spiders and ticks and wild hogs?!? OH MY!


Evening folks! How yall doing? This weekend has been great so far! The weather has been GORGEOUS! Sunny and in the 70s. I can’t help but stay outside! The nice weather actually started Thursday. We decided to eat dinner outside, upstairs on our balcony.



Yesterday, I sat outside three different times soaking up the sun, reading, talking on the phone, hanging out with the dogs, etc. Our Gardenias are blooming and the backyard smells heavenly!



I tried out my new swimsuit I allowed myself to get after completing my 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD. I knew I wanted a basic black swimsuit, but every store I went to had cute bottoms, but no cute top, or not in my size. So, I decided, it’s black, who cares if it’s even from the same store? I found a cute top at Old Navy, and cute bottoms at Target. Cute, and not to mention…cheap!

Friday evening, Bobby and I went to our favorite Mexican place for an early dinner, and came home deciding to just take the girls on a quick golf cart ride. Well, our ride ended up turning into a whole evening of adventure!

On our way back toward the house, Bobby decided to detour off road into the woods down some half overgrown trail. I was less than thrilled, but humored him anyway. We went a good ways, and found a small clearing where he found BLACKBERRIES! I lived in the woods for a couple years as a child, (not really the woods, we had a house, but you know what I mean) and I can still remember blackberry picking! We had nothing to put them in, so bobby just got a handful and we said we would come back next week (a lot were not ready to be picked yet.)





Now, when I say we were in the middle of the woods on a golf cart….we were in the middle of the woods on a golf cart!

behind us….


in front of us…


hhhmmmm….kind of creepy! I love being otuside on my patio, or my porch, enjoying nature….but that is as far as it goes. Going deep into the woods is not my cup of tea, so I was slightly nervous. Ok, so we finally left the woods with me driving so Bobby could hold his precious blackberries. When we got back to the roads of the neighborhood right behind our house, we discovered a TON of blackberries right there next to the road! Luckily, we were literally a street over from our house so we went back, grabbed a bowl, and went back to do some picking!


We got a lot and I was ready to go home, but not the little boy…he wanted to go BACK into the woods for more. Right before I was about to agree, the security guard drove by, and we gave him a blackberry. He told us to have fun, but be careful, and watch out for wild hogs…..WHAT?!? He said this is their favorite time of day to be active. EXCUSE ME!?! hogs? basically in my backyard? GAH!

Bobby somehow convinced me to go back into the woods, but I told him I wasn’t going far and we were making it quick, it was getting dark and I was not about to get eaten by a crazy pig on steroids. So we went back in and found more berries, all the while I stayed IN the cart darting my eyes around keeping watch. When I finally got brave enough to pick some berries Bobby says “oh, a tick! be careful! We will have to check each other for ticks later!” OOOKKK dude. That’s enough for me. I had already seen some spiders, been warned about wild hogs, and now you see a tick. That’s just great! I freaked out enough to convince him it was time to go!

We went home, washed the berries and put some in a container for our neighbors who were working in the community garden.


We talked to them for a bit, and they gave us two tomato plants to grow, and some petunias to put in a vase. They smell SO GOOD and I split them up into two vases. If I was rich I would have fresh flowers in my house all the time. I love walking by and smelling them. It really is filling up the whole house.


here comes the bbbrrriiiddeee!

2011-04-29_20.30.23 2011-04-29_20.30.41


Fun night! Definitely not what we planned to do till 9:00, but it was fun! Not to mention the fun continued all day today! That will be in my next post. I will give you a a sneak peak of what we did….We ran on the beach and had a picnic lunch. Pics and story in my next post!

QOTD: Did you ever pick any kind of berries growing up? Flowers?

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  1. I love wild blackberries!!! 🙂 So delicious! Looks like a fun and adventure filled day! 😀

  2. I have been picking blackberries for the past couple of weeks now at my house. They grow in quite a few different spots. I actually need to go out and do that today again.

  3. I haven’t picked while blackberries for years! Sounds like you had fun! Chris and Bobby sound similar. I’d be freaking and Chris would be going back for more!

  4. Oh our gardenias are in full bloom over here too, love how they smell. And how fun that you got to pick blackberries!

  5. I love fresh flowers and berry picking! Im counting down the time until we can go pick berries this year. They arent quite ready yet here.

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