Looking Forward…

Today is September, yall! How, how how? Christmas is less than four months away (yyeesss!) and cooler weather is right around the corner. Well, it’s probably already arrived for some, but we are still waiting down here in the land of insane humidity. Now that we are getting into fall, I started thinking of all the things I am looking forward to with the changing of the seasons.

1.) FOOTBALL! Yes my friends, it is finally back. It’s such a magical time of year.


2.) Cooler weather- Ah, this one has many, many wonderful things about it, but most of them have to do with running. I cannot wait to do long runs in the crisp fall air.


3.) New clothing- When I say new, I mean “been in the back of my closet since February”. Jeans, boots, sweaters, long sleeves and cozy warm things. Not that I don’t love my tank tops, but let’s face it, they see the majority of the year around here.

photo 54

4.) Fall TV- I am excited about the return of some favorites i.e. The Walking Dead, but also excited for some new shows coming out. Quantico looks interesting. What else looks good?


Scared of walkers outside of Dale’s camper at Universal.

5.) Pumpkin everything- I am a sucker for decorations. Fall décor then leads to Christmas décor, so that means September is the beginning of my favorite months of the year. So much festiveness, as well as yummy pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin coffee creamer, and well, everything pumpkin.


QOTD: What are you most looking forward to about fall? What TV show are you most excited about?

Friday Favorites: GU

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Happy Friday! It is a BEAUTIFUL sunny 69 degree day here! I am about to go sit outside and enjoy it while I can! But first, my Friday favorites post for the week, GU! I love this stuff, and it’s all I use to fuel during my runs (besides Gatorade and water of course.) I will admit when I first started eating Gu, it took me awhile to get used to it. I prefer this to shot blocks or chewy fuels because I don’t like to chew and run, and the chewy kind always get stuck in my teeth and it drives me crazy!

They are compact and easy to carry, and the best part is, they come in a rainbow of flavors for your enjoyment. (My favorite being vanilla bean and gingerbread!) Also, occasionally the lovely people at Gu will release a new limited time flavor (like island nectar, tastes like a pineapple fruity drink!) I actually enjoy when it’s time to take fuel, because these babies taste like candy! Sometimes they can get thick in your mouth (make sure you chase with water/gatorade.) I take one about every 4-5 miles and they give almost instant energy! (Don’t give these to your already hyper children. It would not end well!)

Gu all ready with my other gear on race day.


Go check out their website and look at all the flavors! They even sell a sample pack if you aren’t sure what flavor you will like. (They just came out with a new flavor, cherry lime!) You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter from their webpage. They even have a  nutrition facts page!

I know some people are/were hesitant to try GU at first *cough*Jen*cough* but now are believers. You can buy individual packets from your local running or sports store if you don’t want to buy a 6 pack in case you aren’t crazy about the flavor (or you can just mail them to me!)

QOTD: What is your favorite fuel/flavor?

I am off to enjoy my afternoon, but though I would leave you with a few pictures!




The above dessert was some sort of boston crème pie…SO GOOD!