Rock N Roll St. Louis Expo


As you know, I flew out of New Orleans to St. Louis on Wednesday of last week. I had never been to Missouri, so I was excited to add a new state (and a race in a new state) to the places I have been and raced.



My skirt helper Laurie and I spent Thursday getting our booth set up. The Rock n Roll crew is so great, I enjoyed getting to chat with them again, and with the other vendors. We got everything set up and ready to go Thursday, and the expo was Friday and Saturday.



I took some time when it was slower on Friday to go get my own bib. I was excited for the new women’s cut t shirts, but frustrated when I saw basically all they did was make them shorter…which annoyed this tall girl!


There were over 21 THOUSAND runners at this race, and the expo was pretty busy! As usual, I got to meet a bunch of great people, and meet some blog readers (hi guys, so glad to meet all of you!) Including my friend Heather


I love selling Running Skirts, and I love when people come up to me at the race afterwards and tell me how much they loved running in their new skirt. It just makes my heart happy.


My day two outfit. Everyone went nuts over the sleeves!

Friday night we got everything out of the convention center, and our taxi driver told us America’s got talent was holding auditions at the convention center, too. We saw a lot of people lined up for something but had no idea what it was. We even saw a little boy in the hallway of our hotel who had tried out and got to hear him sing, it was pretty cute.

We finally got finished with everything around 11:00, and had our alarms set for 5 am for the race. Yikes!

QOTD: Have you ever auditioned for a TV show?

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  1. I love those arm warmers too! They are super cute. Looks like another successful expo!

  2. You have my dream job!! You’re so blessed! 🙂

  3. I’m so sad that the print arm warmers are tight on me. I need to try out the solids.

    • the only solids that are looser are gold, pink, fuschia…all cut from the same fabric as the looser strappys, if that makes sense!

  4. Running Skirts has the cutest outfits! I’m so jealous of your job to travel from expo to expo to promote them (and run a race while you’re at it!) Do you only work the expos? How did you land such an awesome job?

    BTW–CONGRATS on running yet another awesome half marathon!!

    • thanks!
      no I am a sales rep for several states and I work expos in those states. its a lot of fun, but also A LOT of hard work! def. not all fun and games pulling a 13-14 hour day at an expo lol!

  5. I loved my skirt and arm warmers! The announcers talked about how stylish I looked at the beginning and end of the race, and I got a ton of shout outs from spectators along the course too! I wish my race pictures were a little cuter, but I guess running a marathon doesn’t make you look glamorous, even if you are dressed cute…

  6. Wow!! You are certainly racking up the miles – both traveling and running!! The arm warmers look super cute.