October Goals 2013

Guess what? It’s October 2nd and I am writing my goals…not on October 12th or 21st. Hooray! So just like August, September flew by, and I have a feeling October will as well. I have a lot going on, and can’t wait to share it with you! Today we drive down to Orlando, and will be hitting up Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in the morning. Bobby has never been. Cannot wait to show everything to him! We will be staying at one of the onsite hotels so we can take advantage of the express pass (email me for more info on booking a trip for you! [email protected])


Let’s start with the goals, maybe tomorrow I will be able to share some fun news with you.

October goals:

1.) Slow down: I feel like I am on the go all the time, which isn’t bad, but I find myself looking to the next thing often instead of enjoying the moment. I want to live in the now and savor the things I am doing in the present

2.) Read the Bible every day: I was doing really good with this one and continue to do well while I am at home, but when I am traveling that is another story. I want to keep at this no matter where I am.

3.) Stretch: My IT band has started aching a bit since last Thursday which makes me a little nervous. I need to stretch, foam roll, and do some more yoga.


4.) Not eat too much Halloween candy: Let’s be realistic, I WILL eat Halloween candy, but I need to work on my portion control and not eat it all day long whenever I want. Oy.


Candy being handed out at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.

QOTD: Name one of your October goals!

April Goal Rewind and May Goals

Late again, I know I know. I apologize. Ten days is a lot, but I just got home on Wednesday night.


One of many photos from our trip. We had a blast!

Before we dive into my goals for the (remainder) of the month of May, let’s look at my April goals and see how I did:

1.) Stretch: (F…) Oh boy…this is not a good habit I have fallen into and my IT bands are letting me know. They have been super tight the past few weeks. This one will have to appear again…

2.) Cross train twice a week: (A+) Thanks to #Crosstrainorremainthesame I completed this one! (Also a huge thanks to those who completed the challenge!)

3.) Cut back on the sweets: (C+) This one is tricky because I did a decent job before our trip but on our trip..not so much. However the trip only fell the last week of the month so that counts for something.

4.) Run two more races: (B-) I am giving myself a B because I was so close on this one. I ran the Zombie run in April, and on the cruise on MAY 1, I ran the Castaway Cay 5k. So I missed it by a day but still a good solid effort.


Ok, the past is the past, let’s move on to May:

1.) Build my running base back up to at least 7-8 miles: I took a break from distance after the Princess half and honestly have lost a LOT of my distance fitness. Time to rebuild!

2.) Cook a new recipe: You know how it gets…same out rotation of same foods because well…it’s easy.

3.) Back up my photos: My laptop has been finicky lately and I don’t want it to die and not have backed up my photos. This truly scares the mess out of me.

4.) Stretch: enough staid

QOTD: Do you have any goals for May? Did you accomplish an April goal?

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Monthly Goals: April 2013

Yes yes, I am a week behind with my goals for April and my review of my March goals. What can I say, I had a lot to talk about last week! First let’s take a look back and see how I did in March.

1.) PR in the 5k distance (officially): (A+) Done! Three times! I PRed in the Run for Relief, then again by one second on a hot day for the St. Patrick’s Day 5k, then again on a training run (27:30). Feels so great o get an A+ on a mini goal!

2.) Stretch: (D-) Oh boy. This one is ugly and starting to take it’s toll. My IT band has been really angry at me lately, and I am not as flexible as I would like to me. I know this one is so important though, so I must try again this month.

3.) Continue with Body Pump: (A+) Yes! I went every Monday in March, then followed it up by missing the first Monday in April. #fail. Oh well, I still went four times in March and am really proud I stuck with this new class. Will be back tonight!

4.) Update the races page on my blog: (F.) Hhhhmmm…..No was around this one folks, it just didn’t happen. With the re-launching of my blog in March and getting all the kinks worked out I just didn’t have time. However I did finally publish my runDisney tab on my blog. Check it out!


I also PR’ed in the 10k distance at the Crescent City Classic

Onward to my April goals. Let’s see….

1.) Stretch. I am putting this one at the TOP of the list because I really need to get back on top of this. I don’t want an injury.

2.) Cross train twice a week. You can join my Cross Train or Remain the Same challenge if this is an April goal for you! Like stretching, this is also important for my overall health and strength.

3.) Cut back on the sweets. I know myself well enough to not say “cut out sugar completely (hello, what’s the point of living?!?) But I DO need to get a handle on the Easter candy consumption. Especially since it’s almost swimsuit season here. Yikes!

