Today I am going to attempt to run six miles. A little over month ago, this would have been just a regular day, regular run, nothing too difficult. Today, with having my last long run at the very beginning of July, I am not so sure. I am nervous, petrified even, that I won’t be able to to it and that my foot will hurt. However, I am also excited. I don’t care how hot it is, or humid or sunny, or early. I just want to RUN. To not take it for granted, to appreciate each moment, enjoy my surroundings, and RUN. I got my shot a week ago today, we will see if it really is going to help.


The Disneyland half is in 20 days. Will I be ready to run a fast PR worthy pace? Absolutely not, but I don’t care. I just want to RUN, to finish, to be proud of myself for getting back out there, completing the coast to coast challenge, and not be in pain.

I am going on my RUN this morning, so please pray for me. I am nervous/excited/anxious/happy/scared all rolled into one. Oh running how I have missed thee, please go easy on me.

QOTD: Coming back from an injury. Were you nervous?

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  1. Good for you! I can feel your emotions through your writing in this blog. I am thinking about you today as you head out for your six miler. I really can not imagine.. I have not gotten hurt or had an injury… I can’t wait to hear about your run!!! Good Luck.

  2. HECK YES.
    Im still nervous.

  3. Have a great run!

  4. Sending positive energy your way!

  5. When I was recovering from achillies tendinitis, I was so scared to run because I was afraid I’d get out then be stranded and in pain. I literally ran around my block endlessly until I felt confident that I was recovered (my neighbours must have thought I was incredibly lame)

  6. I’m with you – when you’ve been injured you learn to not take running for granted. Gorgeous picture. I also think you do get a new perspective about doing a race – I learned it’s not always about time. It’s about being able to run period and enjoying that moment. I don’t know that I was scared to get back into it, more frustrated really. My body and my mind were on 2 different levels. My mind had me out there just like before injuries, my body had other ideas. 2 miles felt like 6 miles!

  7. Crossing my fingers!! Hope you have a great run!

  8. Prayed for you this morning. I hope your run went well. Don’t beat yourself up if you cannot finish the 6 miles. How far you go today in farther than you have ran in 2 weeks!

  9. Hope you have a fabulous run Heather! And yes…..coming back from an injury is super scary and I was super nervous! Sending prayers your way!

  10. I hope you have a great run today! Are you tackling the bridge or just hitting the beach? My sister and I have 6 on the schedule for this weekend. I am thinking we will do a big loop through downtown Pass.

  11. Welcome Back.. your going to do great! Take it nice and easy and build it up. You’ll be rocking it in no time, We all look forward to following your progress!

  12. YAY! I hope it goes well. Good luck 🙂

  13. Go go go! I think coming back from an injury is always nervewracking – just take it slow, and listen to your body. You can do it!!

  14. You can do it!!!!!! Prayers coming Your way!!! SPALove!

  15. Love your quote – “I just want to run”!

  16. Yay!! Good for you! It is scary coming back from injury – I spent my entire first run back thinking is that a normal twinge or is that a bad pain.

  17. Hope you had a great run!

    I was definitely nervous getting back to running after my injury months ago. I think it’s normal that we get nervous as we want to get back to doing what we love without any glitches 🙂

  18. Enjoy the RUN
    and hecks yes to nervous
    my ankle has been whacked a few times and my back
    and just reinjured back saturday 🙁

  19. i’ll be thinking of you!!

  20. Hope it went well! I’ve been easing back in since my shin was bothering me too, and always think I’m feeling something when I’m not- every little twinge makes me nervous that I’m re-injuring myself! 6 miles is a lot for your first day back… be careful that you don’t jump right back into your old routine, your body needs a week or two to build back up slowly and adapt to the demands of running again.

    • it was a VERY slow 6 with lots of walk breaks (it was over 90 degrees and 93% humidity so it was necessary!) I was at 10 miles a month ago before I got hurt so a slow 6 was doable. I hope your skin is better!

  21. Oh, I feel you! And I hope it went well!!!!

  22. Fingers crossed everything went fabulously for you today!!

  23. Sending positive energy and thoughts your way for a great run. An injury can so easily bring down our spirits and a good run can bring them back up so quickly! Keep your chin up no matter what happens.

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