August 2014 Flashback Post

Good morning guys! Today is a little bit hectic but I did want to pop in and say hello, and please hang with me as my posting may be a lit erratic over the next week as we takeover our local Orange Leaf location. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers this week, it’s going to be wild!

The other day, my timehop app told me we had been in our house for a YEAR (am I the only one who has a love/hate relationship with timehop?) That one really blew my mind. I remember it so vividly, and it really surprised me how fast this past year has gone as we prepared for baby Emma Kate’s arrival.

The day we moved in, we had NO AIR CONDITIONING in our house. August, in Mississippi, is very very hot. We had fans going and were trying to make it as cool as possible, but it was bad. I felt so bad for the movers, they worked so hard to get everything into our new home.


As we were moving in, we also went through a big huge mess with AT&T and Comcast that went on for two weeks. We had to wait on hold for many many hours during this time. Here we are both on the phone trying to get answers. Do not mess with a pregnant woman!

2014-08-07 18.40.37

I also cant believe my baby girl was still baking this time last year. So crazy now that we “know” her to think I was just walking around with her all those months. Taking our weekly update photos was fun, and I loved comparing them to the week before. Also, I really miss my long hair.

34weeks bump

After we moved in we did a lot of unpacking and I finally got to do some much needed nesting. I really enjoyed getting the nursery together and making it a fun, pretty space for Emma Kate.


A not so fun thing that happened last August: I ended up in the hospital with preterm labor. I had a UTI that was causing contractions. After some hospital monitoring, IV antibiotics, and two of the most painful shots I have ever had to stop labor, we were sent on home.


I get tired just thinking back to this month last year. I wanted to have the house all unpacked and in order, and just be able to focus on having the baby. We pretty much got everything done, and I am thankful for such a giving and hardworking family that helped us get settled in!

QOTD: What were you doing last August?

Flashback to June 2013

How is it already almost June? I’m not sure if things are flying by because of the pregnancy, or if this is just how life is going to be now, but slloowww down! It always makes me laugh when I talk about something that I swear happened “just a couple months ago” and no no, it was LAST YEAR. Hhhmmm… So I thought it would be fun to do another flashback (I love these, sorry guys!) and see what I was doing this time last year. Well, what I was doing in June, since it’s almost June now.

Last June, Bobby participated in his first Duathalon. It was actually a “summer series” where they had three sets of races, and it was about five minutes from our house with only a $10 entry fee. Score! He did great and improved his time each race.


Bobby and I went on a road trip with my parents to Atlanta to visit some old friends. (Fun fact, I lived outside of ATL from the ages of 2-7). We had a blast with no real “schedule”, it was nice to get away for a few days.


We found out that the golf course right by our house had $20 “twilight golf” where you could play anytime after 4:00, cart included, for $20. He hit the links a handful of times and I got to be his driver.


June 6 is Bobby’s birthday, so there was of course, cake.

photo (5)

He may have had cake twice. After all, it was his 30th!


QOTD: What were you doing this time last year?

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A Look Back 1/11


If you have been reading RWS for awhile, you know that sometimes I like to look back on what I was doing a year ago. Considering I have experienced many life changes in the past 10 months, I thought it would be fun to look back and reflect.

This time last year, I had just run the Disney marathon.


Bobby got sick with the flu post race and we had to cut our trip short.

I was living with my parents for four months while Bobby and I built a house in a new town. We had most of our things in boxes in the garage of the house we were trying to sell, and the rest were crammed into the upstairs bedroom that I grew up in.


I switched my blog over to self hosting, and am so glad that I did! It has given me a lot more opportunities and flexibility.


We watched over the building of our new house, and and we ran a 5k in my old hometown to finish out the month.


I know I say this a lot when I do these types of posts, but wow have things changed since then. I know a lot of times I wish I could see the bigger picture of life, but then there are other times when I know if I did, I would probably have a breakdown knowing what was coming.