4.) Run two more races. Sadly racing season is coming to an end down here, but I would love to get in a couple more short distances races before the heat really sets in. We will see what I can find locally!


Race I ran 2 years ago in May. May races are HOT here. I was not happy.

QOTD: What is one of your goals for April? Did you accomplish any March goals?

February Goals 2013


I can’t believe the first month of 2013 is coming to a close. I am finally getting used to writing/typing “2013” instead of 2012, which i got the hang of fairly quickly as opposed to previous years. Since February is looming close, it’s time to check in on my January goals, and make some new ones for February. First, let’s see how I did this past month:

1.) Finish Goofy in an upright position. (A+) It. was. awesome. Not only did I finish in an upright position, but I had a smile on my face AND a full marathon PR to boot. I couldn’t be happier with how this race went. Definitely one I will always remember.

2.) Vlog more. (C-) Well, I vlogged….once. But hey, it was one of my favorites, and I am really proud of it. Still working on this one, as it is really important to me.

3.) Stretch more. (B+) I know this was essential for getting through Goofy, so I actually did stretch, a lot. Before and after runs, Bobby and I both took the time to really work on this. It’s something I can always improve on though, so I’m not giving myself an A.

4.) Stay healthy. (A-) Knock on wood, I have stayed pretty healthy. The weather keeps changing so my allergies have caused a bit of trouble here and there but nothing major. Hoping to stay that way so I can get through Princess healthy!



Now here are my February goals:

1.) Comment on more blogs. Not going to lie, January was very busy and I barely had time to blog let alone read other blogs. I want to be supportive of our little community so I want to do better with this in February.

2.) Have a great race: I am going to try to run a 5k or two and then I of course have the Princess half at the end of the month. My goal is to have a great race in February. Not necessarily a PR race, just one where I am healthy, feel good about myself, and have fun with.


3.) Get my tax info together. We have an accountant, but we also have TONS of receipts, and I have done work for lots of companies this year which makes tax preparation quite a headache. We like to have everything totaled up for our accountant, put in spreadsheets etc. It’s a lot of work and I have done some but keep putting the rest off.

4.) Raise my weight at the gym. I have been kind of a lazy gym goer when it comes to lifting lately. I am consistent, but I noticed I haven’t raised my weight in awhile. I think i can try a lot harder to lift heavier weight, and I really want to push myself to do that this month.


There you have it, my mini goals for the month of February. it feels great to accomplish a few smaller things during the month as opposed to a huge looming yearly goal. This is how I operate best, and it’s a big confidence booster to see results!

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QOTD: Do you have a goal for February? Share!

November Goals 2012


As I said the other day, it seems like October flew by! Which means, it’s time to look at my October goals and see how I did. Below are my October goals:

1.) PR in a half marathon. Grade: C+. Wwweeeeellll we all know what happened with that. First was the gulf coast half and then jazz. If you missed those recaps go check it out and see what happened. #fail But I came close. And I PR’ed through 9.5 miles. Smile

2.) Actually make a craft from Pinterest. Grade A+ Done! Check this out! So excited.

3.) Read a book. Grade: A+ Done! When we went on the cruise I read an entire book, it was nice and relaxing!

4.) Vlog more. Grade: F. Hm. I didn’t vlog a single time in October. Major #fail.  Let’s try this one again.


Ok so moving on to November. Obviously, we know one….

1.) Vlog More: Let’s shoot low this time, I want to vlog at least ONE TIME in November. There.

2.) Be happy: There are some crazy things going on in my life right now that have caused me some discouragement, and I am working on being happy despite my circumstances.

3.) Secret goal. Yup. Pulling this one again. Trust me when I say I want to tell you guys SO BADLY. So let’s pray this one happens in November.

4.) Get at least half my Christmas shopping done. No waiting until the last minute. Let’s get it done before the crazies come out with their less than stellar Christmas spirit!

Gah. Are we really talking about Christmas?!? Ok, moving on. I wanted to share a couple of Hallowen pictures with you all. Bobby and I had a low key evening carving a pumpkin, watching Hocus Pocus, and handing out candy. Works for me.

photo 05

photo (31)

Me with the stinky one, rockin’ my holter monitor on my hip. Sassy was missing in action, as usual.

photo (33)

Didn’t Bobby do a great job? And yes, he is holding his carving knives. Oy.

photo (32)

Happy Halloween!

photo (34)

QOTD: What did you do for Halloween?