St. Patrick’s Day 5k: Take 3

Good morning! Having a bit of a repeat of last weekend today…Bobby and I are running another 5k this weekend! Don’t judge, it’s already starting to get hot here so we have to take advantage while we can. We are running the St. Patrick’s Day 5k down by the beach. Honestly, I am a bit leery of this race. It’s our third year running it,  (2011, 2012) and last year it was a disaster! Ran out of water, started late, it was HOT, ran out of shirts for people who pre paid…I was not a happy girl. However, since we don’t have that many races to pick from, I decided to give this race another shot and hope they rectified the situation from last year. I will let you know how it goes. If I don’t die of dehydration that is. At least I won’t get pinched in my green running outfit.

2012-03-17 10.19.24

Not a happy girl after last year’s event. This year, I am bringing my own water!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and good times will be had by all.

I also wanted to mention that not only can you now register for the runDisney Tower of Terror ten miler, but for the Wine and Dine half marathon as well. The Tower of Terror is already about 50% full, so don’t miss out on your chance! Both are going to be super fun. I am already signed up for ToT, but haven’t pulled the trigger on Wine and Dine…yet. I really want a re-do on Wine and Dine since I was so sick last year, and hopefully I can make it happen. I have fallen in love with the food and wine festival and that time of year in Disney World! Amazing weather, great food, a half marathon, what more could a Disney loving girl want?



Speaking of Tower of Terror, Check out this message I got from reader Elizabeth:

“I know you love runDisney and I am running the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ 10-Miler with my mom because the beneficiary is Autism Speaks and my niece has autism. We are also looking for people to sponsor our run, so that we can help out their family with all the medical expenses that come with autism therapy.
I blogged about this here: and created a donation site for Run for Sophia here:” Be sure to check it out if you are able!


QOTD: Have you ever been to a race or other sporting event where they ran out of water or didn’t start on time?

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  1. At mile 11 of the Philadelphia Marathon last year, the volunteers were letting the runners know that there was no water at the next stop. It was pretty ridiculous that early in the race, especially since it was not a hot day. Have a great race!

  2. Good luck! I hope all the issues from last year are worked out. Dallas has a 5k on Greenville, but I have to do more than double that distance today, otherwise I would’ve done it

  3. Hope this year’s race is a bit better! I love a holiday-themed race – have fun! 🙂

  4. Hope this year goes much smoother than last! I HATE it when races don’t start on time!!

  5. My first ever 5k started over an hour late because of rain

  6. Running out of water at a race?! That’s ridiculous! BTW I was watching the Wine and Dine expo video on the runDisney registration site and think I saw you in it!

  7. I hope the race is much better this year! Yes I’ve been to a race where they ran out of water…it was awful! It was in August (you know how hot that time of year is here) and it was a 5K. They ran out of water on the course…AND at the after party! It was a disaster and I’ve never re run that race. Hope your race learned their lesson from last year and are over prepared this year!

  8. Running out of water at a race is simply unforgivable! Hope you had a better experience this year!

  9. Yes I have! I went to an event where they were letting friends and family take the food and drink that was meant as recovery for runners and because they did that they ran out. I was not a happy girl either.

    Hopefully for your race they are much better organised!

  10. Great job!!!! I’m doing a race in mid may. A friend told me the organizer is known for running out of water. It’s a half and relay and I have teamed up with a friend. I will definitely have my IFitness fuel belt on!

  11. Thank you so much for mentioning my fundraiser for my sweet niece! Very excited to see what God has in store for her life.

  12. Saw that you got a pr, woohoo!! Excited to hear the whole story. 🙂 Congrats!

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