Much Better!

Happy Saturday! It has been a good day. I slept 9 hours, then finished cleaning the closet. It looks sssoo much better. I got rid of some things and packed away some things. I had it all done before Bobby woke up!
Here are some pictures. I put one of the before pics first, just in case you forgot!

and Bobby’s side just because

So I was feeling accomplished! I made smoothies for breakfast and had a banana muffin

Them Bobby decided it was time to shave the dogs (finally!) They were looking pretty shaggy. Bella wouldn’t come, so he did Sassy first. Bella realized it was inevitable, and resigned herself to the fact that she was next.

We just did Sassy, then decided to run and then do Bella after. So we set out for our six miles. It was a beautiful day, low 60’s, I had one pants and a tank top on. Only reason I wore pants was because I just bought them and wanted to try them out. Well, I regretted it a mile in. It was hot!

we ran down our road and across the street to the trails we have been going on, but we went further than usual. There is a low spot on the trail and it has always been covered in water so it forced us to turn around. This is the first time we could cross, yay!

it was an ok run. I averaged about 10 seconds slower than I want to run the half marathon in next weekend, so I was pleased with that.
We came in, shaved poor Bella, and now we have tiny puppies again and not fluffy ones!
Planning to relax, go eat tonight and grocery shop!

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  1. Sounds like you had a GREAT day! Good job!!!! :0)

  2. Great job on the closet. Don’t you love that feeling of accomplishment?!?

  3. Great job on the closet and run! It looks great! It probably feels better too. :0)

  4. Great job on the closet clean up! Reorganizing a closet is rewarding when its done.

  5. Nice job on the closet. I need to do that too but I just can’t bring myself to do it. 🙂 Good this this next week!

    • thanks! I definately have to be in the mood to clean like that, and for some reason I was this weekend!
      we actually ended up going through *part* of the guest room closet, today!

  6. wow, that looks SO organized after. Can you come help me with mine?! 😉

  7. Great job!!!!

  8. Closet looks great — can you come do mine?!?!