Slow Down? No Way!


Hello from Mississippi! I am FINALLY HOME!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, but once I am ready to go home I miss it so much. I am exhausted, happy, and overwhelmed all at the same time right now. I have so much to do I don’t know where to begin!

I have decided since so many of you are waiting to hear about the cruise, and also so many waiting to hear about running skirts and my trip to Cali, I would break it up. One day a post about Disney, the next a post about Running skirts. I think that’s fair, right? But first things first, My final leg of my journey home!

I last blogged to you from the Houston Airport. I boarded my final flight home, and was so thankful none of my flights the whole trip were delayed or too terribly turbulent. The last flight was a quick one, only about 45 minutes. I got to NOLA and headed out to find my driver….I mean my mom, who was picking me up.


I found her, and we finally made it back to their house where I promptly fell asleep and slept like a rock! I woke up this morning to this crazy girl:


This is my sisters 8 week old puppy, NOLA. My sister was gone for the morning so I helped puppy sit. Don’t let this cute face fool you, she is INSANE!


The beast does not sit still. I don’t know HOW I finally got this picture. She is quite the little biter, and she is incredibly spastic. She runs into walls, can’t walk straight, and will eat your hair, your face, your clothes, anything she can put in her mouth.


what is that thing in your hand?


is it for me? what does it taste like?! I must find out!



I played with puppy, chatted with my mom and sister, and decided to head home. I drove the hour 15 minutes home, so excited to see my puppies. I had not seen them since Tuesday the 24th of MAY!!!

As soon as I opened the door they attacked me, and we just laid on the floor freaking out and snuggling for about ten minutes. I found this on the refrigerator:


How sweet is that?!? Not to mention, the house is spotless! SPOTLESS! I have the best hubby. I can’t wait to see him when he gets home from work!

Ok, I am off to unpack, organize pictures, do some vacation quotes, and maybe even nap. I am zonked! Looking forward to posting about all of my travels! No slowing down for me anytime soon! Stay tuned!

QOTD: Would you rather pack or unpack? I would rather pack, it usually means I am going somewhere fun and exciting!

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  1. I’d rather pack. Unpacking is soooo depressing because you know the trip is over.

  2. Pack. Way easier to put things in one bag then take them and take things out to put them in the fifty spots they go.

  3. ahhh….just last year i had a puppy that looked just like NOLA. today she’s quite a bit bigger. still just as spastic though. the biting and chewing has definitely stopped. she gets super excited over just about anything though. that puppy is pretty dang cute! its so hard to say no to golden retrievers! my pup still has an issue with her coordination skills. they’re legs are just so dang long and they are so hyper that it doesn’t help the coordination.

  4. I’d totally rather pack. I always wait until the last minute, so when I’m packing, there’s nothing left between me and the trip!

  5. I’d DEFINITELY rather pack. I detest packing!

  6. If that is a golden retriever then your sister better get used to the chewing on everything and to buy lots of dog toys so it will chew on those! :0)

  7. Welcome home! How’s the weather? Don’t you miss ours? 😉 Actually, you came out to beautiful weather. It is June gloom right now…still overcast at 3:21pm…

    I’d definitely rather pack!

  8. Oh what a darling lil puppy!!!!! Spazzy now, but running partner in a few months!!!

  9. Cute puppy but BIG puppy! I like my dogs little and cuddly 🙂 I HATE unpacking. Growing up I would always just live out of a suitcase on vacation but Jeff is the type to completely unpack and put stuff in the hotel drawers. It does make it easier to find stuff but then you just have to REPACK it again! Oy! 🙂

  10. She’s so cute! Nati was a terror puppy too for the first year. Then he calmed down a lot. I think some breeds are just psycho!

  11. “How sweet is that?!? Not to mention, the house is spotless! SPOTLESS! I have the best hubby.”