Friday Favorites: Coming Back Stronger


If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with the New Orleans Saints, and I am a huge fan of Drew Brees. This is quite comical to me, because my husband calls him my boyfriend, and is totally jealous of the guy. On Sundays, he will say: “hey Heather, what time does your boyfriend play?” and things of that nature. he jokes about it, but he really is jealous and doesn’t like me to talk about Drew in his presence, which makes me giggle. I like Drew because not only is he a great football player, but he is a strong Christian with great morals and a lot of integrity, which is hard to find in our Tiger Woods and Tony Parker day and age. He and his wife Brittany came to new Orleans after hurricane Katrina, while the city was still in shambles. He felt a calling to come play for the Saints and be a part of a great city and help form a great team. (I get teary eyed just thinking about it all!)

I have been reading the book he wrote after the Saints won the super bowl last year.


I think I started reading this book at just the right time in my life. Not only am I facing sports related adversity with my injuries, but also life adversity. I recently wrote this post about it, in case you missed it.  I highly recommend this book to any athlete. It has some great back story on Drew’s life as well as his two major sports injuries he had to come back from. It also talks about the city of New Orleans and a bit about hurricane Katrina. There is great wisdom in this book, and some one liner tips and quotes I really needed to hear. This is my favorite paragraph of the book so far:

“One of the most significant things I learned during that period of injury and rehab is this: if God leads you to it, He will lead you through it. Everything happens for a reason, and everything is part of His master plan. If you let adversity do it’s work in you, it will make you stronger.(emphasis mine) When you come out on the other side, you just may be amazed at the things God has allowed you to accomplish—things you might not have believed were possible.”

WOW. It’s like a breath of fresh air to me. During this time I am struggling with my injuries, I CANNOT let the adversity overpower me. I can control my attitude, and how I handle the problems I face, and if I learn all I can from the trials I am going through, it will make me stronger. I cannot help but smile!

I am not finished with the book yet, I have a couple more chapters…but I know how it turns out. Smile If Drew can have 11 anchors put in his shoulder and come back to be the super bowl MVP, then I can overcome my injuries and be a better runner than I ever thought possible.

This book is a very easy read, and it has a section in the middle of some great photos of Drew, his family, the city of New Orleans, etc. It is highly motivational and inspirational, so if you are looking for a good comeback story, go pick it up!

I am EXTREMLY sore from the workout video I did yesterday. This just proves my point that JUST running is not going to put me in the best shape of my life. I would think right now, after running a marathon, I would be in great shape. But do a 20 minutes video with some squats and lunges, and nope, I guess I’m not!

QOTD: What is your best tip for facing adversity or injury?

When Things Don’t Go as Planned


Handling adversity is something I have really been trying to work on. (Along with patience.) Adversity is one of those things in life we will all face. ALL. No matter how rich, skinny, pretty, smart, or hardcore you are, it will come into your life in some fashion. The key is not to figure out how to avoid it because well…you can’t. Instead, the key is how you HANDLE it.


Lately, I have been in a “when things don’t go as planned” funk. I am a very planned out person, and I get extremely bend out of shape when there is a change of plans. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Even the smallest change can send me into a tailspin. I recently learned I get this from my mother (thanks mom!) Who apparently flipped out in Disneyworld recently when there was no parking in the hotel parking lot they were going to look at Christmas decorations in, and instead had to park at a neighboring hotel. I thought to myself… hhmm…”wow mom, that’s a bit much, just park somewhere else.” But I am sure people have thought the things I flip out about were no biggie.

The past few months I have had a LOT of my “plans” get changed, and I have not been handling the adversity as I should. I have had things happen (or not happen) in my life, as well as in my running/healthy living plans that have not made me very happy. For instance, I have yet to run a half marathon injury free. I was hoping Sunday would have been the day, but no dice. I had my heart set on a PR, and when I missed it by seven minutes due to injury, I got REALLY bent out of shape. Yes, yes, there will be other races, you can’t PR every time, blah blah blah. I did NOT want to hear it. At that moment, if you would have asked me to sign up for a race I would have said I am never running a half marathon again. GASP. I know, how awful of me to think it, but it was true. I don’t feel that way now, but I still am feeling a little burnt out.

We were supposed to close on our new home this Friday, but it is not going to happen until next week. I was so excited about being in my new house and living with my husband again after being apart since October. (I am really getting sick of living without him by the way.)

We had an offer on our house we are trying to sell last week. They made an offer, a very low offer, and we countered, with a VERY generous offer. I got excited thinking it was a done deal. They came back wanting even more (it was ridiculous all of the demands they were making) and we made the decision to say no thanks unless they took our counter offer.


There are some other things going on I am not really at liberty to talk about right now, but just trust me on this one. There is a LOT going on, and a LOT of things are not going my way. My first instinct when dealing with adversity is to pout. I get the whole woe is me attitude, it’s not a pretty sight. I got into one of those moods this morning, and I decided instead of dwelling on the adversity in my life right now, I would think of ways to get out of my funk.

1.) Talk it out. Keeping things bottled up inside is a surefire way to explode one day when you least expect it. Try to talk to someone outside the situation, who will listen attentively and be a shoulder to lean on. Make sure you tell them up front if you are looking for advice/feedback or just someone to listen.

2.) Think about the positive things in your life. I know it seems cheesy, but it really helps me. Instead of dwelling on the negative, think of the positive. I’m healthy, I have a loving family, and sweet puppies. We have food on the table every night, and a house to live in. When I start to shift my thinking, I realize how truly blessed I really am!

3.) Realize that YOU have control over your attitude. You have a choice in how you feel. I try to remind myself to not let me emotions get the best of me. When something does not go according to plan, I do NOT have to freak out. I can choose not to stress about things! Just make the choice (I know, easier said than done.)

4.) Realize that life is a journey. Barring getting hit by a bus tomorrow, life is going to have its valleys and mountains. It is highly unlikely that my current problems are going to last forever. Try and see the light at the end of the tunnel, and try not to look at your problem as a never ending cycle.

5.) Plan something fun. Even when my life is crazy and not going my way, if I have something to look forward to, a “bright spot,” then it helps me get through the problems I am facing. A weekend getaway or a girls night may be just what you need to snap you out of your funk.

6.) Don’t give up. If there is some goal you are trying to reach, like say a race PR, or to get out of debt, do not give up! Even if you face adversity, it can make you stronger if you have the right attitude. Will I run another half marathon? Of course. I will keep training and trying to reach my goal. Take THAT adversity!

Some things may not be going as planned, and I may not be able to control the situations, but I CAN control how I react to them!

**Side note: These are some practical ways to handle adversity. As a Christian, I also have some other tips for dealing with my problems. If you are interested in hearing about them, feel free to e mail me at [email protected] and I would love to share!