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Hi friends! Today starts a fun but busy week for me! But first let’s catch up.

Beach Trip Part 2

Beach Trip Part 3

Beach Trip Part 4

I will be doing quite a bit of traveling this week. I am headed out this morning on a week long road trip to visit some stores selling Running Skirts. My mom is tagging along with me to keep me company. I am hitting 13 stores in 5 days in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma! Let’s just say there will be lots of driving! I am hoping to have free WiFi in the hotels so I can still blog about my adventures.

Fingers crossed Bobby keeps the dogs alive and doesn’t burn the house down!


wwweeee I like to play in the waves. I won’t burn the house down!

Yesterday, we went to church and lunch with our Sunday School class. bobby had a board meeting for work, and I packed up and then headed to my mom and dad’s for the night before the road trip. I wore one of the dresses I got from Ann Taylor LOFT to church. it’s so comfy!


Good news! I think my knee is getting better. It was a tiny bit stiff when I woke up this morning but I can walk normally today. I am so excited that it’s not getting worse or staying the same. Hopefully in a couple more days I can try and easy run at a hotel gym and won’t have any problems. I am really hoping this is the case, because I want to chat with yall about my half marathon training plans and hopefully get some feedback.

Some of you were asking where on my knee it hurts, so here is a picture to give you an idea. It’s right in the bend and sometimes feels behind and in front of my knee when I straighten or bend my knee and tuck it up into my chest. Where my thumb is, that is the general area of pain. It is tender to the touch if I push hard on that bone there I guess? (Is it a bone? This shows my incompetence.)


gotta drive!

QOTD: What is your favorite road trip snack?

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  1. Have a fun, safe trip! And great news about the knee! I hope your next run is painfree!

  2. I loved reading about your vacation! Looks like you had a fabulous time! I hope you have a very succcessful trip this week!! Good to hear your knee is feeling better. As a fellow runner, it is so frustrating to experience pain and not know what it is!

  3. Great news about your knee. Enjoy the road trip!

    Side note: love the Loft!

  4. I am glad your knee is feeling better! If I am correct speaking from a previous knee injury where your thumb is that is where the IT band connects to your knee. I am glad the rest/time off helped decrease all the swelling and pain!

  5. I always pack snack for my road trips like sliced apples, Lara bars, protein shakes, PB&J sandwich, and carrot sticks. Have a great week traveling.

  6. Have a great road trip! Great that your mom is going with you!

    We always like to have a cooler with water and powerade zero (maybe a diet coke), peanut m&m’s, beef jerky, some kind of chips, and usually japanese rice crackers. Homemade cookies are also always good. Fruit is probably a good idea, too. You should just have your salty, sweet, and fruit, and be good to go…

  7. Have a fun and safe trip.

  8. ooo gosh i hope it is better soon! did u see a doctor?