Running Skirts and The Hills??

I know I have at least one post on running skirts, but something actually prompted me brining this up. Well, two things. The Hills, which i do not watch, and the running skirts new line.

I was reading my US weekly e-mail I get everyday. The other day there was a poll, and a pictures of Audrina Partridge, running in a purple plaid running skirt. The poll said something like “running skirts, silly or sporty?” SADLY, over 67% said SILLY!!!! i was APPALED! Obviously, none of these silly women have ever actually RUN in a running skirt, nor had the benefits of running in a running skirt. No shorts riding up, fabulous lightweight fabric, pockets, etc. So wonderful! Not to mention, they are super cute! I must say, i was slightly offended and annoyed at US weekly for even suggesting my awesome skirts were silly! (Like they care what i think.) Also, I don’t think Audrina even actually ran the whole marathon? Can someone confirm this?

Next prompting of my post is the running skirts spring/summer skirts, they are out and on the website! My FAVORITE are the floral and the pink or black mini dot. I also love the cheetah. I decided i can only get one, so the floral it is, although i would LOVE more than that! You can go HERE to see the new skirts. How cute are they?! I would love a matching headband but I am really trying to be good with my money. I also am getting the pink tank top that says I love running. It’s not a running skirt, it’s cotton, but it’s still super cute.

QOTD: What is your favorite running skirt from the website?

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  1. YAY! I’m so glad you decided to get a new skirt! The floral is just so cute! Plus, it goes with practically anything!

    I love all my skirts! I’m really excited about the new prints! My favorites of my existing collection are: camo/pink (yes, yes, I know how you feel about camo), red minnie dot, and navy/haute pink.

  2. Honestly, I can’t believe all the people who hate on running skirts. To me, there is nothing better; they are comfortable, functional and cute!! Given the obesity crisis in this country, shouldn’t we be happy people are working out regardless of the exercise fashion??!? I have not tried the skirts from because I am nervous about not having shorts under them although I love anything with a polka dot on it, but I do own several from Nike and they are the best things ever!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog. Nope, husband is not a runner. Its probably important to add that he works full time and goes to law school at night.

    • oh girl i understand. My husband graduated from law school in December 2008, bee there done that! although he did law school full time (graduated in 2.5 years instead of 3) and worked part time, it still sucked! My husband runs with me (well, not right now b/c he is injured) on the wekeneds for long runs and it helps! Maybe find a running buddy?

  3. makes skirts with shorts underneath! They are the athletic skirt style…

  4. always glad to help skirt others… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Oh, and I am pretty sure she only ran the last 2.2 miles, or something like that.

  6. I was wondering too since she didn’t have a race bib on…

  7. I was curious as to if Adrianna from the Hills ran the whole marathon too. I love the floral print and the new cheetah print running skirts, but I can not justify buying one of those skirts just yet. Maybe for my birthday. haha I saw three people including me wearing one at the race last weekend.

  8. I think running skirts are super cute and if you want to feel and look girly while you tear up the streets, go for it! I have a running skirt, but I can’t help but feel too exposed on my, uh, backside! I know I just need to get over it.
    Rock those skirts with pride!

  9. Long Legs on the Loose says:

    stumbled upon your blog from erin and glad I did! I was reading about Aundrina on the running skirts facebook page. I love running skirts and they are everyone in the running world…i think the people who voted they are silly are just jealous =) I just got my floral skirt from the new summer line and LOVE IT!

    PS (we have matching blog layouts) =)

    • hey thanks so much for commenting!!!
      I am SO excited about getting my floral, I am ordering it in the next few days. eek!! Do you have pictures in it yet? I would love to see!

  10. I just found your blog through the Disboards! I’m already hooked on it based on this first post, haha. Okay, running skirts are amazing. Most of the people taking the US Weekly poll have probably not run so much as one mile in the past decade, so I guess I shouldn’t care what they think. But still, it bothers me that people are SO judgmental on the running skirt! I wore the mini-dot to a Valentines race and this group of girls were staring at it and gave me dirty looks, and it was so awkward. I wish I could say I smoked ’em durin the race, but I’m sure I was far behind them, haha. It’s so comfortable to run long distances without shorts riding up or rubbing, and it’s a plus that the skirt looks cute. It just would be nice if people took us seriously when we run in them.

    • aw I never though about wearing minnie dot on v-day! cute! Yeah I always feel a little odd at first wearing them to local races b/c usually I am the only one!!! Thanks so much for commenting!

  11. I LOVE! I have like 15 or 16 of them. They are all I run in. Just got the floral one. It is even cuter than on the website! Those people who said silly are so wrong!

  12. I love the skirts! I really like the red and white polka dotted one that you have. Go running skirts!

  13. I’m intrigued by the concept of running skirts but I’m concerned that I’ll be flashing people! Do you wear shorts underneath? Do they come with shorts attached?

  14. the ones from, if you look, have two styles. athletic and running. in all my race photos I am wearing the running kind, they come with built in briefs. the athletic skrits are a bit longer and come with built in shorts, like spandex. It’s so nice to not have shorts ride up while running!

  15. I just realized I never commented here! lol You know I love me some running skirts, too! They are awesome! Still kinda think the thing with Audrina was silly. She only ran 2 miles?! What a wimp! (I’m a Hills fan so I can say that! LOL)

    • haha! I have never watched the hills. I don’t need any fake drama in my life lol!
      Yeah running 2 miles is fine, but dont advertise that she “ran the marathon” that’s misleading!!! boo!

  16. I love this blog! Such a fun read. I think I found it while googling something about running. Keep it up, you are too cute! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    but yeah. You know those people who vote about fashion on US weekly don’t run. please! Whatever functions beat for you is the way to go, fashion does not matter! At least while running, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks again for your fun blog! It makes me more pumped to get my runs done too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I have been drooling over the skirts on the runningskirts website for a few months, so I’m so glad that you discussed them on here. I have one from Nike that I love, and really want the new floral one too! I just haven’t figured out how to justify the cost yet.

    I thought that it was crazy that they advertised it as if Audrina ran the whole marathon. I’m proud she ran the two miles (I heard she was helping out a friend or something?), but they should just be honest about it.

    • are you signed up on running skirts website to get e mails? if not, do that, b/c sometimes they will offer discounts or free shipping, etc. You so need a skirt from there!