We have been through several things since last January that I never saw coming. I know I am stronger because of it, but it’s still so funny to see where life takes you even though you have a different “plan.”  I also find it amusing that at any given age, you feel so much older than the year before. In a way, I guess it’s true. Through life experiences, we learn and grow, and the way in which you grow depends on what you choose to get out of any given situation. I am working on looking at the negative, and making sure that I at least learn something from it it. That way, I can always know that at least one positive thing came out of my trial.

I will check back in with another flashback in a few months and see how things have changed again!


Last night I took my first yoga class at our new YMCA. I have always wanted to take yoga classes because I am incredibly inflexible, and I knew it would help my running. Unfortunately, we weren’t members of a gym for a long time, and then when we were, it was Planet Fitness with no classes.

Our yoga teacher is amazing! She is 76 years old, 76! She is way more flexible than I will ever be, and I totally admire her. I hope to still be working out at that age. It’s safe to say my arms and legs were jello and I am quite sore, but a good sore.


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A Year Ago….November Flashback


Thanks for all the kind words on yesterday’s Emergency room post. It made me feel good knowing so many of you have gone to the ER for the same thing or had a family member go. I don’t feel quite so silly now! I am still experiencing slight stomach cramps, but my headache and groggy feeling are gone after many, many hours of sleep. My parents came to see my last night and that made me feel better, too.

Every so often here on RWS, I like to do a flashback of what I was doing a year ago. I think it’s important to reflect back on a year ago to appreciate things happening now, and just for fun. I didn’t blog a year ago today, so I went forward a day and oh boy do I remember this post.

16 miles of frustration


I was living with my parents, and Bobby was in for the weekend and we headed out on a 16 mile run. It was pure misery. My hip and IT band were at their absolute worst at this point and I remember almost not making it back to the car I was in so much pain. We were marathon training, and it was our longest run we had ever done. After this run I really questioned whether I would even make it to the start of the race (which of course I did.) But that day was very defeating and daunting, kind of like how I feel now. The top of my foot still hurts, and I haven’t run in 7 days. I was hoping to run a half at the end of this month but that’s not looking probable. Number ten may have to wait till 2012, which frustrates me greatly.


As far as distance goes, I am in “half marathon shape” and I feel like every day I am slipping further and further away from it. I get frustrated hearing about people signing up for all these races, I just want to run! I know God has a plan, although I am not quite sure what it is right now given my recent setbacks.

For now I am going to keep cross training, stretching, and foam rolling and hope I can get back in the game sooner rather than later. After all, the new YMCA in our neighborhood opens a week from yesterday! No excuses, right?

QOTD: What were you doing a year ago mid November?



Good morning! It is quite the good morning indeed! Why you ask? Oh, well, because I have had a great beach vaca, and well…you know….today is my 26th birthday.  WOW! I can honestly say this year has flown. When I think back to last years birthday I am kinda sad….I can say that it was the worst birthday (actual day) that I have ever had…long story, personal stuff, can’t share with you right now, maybe one day. ANYWAY, it was rough, miserable, etc. The only bright spot was my sweet sweet bible study group which I miss TERRIBLY taking me out to dinner.

So, thinking back to that awful day, and then thinking about how much I miss my friends back where we used to live….gah…ok, moving on, supposed to be HAPPY, it’s my BIRTHDAY! I entered the world Saturday, July 13, 1985, shortly before 1:00 pm. Gee, what a fun little bundle of joy! (apparently, I was very dark with a full head of black hair…and my dad didn’t think I belonged to him….seriously…)

Let’s do a little birthday flashback, shall we? No making fun, mmmkkk?

My birthday 2010

34909_539815473918_61700476_31586530_7291771_n 34272_539815438988_61700476_31586527_6033107_n

my birthday 2009



(Bella is yawning, looks like she is ssssiinnngggiinnnggg!)

My birthday 2008



look how tiny stinky is!

My birthday 2007



Clearly, I can’t decide if I want long or short hair? back to long this year I’m afraid! (pictures tomorrow)

As I embark on my 26th year, I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, and I look back on a lot of things I DID accomplish in year 25. Moved 3 hours away from where we were living. Added a new job. Built a house. Ran a marathon. wow, and that’s just a few things I did in year 25!

