Lasik Eye Surgery


Is it really Thursday? This week is flying by, but yet I feel like I haven’t gotten that much done. Don’t you hate that? Hoping to remedy this today and knock out a bunch of things. Why do I feel so behind? Bobby had Lasik eye surgery yesterday! I drove him the hour to Mobile mid morning and he had the procedure done. I decided to do a vlog to tell you all about it.

Poor Bobby. He is a trooper, and I hope that this fixes his vision problems once and for all! Aside from a headache and scratchy sensitive eyes he is doing ok.  Stay tuned for a Nuun giveaway coming up next week!

Today I must get in a run and visit to the gym, I have only run once this week and kind of miss it, who would have thought?! Ha!

Also, did you enter the sweepstakes for the $500 Under Armour giftcard through the What’s Beautiful challenge? Have you signed up for the challenge?!?

QOTD: Have you had Lasik? Tell me your experience! Do you want Lasik?