My Thanksgiving 2011


Happy Black Friday! We did all of our shopping late last night so we are sleeping in today (I types this post Thursday night.) I hope you ate lots of turkey and made lots of memories with your family and friends. My Thanksgiving was a bit different than years past, but Bobby and I had a fun time making new memories.

We started the day off bright and early with a 6:00 am wake up call for our Turkey Trot. I SERIOUSLY considered turning off the alarm, but I knew the hardest part would be getting out of the bed so I got up anyway and am glad that I did! I will post more about the Turkey Trot in it’s own race recap, but here is a picture from the morning:


We got home about 10:00, and I immediately started getting busy cooking in the kitchen. I had DVRed the parade, so I watched it while I cooked.


Intently watching the parade.

Since it was just going to be the two of us, we didn’t want to cook a whole turkey, so when we saw Honey Baked Ham had a special little meal you could buy where you could get ham, turkey, and two sides, (they threw in some rolls, too) we jumped on it. All I had to make was twice baked potatoes, green beans, almond iced tea, and a pumpkin pie.


We still had to cook the sides in the oven along with all the other things I had made, and this was one of those days I wished I had two ovens. It took a lot longer than I anticipated to get everything ready so we were starving by time it was all ready at 1:00.


Food, why aren’t you done!


Captain Mickey entertained us while we waited.


Getting delirious from hunger.


Bobby insisted on holding the can upside down since the “bottom” said “open other side.”


The girls may or may not have gotten a good bit of people food today…


My first pumpkin pie!



A lot of food for two people.


Notice Bella sitting in my chair, like a person, ready to eat.

We sat, we ate, we tried not to go into food comas, so we took the girls on a long walk. It was the most gorgeous day, sunny, about 73 degrees. Perfect. Then it was football, naps, and late night shopping. More on that later, too.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and remembered all the things you have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from the Montgomery’s!


QOTD: What was your favorite food you ate yesterday?

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  1. I love how picture perfect your table is! My parents got us a Breville toaster oven that is also a convection oven for our wedding – it is a LIFE SAVER at holidays because we can use it as a normal oven. It’s small but it’s great for pies and such. My favorites from yesterday was the bourbon spiced-pecan pie I made and cornbread dressing!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Favorite food from yesterday? Crawfish cornbread dressing – YUM!

  3. Looks like you two had a fabulous day! It sure is hard cooking for just two people, especially for big holidays. Since I’m a vegetarian, we just bought two turkey thighs and I made those for my husband. Favorite food from yesterday? I made a new kind of pie – sweet potato, apple, and cranberry pie with maple glazed walnut topping! It turned out to be great!

  4. Looks like a great thanksgivng! Congrats on your first pumpkin pie. 🙂

    My fav.? hmmm I do love stuffing and my mom made some kind of corn casserole yesterday that was pretty darn good.

  5. It’s all too cute!! :0) The food looks yummy, too!
    Guess what? Madalynn and Bella have the same Cookie Taster shirt! :0) LOL

  6. Aww looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I love that you still had a big feast even with just the two of you. It’s so good to celebrate! 🙂

  7. Your meal looked great! Since I’m living/working on a ship, I really miss the opportunity to cook all my favorites. The restaurant had pumpkin cheesecake instead of pumpkin pie. It was good – but your pie looked better to me!

  8. Great Thanksgiving post Heather! Looks like you guys had a perfect day!