The Beach Club


A few of you have asked me via e-mail about the place we like to stay at the beach. Growing up, we always went to Destin, FL and have a favorite spot, which we stayed in last summer when Bobby had to take some legal classes to keep his law license current. But, we have also gone to another beach a few times, and really love it because it’s two hours from our house, The Beach Club. This beautiful place is just outside of Gulf shores in a more secluded area called Fort Morgan.


The last time Bobby and I were here was in September of 2009 for a long weekend. We had a great one bedroom condo with an amazing view of the beach.


It was nice to be there in the off season when it wasn’t crowded at all. I know it will be a little bit cooler this time around but really, we are just wanting to get away so we don’t really care.


We really like how “off the beaten path” this place is. They also have free dvd rentals and a few different dining options. We of course will be hitting up the gym and running on the beach!



When we go to the beach, we like having a condo, so we can bring a lot of our own food. it makes it healthier and cheaper!



Plus we really love sitting on the balcony eating breakfast.


Or a late night snack!

DSC04444 (1)

Hopefully it will be warm enough to hit up the pool, but they have an indoor one too if it’s not.



So ready to go! Hurry up week!


QOTD: Where is your favorite beach spot?

Beach Trip Part 3


Saturday!!! I am so messed up on what day it is since we got back from the beach on a Wednesday. Today we are doing some much needed yard work and maybe heading to the gym for some strength training and cross training. I am still not running due to my knee…driving me BONKERS by the way, I want to rruuunnn! It’s amazing how much you miss it when you can’t do it…

Anyway, I will be honest, after the first full day at the beach I didn’t take a lot of pictures, so I will sum the rest of the trip this weekend.

So Monday morning Bobby had to be at his law class/summer school (tehehe) at 7:30 until 12:15. The rest of us decided to walk on the beach and then bum around the condo reading on the balcony, watching tv, relaxing, etc. You would think we could do that at home for free, right? Except walk on the beach..unless you call the sand by the pond in my neighborhood a beach…


Skirted up in Running Skirts sparkle hearts running skirt and azure performance tank.


When Bobby got back, we ate lunch, and watched my FAVORITE beach movie, Weekend at Bernies! I was sad we didn’t bring the second one as well! We laughed like we always do, and then decided to lounge around some more and make hamburgers in the condo for dinner. They had grills outside, but they were in the most inconvenient place. We decided they did it on purpose so you wouldn’t use them and would eat at their restaurant instead. After dinner,  dad, Bobby and I went crab hunting again.


running skirts sub zero hoodie in black.

The next day, (Tuesday) Bobby had class again, and the three of us decided to hit the pool.


Look at all them peeps!


My dad and I walked on the beach then we lounged poolside until lunchtime. (I am making my mom read the Hunger games, she was really getting into it) I was kind of sad this day, because my parents left right after lunch to go home. I was left alone for a while waiting for Bobby to get back, and I was really sad all of the sudden, I had such a great time with my family I didn’t want them to leave! It was one of those times where you just want to cry and don’t really know why, but you feel so much better after you do. yes…I am one of “those” people.


I will finish up the beach trip tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great Saturday, do something fun!

QOTD: Do you vacation with your family?

Beach Trip Part 2


Ok so we left off with my birthday celebration our first night at the beach. The next day we of course hit the water after a nice breakfast out on the balcony.


this little boy is ready to go!


The boys went ahead down and set up our tent, and then we all went down together with all of our crap. It’s amazing how much stuff you need to just sit outside by the water!


Quick! what does this picture remind you of? I will give you a hint, it involves an episode of one of my favorite TV shows with a guy names Raymond…If you get it right you get 10 cool points in my book!

Here is our little set up…


of course we had to take the obligatory beach pictures…



Not really sure why this happened…

DSC_0093 DSC_0094



I wish I knew what was so funny. …Of course I had to get a picture in my Saints chair.


The boys threw the frisbee


it was a good morning! I walked down the beach with my dad, read my book, and people watched. We got hungry around 12 and headed up to the condo for lunch, then Bobby, my dad and I headed back to the beach for awhile. my mom is not a beach person so she stayed in the room. What a party pooper.

here I am rocking a Running Skirts strappy top as a swimsuit top!


anyone else noticed how…eh…expressive my dad is?


That night, we went to dinner at the Back Porch.





It started out a little rocky. Its an open air restaurant with open windows all the way across like duh, a big back porch. Well, they stuck us in the back corner in a hole that was dark and away from all windows. it was HOT and dark and I was not happy. This was supposed to be my birthday dinner and I was miserable! I was about to start crying when we finally decided to go get back on the waiting list for a table by the windows. A few minutes later we were put upstairs at a window. MUCH cooler and prettier view! Crisis averted!


view from our table

DSC_0127 DSC_0128

I got blackened chicken with pasta…the chicken was so spicy I couldn’t eat it so I just had pasta. Oh well. Bobby got some kind of seafood platter.

DSC_0129 DSC_0130

After dinner we went back to the condo and played board games because we are cool like that. it was early to bed because Bobby had class the next morning. oh, I forgot to mention, the first night on the beach we went out after dark to go crab hunting, one of Bobby’s favorite things. It’s so entertaining!


between the walks up and down the beach during the day and evening, I probably walked 2 miles or so on Sunday. My knee was sore because walking in the sand was so tough…ggrr…

QOTD: When you go to a restaurant do you sit wherever they put you or do you make special requests? We are such picky restaurant people. Booth, please, away from the kitchen and far the heck away from the smoking section if there is one!