Emma Kate: Month 10

We are in double digits! I can remember back to other bloggers who have had babies in the past couple of years, and how fast it seems they approached their first birthday, and now it’s happening to me!

ek 10 months

It’s getting harder and harder to get her to be still and look at the camera for pictures. I’m guessing by twelve months I will just have pictures of her backside as she’s running away from me!

emma 10 months

It’s still incredibly hot outside, but we still go walking with friends when we can, but we go early in the morning. Emma Kate still loves her stroller and will fall asleep if it’s during nap time. (Thursday I ended up walking 8 miles because she fell asleep at the end of mile 4!)

unnamed (17)

Sleep is going excellent. Emma Kate goes to bed between 6:30 and 6:45 and sleeps until sometime between 6:30 and 7:00. She takes two naps a day, and they are from anywhere between 40 minutes and two hours, with the average being an hour and fifteen minutes. She loves her crib, and we recently started letting her sleep with a light blanket that she loves.

unnamed (18)

The biggest thing that happened this month is right after she hit 9 months, she started crawling! (We are also pulling up to standing now!) It was very slow and calculated at first, but now she is all over the house and getting into everything! She gets bored with her toys but of course loves getting into all the things she isn’t supposed to. I have done a lot of baby proofing and moving things, but some things have to remain where they are, and it’s a good opportunity to teach her “no”. And she still loves here baby carrier, click here to see 3 different kinds of soft structured baby carriers. They’re really great!

unnamed (20)

Eating is going great, too! Emma Kate is fairly adventurous and will try anything that we give her. She still eats some purees, but also loves finger foods like bits of ground beef, carrots, puffs, and even broccoli! She also has learned how to feed Bella, so now they are BFF’s.

unnamed (21)

A not so fun thing that happened this month is about ten days ago Emma Kate got SUPER whiny and clingy. She is a pretty independent baby, so this was out of character for her. She wanted me to hold her all the time and she wasn’t eating as much as usual. It finally occurred to me to check her mouth, and sure enough, we have two more teeth coming in making it 6 all together. There was about a week of a very unhappy child, but she is coming out of it now and back to her happy playful self.

unnamed (22)

Much to Bobby’s dismay, Emma Kate still won’t say “da da”. She says mama and ba-ba an babbled all the time though. When I say something like “where is Bella?” she will turn all around looking for the dog.

IMG_6176 (2)

Emma Kate Loves:

-Crawling and exploring

-Eating, especially puffs and banana/vanilla yogurt melts

– Playing with my phone

– Music/songs on TV

– Daycare and other babies

– Peek-a-boo

– Ripping up paper

Emma Kate does NOT like:

– Getting her diaper or clothes changed

– Being told “no” (ha. Who doesn’t)

– When I take something away from her she isn’t supposed to have

– When I walk into a room she is in, then leave

unnamed (19)

I have started party planning a bit, and I can’t believe she will be ONE soon. This little girl has taught us so much and challenged us a lot. She’s so happy and giggly and at such a fun age. Here goes another month!

QOTD: Did your kids get really fussy when they were teething? What is your favorite party theme?