Packing for a Destination Race

Afternoon, I hope today has been pleasant! I have been a busy bee this morning! One of the things I have been working on is packing for my marathon trip. that’s right folks, I leave a week from TODAY! Very excited but very nervous as well!

Anyway, I am petrified I am going to do something stupid like forget to pack running socks or something so I decided to make a packing list and pack all my race day gear in a separate bag so it’s all right there and ready to go!

So, behold…THE LIST!

-Running shoes (MOST IMPORTANT!)

-running socks/compression socks

-running skirt(s)

-running tights

-long sleeved shirt

-short sleeved shirt

-tank top

-running outerwear

-throw away outerwear




-body glide

-athletic tape

-IT band strap



-multiple GU’s

-hot hands

-hair ties and clips



-sports bra


-chap stick

-needed medications

-band aids

-extra safety pins


-yurbuds (I probably won’t use)


-banana and breakfast bars

-arm band/holder for iPod/iPhone (I probably won’t use)

Is that all? I am probably leaving out something totally obvious but these are the things I have packed so far JUST for the actual race. WOAH that’s a lot of stuff when you think about it. I also will be packing things like other running shoes to walk around in after and before, foam roller, etc. etc. But I think this about covers the necessities!  Bobby and I have the luxury of driving so we can take as much crap in my monster SUV as we please. This is a MAJOR plus to us as a reason to drive!


QOTD: Did I leave anything off the list?

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  1. your list looks great! You guys are so lucky you get to drive!! I always keep my sneakers and a pair of running clothes with me on the flight just in case the airline loses my luggage. Have a safe drive! see you in a week! btw, we are going to apply get the Disney visa card and then i’ll email you about booking the cruise, thanks!

    • its a long drive (just under 10 hours) but doable. we usually break it up and stop halfway and spend the night. Ok keep me posted! excited to help with your trip!

  2. I just found it funny sports bra was so far down the list. That’s always right after shoes and socks for me. 😉 The only thing I didn’t see was deoderant, but that’s probably because it’s in your toiletry bag.

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Looks good to me! Your list reminded me that I need to go buy GU! Off to the running store I go! 🙂

  4. Great list!! I’m going to print it to help me with my panic level. I think it will make me feel calmer to actually cross things off the list. Ah! Only a week away!

  5. Just bring extra of everything. I always do this when traveling to races. I never know until race morning if I’ll need a winter hat, winter headband, baseball cap or regular headbans. It all depends on weather and cloud cover. So much to think about!

    I sooooo wish I was running marathon weekend with you! 🙁

  6. Looks like you’ve got all the bases covered! I would be sure to have plenty of options for the top, so you can layer and ditch layers as needed. Let the packing begin 🙂

  7. Great list! I need to make a checklist like this and keep it my bag because forgetting something is always my biggest fear going to a race!

    Definitely keep all the layering stuff on your list! I live in Orlando and the weather has been really crazy lately! We went from setting record lows on Monday to shorts weather today.

  8. I’m glad you posted this! I’m going to add it to Alexis’ list and then for sure I won’t forget anything! Hehe! :0)

  9. That list looks great so far! That is most of the stuff that I would normally have for my races, but I agree with the other girls, make sure you pack a little extra just in case!

    Brian and I like driving also. We can carry as much as we want or as little as we want.

  10. I actually always bring my own tea (don’t drink coffee) so that I know I’ll have the same usual comforting drink the night before I race.

    Also I always pack my own bowl of oatmeal in case I can’t make it at the hotel, they always have hot water or microwaves to heat it up.

    Don’t forget your cellphone charger!

    • We are staying on the concierge floor so last year we wouldget fruit and things the day before from the sweet ladies working at the lounge so hopefully I won’t have to worry about that!

  11. I’ll be running the half this year (my 2nd half)…am flying in from Michigan. My list looks pretty similar to yours: shorts, tights, pants (just in case), sports bra, jacket, hat, earwarmers, socks, shoes, spi belt, bib ties, sport beans, race packet and waiver, gloves, bags for dirty clothes, ponchos (in case of rain), garmin watch and footpod, ipod and headphones, camera, sandals for post race, safety pins, hair ties, sunscreen, ibuprofin, hot water bottle

  12. THANKS! This is a lot of help!

  13. Yes! Needed this. 🙂