Why a NCAA bracket is bad for my health


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I need to start out by saying that I love basketball. College basketball that is. If I could sleep my way through college football season to get to the “round-ball on the hard-court,” I would in a heartbeat. My love for the sport goes all the way back to pigtails and ruffled dresses. My grandfather was a booster for the University of Memphis (back then Memphis State) and would take my family to games often. I love the pace of the sport, the sound of sneakers squeaking on the court and the glisten of sweat on the lithe and muscular players. With all that being said, I have to come to realize that filling out a bracket is bad for my health.

If you don’t know what I’m referring too, according to ehow.com they define/explain the NCAA bracket as such:

“The NCAA Division I basketball tournament is held every March. The field is composed of 68 teams, with seeds 65 through playing the first game to advance to complete the symmetrical bracket of 64.

Throughout the NCAA tournament, many fans and even non-fans enjoy predicting the results by filling out a bracket before the tournament begins. Often, people enter contests to see who can predict the bracket most accurately.”

I have never filled out a bracket in the past and why I felt the need to get in on the office bracket can only be explained by three words: competition, pride and ego. Mind you these three same words contributed to my 10 week running hiatus due to injury. But that is another story.

I filled out my bracket the morning it was due. I did not consult anyone, including my basketball coach husband, in helping fill out my bracket. I filled it out based on gut instinct and team record of the year. Once I completed it, I did have my husband look it over and he said, “that’s a good bracket.” With that, my ego was off and running. I let anyone and everyone know that my bracket was GREAT and that they better watch out. I spent the better part of the day, checking my phone and ESPN.com for scores. I was obsessed. I had to know how my teams were doing and if they were advancing. To my absolute delight, my teams were advancing.

Towards the end of day one of Round 1, I was dancing a jig around my living room all to my husband’s amusement. He patiently waited until I was done and very sweetly said, “don’t get cocky about that bracket.” I danced my way to bed and woke up to horrible news. I didn’t even have my first cup of coffee down when I was on my phone again comparing the results of the night before to my bracket. I ran into the bedroom to wake up the husband to ask if there was still hope. He replied that there was. That bit of news didn’t really help. I was anxious. My stomach was in knots.

At the end of Round 1, my bracket was in bad shape due to “Cinderella” teams and so was I. I hadn’t been making an honest buck at work, I was hitting the snack drawer which I normally avoid. I had also consumed an insane amount of diet coke which I had given up after Christmas.

Now the weekend. Games on all day long. I can’t watch. I can barely ask my husband about the games. I’m depressed that I’m not going to WIN. By the end of Sunday, I make a pan of brownies. Not only do I lick the bowl. I eat 3 before they have even cooled and eat another for good measure before bed.

I’m done. Today is a new day and I haven’t even checked the results of yesterday’s games. I woke up and went on an early morning run, per my normal routine, and had one of the best runs since my injury.


Maybe there is something to this “March Madness.”

QOTD: Did you fill out a bracket? Tell me all about it!

Always an Athlete


When I moved into my new house, I found a bunch of old sports pictures I had been meaning to scan. I lost my printer CD (I use my printer to scan, too) so they just sat there. Then yesterday Karen posted some old sports pictures of herself and that motivated me to find the driver online and install it so I could scan my pictures. Got that? good.

Oh where to begin….

Graceful was never in my vocabulary. I have never been flexible or dainty. When I was five, I took ballet for a year. At our recital, we performed Hansel and Gretel. Our class was the gingerbread. It was fun and all, but I got bored and quit soon after. Showing my competitive nature early, no?


When we moved back to the New Orleans area when I started 3rd grade, I decided to play basketball. What. a. disaster. I was awful, I mean AWFUL. Watching the tape is painful. I would stand BEHIND the girl defending me and jump up and down flailing my arms trying to get the ball. But, one thing you could be sure of, I was the first one down the court EVERY TIME. I sprinted my little heart out, and then stopped on my block I was supposed to stand on as a forward. Pure hilarity. Unfortunately, I cannot put my hands on an elementary basketball picture. SSOO sorry about that one…not really. I don’t want to show you.

In 5th grade, I started playing soccer. My first year was hard, trying to pick up a new sport, but I blossomed my second year and scored many goals. I was very quick, so I played forward and loved it. One of my nicknames in school was “stick,” and another was “bird legs” anyone have any idea why?!?


I played soccer and basketball through sixth grade. When I hit seventh grade, I REALLY REALLY wanted to play volleyball. That was the first year you could play at my school. Our soccer team morphed into a select team, which would have included traveling and multiple games a week instead of just one which didn’t thrill my parents. They told me I had to choose volleyball or soccer. I did enjoy soccer, truly, but I had been wanting to play volleyball for years. Keep in mind my sister was going to be a 9th grader and had played volleyball for two years with me going to every game wishing I could play.

I am SO glad I made that decision because I LOVED volleyball. I can’t seem to find a jr. high volleyball picture either. so sorry!  I also continued to play basketball through jr. high. Here I am in 8th grade after we won a tournament.


7th grade was also the first year you could run track. We had a jr. high and high school team. I was a very quick sprinter, so I got to run on both teams which was super fun.

7th grade was my favorite track year. I was running against 18 year olds in the 100 meter dash and relay, and beating a lot of them. I actually won district and placed in regionals and made  it to state. Talk about intimidating! Running on the LSU track with people six years older than me. I managed to place 6th, and scored points for my team, which went on to win state (girls team). I got a big high school champion ring, and it’s my only one so I am proud of it!

In 9th grade I was so excited to play on the high school basketball and volleyball teams. The volleyball team had a separate JV and Varsity team, so I was stoked when I was asked to move up and also play varsity. I was the only 9th grader asked at this time and there was only one tenth grader, the rest were juniors (my sister was one) and seniors.


yup, that’s me freshman year. Not sure what that is on my neck. I think it was something stuck to the picture. oops.

I also started as a freshman on the varsity basketball team.


Here are a couple of pictures of me during volleyball games in tenth grade…


that’s actually my sister (number 4) in the below picture. It was fun to play on the same teams for two years.


My sophomore and junior years were also good track years. Here I am handing off in the 4x 200 relay



Junior year at a meet. Not sure what’s going on here.


running the 100 meter dash my junior year. I’m going so fast I am a BLUR! I kid.


Oh yeah, in 10th grade I anchored the 4 x 100 meter team and we got third at state and broke the school record which was kinda cool.

I was a pretty tenacious basketball player. I was on the floor diving after the ball a lot, but I truly loved it so much. Here I am with my mad ups going for a shot.


My ball. Let’s just say I fouled out of a lot of games.


Knocking poor girls over on my way to the goal. I made LOTS of intense faces when playing sports, by the way.


My senior year we got to do something pretty cool. The New Orleans arena, which is where the NBA team the Hornets play, had a program called the “Court of Dreams” where they let high school teams come and play on the court where the Hornets play. We were chosen to play and it was one of the coolest things playing in such a big place! I am right in the middle of the picture, number 4.


My senior year I was district MVP in volleyball, 1st team all district in basketball. I was named my school’s female athlete of the year, also receiving best offense in vball and best defense in bball. I am so glad my parents allowed me to play sports in school. I love competition, and that is what has fueled me to run, and to push myself to reach new goals for myself. I hope one day when I have kids they want to play sports like their mom!

I have a ton more pictures somewhere, I wish I could find them! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a little glimpse into what my athletic career has been like.

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QOTD: Did you play sports in high school? what was your most proud athletic moment in high school or college?

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