You Leak What You Love


I was reading my In Touch monthly magazine this weekend, and one of the articles really spoke to me. Ever read something and one certain line just, bam, jumps off the page and sticks with you? That’s how I felt reading a part of this article, and it really got me thinking. Well, let me back up and first tell you the part that really jumped our to me. it’s short, it’s simple. It’s profound.

You leak what you love.

Genius right? Why didn’t I think of this before? Subconsciously I’m sure I have, but for some reason, yesterday it just really spoke to me. Now, this can mean really great things for you, or not so great things. Of course, in the article I read it was in the context of Christianity and sharing the love of Jesus. I of course first and foremost want to leak the love of Christ, and I want people to see a difference in me because they see Jesus through me. But in my opinion, it doesn’t stop there.


Leaking what you love can mean SO many different things. For instance, I LOVE health and fitness. I live it during my workouts, through the clothes I wear, through the things I tweet, my blog, it’s everywhere. I hope I leak it in a positive and encouraging way to the world.

But unfortunately, this can mean some not so great things. Fear not! Sometimes it’s good to take a nice long look in the metaphorical mirror and see what other people see in us because eventually what’s on the inside is going to come out.



need for control

unkind words



All of these things can lead to self destruction and can also really hurt other people. Of course no one “loves” to be angry or impatient, but if it’s rooted in your heart you can and most likely will leak it out at some point. You can’t hide forever, and it’s not healthy to try to do so. Bottom line is two fold.

1.) If you have some things you don’t like to see in yourself, deal with them! Don’t leave them bottled up inside to leak out on someone else in a way you will regret. Get some help, tell a friend, email me, do something.

2.) Think about what you “leak” most. Not sure? What do you spend the most amount of time doing? What adjectives do people use to describe you? What do you WANT to “leak” for other people to see? I hope that through my life and my blog I leak a passion for Jesus, health and fitness, my family, encouraging others, and of course, Disney.


What do you want to leak? Remember, you leak what you love.

QOTD: What is something you hope that you leak when you think of the phrase “you leak what you love?”

Also, Happy Memorial Day! a huge thank you to all our service men and women all over the world. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy so many freedoms and I am truly grateful for you and your families!