Mickey Boat Here We Come

Good morning! We are heading out on the road again. Today we get on the Mickey boat! Or…the Disney Magic. Bobby and I were on the magic back in November of 2010 for a week long trip. I know the two newer ships are huge and pretty and have great technological advances, but I have a soft spot fot the “classic” smaller ships. I am excited to be back on one of them!

Yesterday, Bobby and I did some last minute packing and getting ready for the trip. I also did some house cleaning (I hate coming home to a messy house after vacation) and we were off! An hour later than I would have liked, but we were off about 12:30. We drove and drove until we hit Lake city, FL and we hit up Cracker Barrel for Dinner.

For some reason we always gravitate to Cracker Barrel when traveling to and from vacation spots. After dinner, we checked into out hotel to get a good night’s sleep before more driving this morning!

I will be unplugging from the online world until Wednesday, and then I will be back with lots of photos! I think all has been taken care of. Pups are in good hands, house is in good hands, we are ready for vacation! Mickey Boat here we come!

Our schedule:

Saturday, Key West. Sunday, day at sea. Monday, Nassau. Tuesday, Castaway Cay (our favorite!) Have a great few days everyone and I will see ya real soon!

QOTD: Do you have a specific place you always eat on vacation?



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  1. Awwwww man.

    I all say again;-)

    I. So. So. Jealolus.

  2. Have fun! There are few things better than a Disney Cruise!

  3. Have so much fun! I love the Magic too! I think the whole spa/ gym area is much better than on the Dream. Hope you get into Palo! And hope you can rebook a super awesome cruise for next April 🙂

  4. Have the best time!! I have always wanted to go on a Mickey cruise!

  5. Sound like so much fun! Can’t wait to see the pictures 🙂