January Jump Start

Ah, January. It is sadly upon us. Christmas will be over, and everyone will start looking towards 2014. I know the big things people start talking about in January are health, fitness, and weight loss. People struggle with yo-yo dieting and plans that don’t realistically fit into their schedule. It doesn’t have to be this way! Join in the January jump start challenge and feel better by the end of the month.


The January jump start is a 24 day Advocare challenge. The challenge runs from January 6-January 29.

So why would you want to do this? How about some cash prizes!


Also, there will be other prizes given away, for a total of over $1200 in cash and prizes.

What are my thoughts on the challenge? I was on vacation during mine so I didn’t have any dramatic weight loss, but oh my goodness the increased energy is amazing, and I am more toned than before. Also, who goes out of town for 8 days during a challenge and still loses 4 pounds at the end of the month? The products also taste great (I love spark!) so it’s not a chore to take them.



When you sign up for the challenge, you will receive 24 days worth of advocare products along with a nutrition guide and challenge planner/checklist. the products include the 10-day herbal cleanse complete with probiotics, herbal cleanse tablets, and the fiber drink, 14 meal replacement pouches, two boxes of spark energy drink, 56 MNS pill packs for the max phase, and a bottle of omegaplex to last the entire challenge. basically, it’s a lot of product. at a cost of less than $8 a day, it’s a deal and a sound investment for your health and happiness.

The meal guide that comes with the package is just that, a guideline. You can customize your meals to fit your likes and your needs, just follow some of the basic what NOT to eat principles given in the booklet and make the menu your own.

On top of these great products, I am here to support YOU! You will be able to email me anytime to get tips, advice on products, etc. I will give you as much support and encouragement as you would like, and even give tips on workouts etc. to accompany your challenge.

Here are before and after photos from my sponsor Janeetha. She is the one hosting this challenge and she is great! This is a photo collage of someone who participated in her previous challenge. How amazing are these results?




Who is ready to have more energy, have more productive workouts, eat better, and look better?


Once you have received your confirmation email from the purchase, forward it to me at [email protected] and say you are IN for the January jumpstart! i will add you to the group email list and you will receive further instructions as the start date approaches.

Also, you want to be sure to have your products in time for the January start date. Advocare does NOT ship outside the USA, and all MUST start on Monday, January 6 to participate.



There are companion products that are available to take while doing the challenge. They are not required, but a great addition. I take catalyst and carb ease and love them both! The thermoplus is a fat burner. the catalyst is a BCAA that helps support and promote muscle tone. The carbease plus blocks the absorption of carbs and is taken before your starchiest meal of the day. After you join and forward me your email, tell me which companion product you would like.

SIDE NOTE.. if you have any interest in becoming an advocare distributor like me, email me before signing up for the challenge! There is a small fee to become a distributor, but, distributors receive 20% off the product initially (and can work up to a 40% product discount.)  if you decide to become a distributor rather than simply ordering the challenge by itself, you are STILL eligible to participate in January jumpstart and receive all the benefits and will be entered to win all the prizes! I would love to tell you more about it!

**all participants will send in their day one photos Monday, January 6. challengers will also weigh and/or measure and write that down for day one (optional but encouraged.) after day 24, challengers will take photos and also weigh and/or measure again. all participants will send in final photos and any changes in weight and inches to me along with any notes about how the challenge affected you. we will use this information to select three winners. these photos will be kept completely private unless your consent is given to share.

A HUGE thanks to Janeetha for hosting this challenge!

New You Before the New Year Challenge

I mentioned on my blog a couple of weeks ago I am now an Advocare distributor.


Before you roll your eyes and click off this post, I challenge you to scroll down and look at the before and after photos of REAL PEOPLE who participated in the October challenge held by the advisor above me, Janeetha. Below you will fins her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners who won CASH PRIZES after completing the Advocare 24 day challenge. I think you will be as in awe as I was.




These amazing folks saw drastic changes in less than a month, and you can jump in as well and be healthier before Christmas. Want to know more? Ok. Here are the details:

Purchase the 24 day challenge from my website. Once you purchase I will send you a welcome email. You can email me ANY TIME for questions, help, or support during the challenge.

-You will be put in a private Facebook group with other challengers where you can share ideas, recipes, and encouragement to hold you accountable.

-There will be the chance to win GIFT CARDS along the way, plus a grand prize of AT LEAST $100. I may even throw something else in of my own if one of my challengers wins. Smile

-You can complete the challenge anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so go ahead and order NOW so you have it ready to go at your house. (order the bundle with MNS 3 or C NOT e).

-Before you start, take your measurements, weight, and before photos (front, side, and back). At the end of the challenge, you will send them to me. Please note your pictures WILL NOT be shared without your permission, and if you decide in the end not to give them that’s ok too, but you will want to, trust me!


I am in the 2nd half of the challenge myself and already seeing great results, I have TONS more energy, and my workouts are more productive. My appetite is under control as well, and I can’t wait to see the end result. Who is ready to join? It’s easy, just visit AdvoWithHeather.com/24DC and order your bundle pack to get started!

*You can also purchase optional products to go along with the challenge to make it even more effective. I take these two:


Carb Ease Plus

*Interested in getting a % off your own products and making money from buying Advocare or selling to others? Email me about becoming a distributor BEFORE you buy your challenge pack. If you decide to become a distributor, your 24 day challenge bundle will be 20% off! [email protected]

Tip: If you love chocolate, the chocolate shake is yummy!

QOTD: Any questions about the challenge? Who has some goals to reach by Christmas?