Show Your #ZeviaStyle Contest

What makes you original? When you think about an “original” piece of art, etc. you automatically know it is a “one of a kind”, that it was the first of it’s kind (and that it is going to cost a LOT of money!) But seriously, we are of course all different, but what is it about you that makes you different from everyone else? That is the question Zevia is asking YOU.

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Zevia is hosting a contest from August 15 – September 5 to find out what makes you an original, and how Zevia can fit into your original style. Every day of the contest, Zevia is giving away cool prizes, including a $100 Target gift card every single day!

For those who don’t know much about Zevia it is “The Smarter Soda” because it has no calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and loads of flavors. My favorite is the Cream soda (holy yum) with a close second being Dr. Zevia.

So, I had to really think about their question. I don’t consider myself an out of the box type of person, (actually I am pretty boring!) but, I do have my own voice (hello, blogger for nearly five years!) and I like to do things a certain way. Sometimes that “way” is the way others do things, and sometimes I do things that make me ME. I do go against the grain sometimes, and not for attention or to get people to notice, but simply because it’s what I think is best and right for me, and that makes me an original. Being Pregnant has really made me notice this more than ever. EVERYONE has an opinion on how to do things, what the “right” way is, and how I should be spending my time, handling my pregnancy, and even how I should “plan” my labor (as if that is in my control!)

I have had to learn to stand up for myself and what is best for me and my growing family, even if it isn’t the popular choice amongst healthy living bloggers and the rest of the world, and I AM OK WITH THAT because I am my own original person.


I love that Zevia sent me a tank big enough that I can still fit into it right now!

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This is how my refrigerator looks, and has looked during my whole pregnancy. The ginger ale flavor REALLY helped get me through morning sickness! It has real ginger in it, yes!

Ok, so back to the contest. Head over to Zevia right now and submit your pics for the contest! There is even a gallery you can view for inspiration. When posting pics on social media, be sure to #ZeviaStyle (tag me too, I would love to see!)

Get out there today and be the best version of you that you can be!

QOTD: Favorite Zevia flavor? What makes you an original? Do you OWN any original art?

Rock the Race with Meb


Raise your hand if you love Meb  Keflezighi? Ok, now that EVERYONE’s hand is raised, how would you like to win one of three amazing prizes, one being training for a day with Meb and staying in California for three nights? What if one of the prizes was to have an epic music festival experience like no other. Get ready for 5 nights in Austin and 2 passes to one of the largest music festivals in the world. OR, you and a friend can enjoy the full rock royalty treatment at a Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon® event in 2013.


Sounds pretty awesome right? The great news is that it’s so easy to enter to wing this virtual running game!  Simply go to the Rock the Race with Meb website and connect with your Facebook account.

-Accept the Rock the Race with Meb application,
and then you’re automatically entered to win one
of the three grand prize packages.

-Pick 20 of your fleetest Facebook friends and
pass them a virtual microphone.

-Your friends accept the mic and pass it to 20 of
their quickest friends, and so on.

-Get 55 friends of friends to accept and pass the
mic, and you’ll be cruising across the finish line!

There are also ways to earn bonus entries, so be sure to check out the website. You can also win some really sweet Sony W-series Meb edition MP3 player. This thing is cool.

-One-piece wearable music player for wire-free workouts
-Water-resistant design holds up during intense workouts
-Drag & drop from iTunes® (PC) or Windows® Media Player
-Includes runners audio tips & booklet by Meb Keflezighi
-Compact design with 2 GB internal memory
-3-min quick charge = up to 60-min of battery life
-Easy navigation of songs & folders
-Enjoy playlist compatibility (PC) and shuffle mode
-Crystal clear sound and deep bass

ZAPPIN™ search plays about 4 or 15-second music clips
USB cable, holder and S/M/L ear-buds included


It’s super easy to enter and really fun, too. The prizes are amazing, so what have you got to lose? Check it out today, contest ends December 31! Here are some important links for you to check out, as well as Twitter handle and hashtag!

QOTD: If you got to run with Meb for a day, what is a question you would ask him?