A Letter to Kettlebells

Hey guys! Marissa from Barefoot Colorado here! It’s no secret that I have been incorporating kettlebells in a ton of my workouts lately! I’ve become obsessed. I’m here to share with you a (slightly embarrassing) but awesome ode to the wonders that are kettlebells. Exercise equipment that incorporates cardio, strength training AND is fun? COUNT ME IN!

Dear Kettlebells,

Although we have only been seeing each other for a few months, I must confess I am starting to love you more than the dumbbells. No hard feelings, guys.

Kettlebells, you are so funny looking, with your weighted ball and big handle. You are a toy for the big kids.

KB  pic stitch

Speaking of big kids, everyone from fitness newbies to Olympians to my mom (who has no idea what you are–don’t worry we’ll work on her!) can use your various sizes. You don’t discriminate, Kettlebells.

I’m glad now cardio and strength training can stop fighting over my attention. Thanks for making both my heart and my muscles happy so I don’t have to choose between them. They’re quite whiney.

You have such a knack for time, dear kettlebells. I can get a great workout in 20 minutes or less (like the one below!) with your intense moves. That means I can have more time to watch The Walking Dead do homework and clean the house. Ha yeah right. We all know I’m going to watch The Walking Dead and eat yogurt bowls in my bed.

KB circuit 3

No body part ever feels left out when I train with you. Some of my muscles feel like they are picked last for the team when I use traditional dumb bells (I told you my body is whiney!), but you are an equal opportunity exercise. You cheeseballs, you.

Functional training is where it’s at, and you provide just that little kettlebells. You provide me with the tools to benefit and strengthen the movements I perform in day-to-day life.


I don’t have to hop on one foot either. Your workouts provide enough core stability and balance work. Thanks for sparing me the embarrassment of the flamingo hop.

Honestly, thanks for being you, kettlebells. You had some fun to my fitness routine when the dreadmill is boring me to tears.

I hope we can continue to see each other a couple times a week… as long as you don’t tell my running shoes. 🙂

Love Always,


QOTD: Have you tried kettlebells?