Santa Fail + North Pole Down South

Over the weekend, not only did I run a 5k race, but we took Emma Kate to go see Santa. If you will remember last year, she was not a big Santa fan at 10 weeks old, so we weren’t sure what was going to happen this time.

We drove about ten minutes into the “country” to go to North Pole Down South in Livingston. Livingston is a beautiful little area that is new but made to look like an old town square. (You can read more about it here.) In the summer they hold a farmer’s market, and other events during the year, but this was out first time making it out there. There is also a residential part that hasn’t quite gotten up and running yet, but I hope it does because I love this cute area!


We got in line for Santa, and Emma Kate did great. Bobby walked around with her and carried her on his shoulders, and she never fussed once.

emma kate

There were however some kids just being kids running around which is fine, but I was happy to see they were selling wine and mimosas while you waited in line (seriously, smartest thing ever!)

livingston MS

livingston mimosa


We waited about twenty minutes, and it was finally our turn. Sadly, Emma Kate was still not a fan. However, instead of all out screaming like she did last year, she just made the saddest little face and did this pathetic whine, pointing to us. Poor girl.

EK santa

The below picture is the only one where you can’t tell she was terrified.

EK santa1

Get away from me you creepy old man! (by the way, isn’t he a great looking Santa?!?)

emma kate santa

This picture about sums it all up.

livingston santa

After we sufficiently traumatized our child, we decided to walk around a little bit. We came across one of the two restaurants, called the County Seat (I spy Bobby and EK).

county seat

We also went into the Livingston Sweet Shoppe. I LOVED it in here. I think I belong in the era of general stores and candy shops. This was my kind of place.

livingston candy

livingston sweet

You can follow them on Instagram and see what they are up to!

sweet shoppe

There was also a mercantile and gas station in Livingston.

livingston gas

And who can forget the wine cellar?

livingston wine

We ended up eating at a place called the Gathering. They have a blue plate lunch special, so Bobby had some fried chicken.

the gathering

I love the interior. So cool!

the gathering1

The weather was beautiful, Livingston was great, and we got our Santa photos. All in all a good day, and EK behaved beautifully the whole time. If you are local to the Jackson MS area, I hope you will check out Livingston!

QOTD: Do you take your kids to see Santa? Did you cry as a kid taking Santa pictures?

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  1. Poor EK! Her face is just pitiful! Hopefully next year she will love Santa! Livingston looks like such a cute little town!!!

  2. Poor girl! My favorite is the picture of her with Bobby! Oh well…she will like Santa eventually!

  3. A. did not want ANYTHING to do with Santa until he was 2. I love that picture with EK and Bobby. So precious.

  4. Even with that pouty face she looks so cute. It’s funny that we teach children about strangers yet we want to sit them on the lap of someone they never met. No wonder they cry…lol. Sweet girl!

    • Haha I thought about that! Bobby carried her over and sat down holding her first hoping she would realize saints was “ok” but I think it’s the beard that scared her!

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