. Is that playground all lit up?

  9. Love the ‘getting stronger’ photo 🙂

    The humidity photo makes me smile too as I know how bad it can be running in the heat, so not fun!

  10. Favorite pic? It’s a tie between Sweet Girl and Father’s Day Delivery. So adorable!

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    Good morning! I didn’t get home until 10:00 last night, so the great post I was working on isn’t going…