Baby Registry Madness

Well, I can’t avoid it any longer, it’s time for baby registering. I started a registry online, and did a fair bit of research…but I am still overwhelmed. An amazing mama friend has patiently answered my thousands of questions, but I am still at a loss on some things. Mainly, what are things I DON’T need.

Also, there are a few select “big ticket” items I don’t mind paying top dollar for to have good quality, but I also know there are certain things where brand name really doesn’t matter.

I took Bobby with me to Target last week and we just wandered the baby aisles looking at things I had already researched and just trying to get a better idea of what we want. Well…I think it was a bit overwhelming for poor daddy-to-be, and I sent him over the edge when I showed him how the “snot sucker” works.


Bobby in Target right after I showed him what a snot sucker was (the one you use with your mouth). I die.

So, this is what I have so far that I KNOW I need:





breast pump/nursing pads/supplies

medical supplies




baby monitor (plan to get video one)

baby wearing contraption of some sort (help?)

I KNOW I am forgetting things, this is more of an “off the top of my head” list. So, help me out mamas!


1.) What do I NEED

2.) What is a “maybe”

3.) What do I NOT need?