Kick it into High Gear


Good morning!

In just a couple of weeks, I will be on vacation! I am so ready for it. The past couple months have been such an adjustment with moving, Bobby working at a new place, learning a new town, new, new, new. New is good but also scary and exhausting, so I am excited to get to unwind with my family in my favorite place on earth, DISNEYWORLD!


And staying at the Polynesian!


and then getting on the Mickey boat!!! (The Disney Dream)


This is actually a picture of the Magic. I don’t have any pics of the Dream since well…I haven’t been on her yet!

The fact that vacation has snuck up on me has put me in PANIC MODE. Why do you ask? I have not been in public in a swimsuit since last summer. AAAHHH! First things first…I do not think I am fat, and I am not going on a “diet” and I am not trying to get sympathy or fish for compliments. I am honestly just NOT READY to be in a swimsuit yet for the summer.

It’s so easy in the winter to hide the less toned or squishy parts with bulky sweaters and the like. It will be way hot in Florida and the Bahamas so I will be forced to show skin or die. I would also like to mention I am a generally pretty modest person so I feel awkward in a swimsuit in public no matter how I look. This is why I was PETRIFIED to post my before and after 6 weeks to 6 pack pictures! I don’t feel I am where I would like to be as far as the “firming up” goes, so I have put a plan into action for the next couple of weeks that will hopefully help me feel a little more confident. This is my “kick it into high gear” plan:

-Workout 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day (cardio once weights once preferably)

-food overhaul! I know I will eat AWFUL on vaca which is fine, but cutting back on stuff I love will be easier knowing I can eat whatever I want in a couple of weeks on the trip! So what am I cutting back on? Mainly sugar and white flour/pasta/etc. I have a massive sweet tooth and have been eating Easter candy and the like since April. I will be trying to not eat “dessert” after dinner or late at night. Making simple substitutions should really make a difference.

-work on the mental aspect of things (I will never see these people again, it doesn’t matter what I look like or what they think, I am beautiful inside and out, etc.)


Bobby brought me flowers he picked yesterday when he came home from work!

I want to be HEALTHY and TONED not “skinny” Smile

So, do you think I will be able to stick with this for two weeks? Any words or wisdom or tricks of the trade?

*I updated my workout log tab

*I still need ONE guest blogger, any volunteers? It doesn’t have to be fancy! Could be a race recap, recipe, etc. e-mail me!

QOTD: Any tips for me and my “plan?”

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  1. I could guest post! I am a new runner but I have been an athlete for my whole life.

    Have fun on vacation! Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. Oh how fun!! And I think you can stick with it, just keep reminding yourself how much better you’ll feel when you finish lol! Pretty flowers btw.

  3. Have a great time on vacation. The Polynesian is my absolute favorite resort. I used to stay there every year as a kid when we would travel down from St. Louis. I’ll always remember sitting underneath the monorail station with the luggage and the rest of the family while my dad went inside to check in. The smell of the lobby for the first time was always awesome.

    My parents tell me that it was only $40/night back then. Times sure have changed!

    • $40 a night?!? WOW! I wish!
      I feel the same way about the smell at the Grand Floridian, my fav resort. The first time you walk into that lobby, it just makes me want to cry. I know I am about to have an amazing time! I can’t describe the feeling it gives me! Love it!

  4. Oh girl, I completely hear you. I’m definitely on the modest side as well so wearing skimpy clothes makes me uncomfortable already so if I’m not feeling completely bathing suit ready then wearing one in public just isn’t gonna happen, haha! I bought a new bathing suit this weekend and wore it while sunbathing in the backyard and definitely realized “oh dear, I only have 3 weeks until I’m wearing this in front of other people on vacay! Eeps!” So yeah, I gotta firm up some abs!

  5. I think your plan sounds fab! I’m in the same boat (haha, not quite) as you are, as you know, but luckily I will not be wearing skimpy clothes in Alaska! I would like to firm up, though. I’m hoping to get in a few runs on the jogging track while onboard to counteract all. that, food. I’m super jealous that you get to stay at the poly. I have always wanted to stay there. Also jealous you are gonig on the Dream! Take video of the aquaduck if you can!

  6. Christine says:

    I disagree with you! You just did the six weeks to a six pack video! I say you are ready 🙂 BTW your pics inspired me to buy the video. Today was day one and I only did half so I was glad to re-read your blog on it. I hope it gives me the same results!!

  7. It’s sounds like you’ve made a plan for health, which is what is the most important. Work on those mental aspects too! The last time I was at Disney was maybe 1995, so I think a trip is in order…

  8. LOVE the Poly… and going on Disney Dream first week of June so can’t wait to read all about that! Live on east coast of FL about an hour south of Tampa… heading over 2 nights ahead to stay on Cocoa Beach and see Kennedy Space Center. Is our 10th anniversary trip and taking our sweet 7-year old daughter with us… haven’t been on a cruise since our honeymoon, sooooo excited!

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