Neighborhood Fall Festival


Tonight, we froze our butts off at our neighborhood;s fall festival. They had games, pumpkin painting, live music, hay rides, and lots of great food, of course.


I wore boots for the first time since winter!



So I think this is the longest my hair has been in years!

We got to the front of the neighborhood while the sun was still up so it wasn’t too cold, and we dug in to enjoy some chili and many flavors of cupcakes.




the pumpkin ones were sssooo good. Cream cheese frosting…yes please!


So, sadly I took more pictures of the food than the people.


I kid you not.


They set up this cute little photo op that we forgot to take advantage of. oops.


There were several rounds of hay rides, which we did not partake in.


There were “roll the pumpkin” races


(cheap point and shoot camera FAIL)

But the best part was just sitting around hanging out with our neighbors listening to the music. Around 7:30 my hands were numb and I realized this probably wasn’t a good thing,, so we hopped on the golf cart and headed home. We had a great time, but said the only thing missing was a bonfire, that would have been nice!

I love my neighborhood and how we always have great social events!

QOTD: Does your neighborhood ever have parties or get togethers? My neighborhood growing up, our street always had our own “block party” and that was fun.

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  1. I love your dress! So cute! And the tall boots with the socks – excellent 🙂 It’s crazy cold up here too – I’m about to head out for a run in 30* weather. I fear for what the winter holds…

  2. I have always grown up and lived in the country. The times I was in an apartment in college we never had any gatherings. It sounds like fun though.

    Side note…where did you get your boots?? I can not find any that don’t have the outrageous heal. I am a teacher and I don’t want an heal on it.

  3. You are too cute! I love block parties but really haven’t had too many since we’ve been married and live in apartments.