Snow (Ice) Day

Last week we had some crazy weather here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! We had several days of a sleet/ice mix that literally shut everything down. Schools were closed for three days, roads and bridges were completely iced over, as was my yard (I almost busted it a few times on the sidewalk!)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (14)

unnamed (17)

Sassy was not a big fan, but Bella found it very interesting (and tried to eat it).

unnamed (12)


Luckily I had my Under Armour gear to help keep me warm while we played outside.

unnamed (16)

I even pulled this huge icicle off Bobby’s car!

unnamed (15)

We had a good time in the cold as it is a bit of a novelty just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, but two days later we had temps in the 70’s! I am not ready for summer heat yet!

Let’s just say as much as I hate humidity and crazy heat, I am glad I live in the south.

QOTD: Would you rather the snow or extreme heat?

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  1. NJ is under a state of emergency today for a major ice storm. Wyatt and I were supposed to fly up tomorrow to visit, but we decided not to weeks ago. I definitely do not regret that decision. I am not a fan of snow and ice!

  2. We had icicles like that in Charleston, SC and we were using them as Star Wars light sabers! Our German Shepherds were quite confused with the sleet/ice/snow. They enjoyed eating the icicles off their fence! OK we are good for another 4 years.

  3. We are currently buried under at least 8 inches of snow and have been for much of the winter. I can count on one hand the number of times the road conditions have been safe for running in the last month. I am sick of marathon training on the treadmill. I am definitely ready for some heat!

  4. I enjoyed it too, but I hated the fluctuation of temperatures, right back to the 70’s. I’m not a fan of extreme either – extreme cold or hot! lol

  5. That’s a tough question! I think I might enjoy the unpredictable weather you guys get down there ( at least for a little while anyway)! We had snow here yesterday and while I was shoveling realized that the temperature really wasn’t that cold. It was kind of pretty!

  6. I would definitely prefer extreme heat. I’ve lived in the south my whole life, so I’m definitely more acclimated to higher temps haha! I was pretty surprised how much of the ice hit the south last week though – we got a little bit, but not too much.

  7. At this point I am ready for warmer weather. You don’t have to shovel hot temperatures and nothing shuts down (unless the AC goes out). I don’t mind it either way, but the changing temps all in the same week is getting old. I’m ready for spring.

  8. Being back in New Jersey for my first winter after living for Florida in 2 years I’m picking the heat! It’s not always enjoyable but at least there’s no snow to shovel!

  9. I think I prefer heat for some reason, but both make it impossible to get your workout in, or hang out outside. San Diego it is!

  10. I’ll take a southern snow day any day – I just spent about two hours shoveling my driveway!

    When it comes to extremes I’ll take cold over hot any day – I’m completely nonfunctional in extreme heat.

  11. Jamie Thornton says:

    I hate being cold, but I’m also not a fan of heat with humidity. But I’d rather live in the south. My in laws are in Alabama and it was crazy there. My brother in law even had to spend a night at work.

  12. We completely shut down when it snowed in Georgia last week. Us Southerners are so unprepared for winter weather. That being said, I would much rather deal with winter than ridiculous heat and humidity during summer.

  13. um…is that even a real question?!?!!? I’ll take the heat…and you won’t ever hear me complaining about it

  14. We had snow two days ago, and I am so over this winter weather. I’ll take hot weather over cold any day! I will try to keep this in mind when the Texas heat rolls around in July. 😉 I’m a wimp when it comes to cold temps, so anything below 55° is freezing to me.

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