It’s pretty obvious I have a LOT to do this year if I can ever match all I did in my 25th year. I haven’t had time to really think out my goals for this year, but I will, don’t worry! So, as I head down the other side of the twenties hill (YIKES!) I say cheers to 26, and many, many more.


Don’t worry, I made a good wish. But I’m not telling. Smile

A year Ago Today…May Edition

Every so often I like to do a flashback and see what I was doing this time last year. It usually elicits one of two responses from me. The first being “wow I am so happy I am done with that phase of my life/week/thing” and the second being “crap. Why can’t things be like they used to be?” Fortunately for me, this edition of flashback is the former (mostly.)

Check out this post from last May, almost to the day: Mish Mash

-I hosted a Shutterfly party (fun)

-Bobby surprised me with a new bed (fun)

-We ran the 2nd hottest and hilliest race of my life (not fun)

-I was stressed to the MAX with end of the year school stuff (WAY not fun!)

-it was REALLY hot outside (no bueno)


It got me thinking, I cannot believe it has been a year since I was a 5th grade teacher. Some days I REALLY don’t miss it, then others I really really do! So, I try not to think about it! One thing I DO NOT miss are the end of the year checklists. We would have pages and pages of items to do and check off before turning it in along with our keys for the summer (and after a room inspection.) You can sense the madness in THIS post. I can remember the last teacher workday, we would have a luncheon and I would be ready before the lunch and so excited to start my summer break! It’s weird now that summer doesn’t seem as exciting as it did last year. (If you will remember, I had full intentions of going back to my school this year before we decided to move.)




I also posted THIS about super skinny supermodels, and I still feel the same way. Smile

It’s so interesting to me to look back on what I was doing this time last year. it also really weirds me out to think that was a YEAR ago? Seems like I JUST got my new bed, or I JUST got out for summer from teaching. Life really does fly by, make each day count!

Today I ran 3 miles and it was 86 degrees and 95% humidity. I posted a picture on Twitter and Facebook of what I looked like after. yuck! Prepare yourself, you don’t want to stare at this beauty for too long. Your eyes might catch on fire…or something like that!


tomorrow is a rest day, 5k is SATURDAY! Let’s hope the weather isn’t like it was today…

QOTD: What were you doing in May last year?

Friday Favorites: Easter


Happy Good Friday everyone! I would have to say good Friday is the best Friday of the year. I hope everyone is having a great day! I am excited for the weekend, Bobby is working today but is off on Monday, 3 day weekend!

Thanks for all the encouragement about my decision to run with Team in Training. My donation page is up and running and you can visit HERE. Remember, every little bit helps!

Last night Bobby and I did something we do every Easter, and something I have done every year since I was a small child. We Dyed Easter Eggs!



DSC_2412 DSC_2413

We love taking the “magic crayon” and writing on our eggs




Honestly, we were not as creative as we have been in the past. It was 9:30 at night and I was tired, so we just did some basic stuff. Usually I will do multi colors and spend a lot of time writing/drawing on my eggs.

Here are the finished products!


yes that would me my sad attempt at a cross.




Here is a fun flashback for you all…

Easter 2007



Easter 2008


Bobby looks so young! Too funny. As you can see we are all about traditions around here!

Oh, you want to know who won the AURIA earphone giveaway? Well, that would be comment #66, Corey from The Runner’s Cookie! Congrats Corey! email me and I will get your earphones out to you! A big thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, we had 118 entries for it. A big thanks to AURIA as well for hosting the giveaway!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know why my faith and good Friday are super important to me. On this day many years ago, the greatest gift was made possible for anyone who wants it. If you have any questions about this or would like someone to talk to, PLEASE feel free to e mail me at runningwithsass AT gmail DOT com.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS day! I am heading to my parents for the weekend tomorrow afternoon after a church service project. I will try to get on here and blog tomorrow before we leave, but won’t be blogging on Easter Sunday.

QOTD: Do you dye Easter eggs? Do you have any Easter Traditions? Sunday we will go to church then have a big lunch afterwards! Growing up we had an Easter egg hunt, too! Oh and my sister and I wore matching dresses and bonnets to church. Oh yes we did!