Nuun Giveaway


Good morning! This heat is making me so tired I just want to sit around inside and crank up the AC! I am not looking forward to July and August if it’s already this hot. Anyway, to beat the heat and stay hydrated on runs, I like to drink Nuun. It’s so easy to just pop a tablet in some water and then you can rehydrate and get the electrolytes you need. They have so many great flavors, too…there is something for everyone! (If you aren’t familiar with Nuun go to their website and check it out!)

Nuun sent me two water bottles and some tubes of Nuun after I applied for the Hood to Coast team (which I sadly wasn’t chosen for, but that’s ok! Some great bloggers were!) and so I have decided to spread the love with you all by giving away a Nuun water bottle and two tubes of Nuun tablets.

photo (11)

Aaannnddd with that, I am going for a run, with some Nuun of course!


Oh, you want to know how to win? Of course you do. It’s easy. You have until Friday night, June 8th at 8:00 PM CST to enter, and I will announce a winner Saturday. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry, there are 2 ways to enter:

1.) Leave me a comment telling me your favorite nuun flavor

2.) Tweet about this giveaway: I want to win nuun from @runningwithsass

That’s it! Easy peasy. Good luck!

*Don’t forget to enter to win a $500 Under Armour gift card and join the What’s Beautiful challenge!

Lasik Eye Surgery


Is it really Thursday? This week is flying by, but yet I feel like I haven’t gotten that much done. Don’t you hate that? Hoping to remedy this today and knock out a bunch of things. Why do I feel so behind? Bobby had Lasik eye surgery yesterday! I drove him the hour to Mobile mid morning and he had the procedure done. I decided to do a vlog to tell you all about it.

Poor Bobby. He is a trooper, and I hope that this fixes his vision problems once and for all! Aside from a headache and scratchy sensitive eyes he is doing ok.  Stay tuned for a Nuun giveaway coming up next week!

Today I must get in a run and visit to the gym, I have only run once this week and kind of miss it, who would have thought?! Ha!

Also, did you enter the sweepstakes for the $500 Under Armour giftcard through the What’s Beautiful challenge? Have you signed up for the challenge?!?

QOTD: Have you had Lasik? Tell me your experience! Do you want Lasik?

Nuun + Hood to Coast = Fun


A lot of you know I ran the Rouge Orleans ultra relay with an amazing group of girls back in February. it was 126.2 miles of fun, and as soon as it was over, I couldn’t wait to do it again. I feel like there is a definite learning curve with these relays, and now knowing a few things about them, I must do another one!


oh yes. Our van had a ponytail. and a running skirt.


team #GirlsontheGeaux tweeted for 26 hours straight as we completed the relay in style.

Photos of the Girls on the Geaux running the Mississippi River levee during the Rouge-Orleans ultramarathon relay on Feb. 11-12, 2012.

I have never been more proud of a medal. We put some serious work and mental toughness into that race…but we also had a lot of FUN! Check out these couple of video clips.

We had some serious SheVANigans going on…I had a lot of fun being on camera, here is just a small glimpse. I may have been afraid a cow was going to chase me off the levee…

As you can see, spirits were high, and we had a lot of fun. Below are my recaps in case you want to check them out:

Rouge Orleans Part 1

Rouge Orleans Part 2

Rouge Orleans Part 3

Also here is my hood to coast movie review, and where I FIRST mention wanting to run Rouge Orleans. This is a year in the making, my friends!

Hood to Coast movie review

A lot of you may NOT know that Nuun is sponsoring THREE female blogger teams for Hood to Coast. Oh yes, three! As soon as I heard I got really excited, but didn’t think it was going to be possible with the price of airfare if I got selected. But, Bobby gave me the go ahead to apply this morning, so here I am! Every since I saw the HTC movie I have dreamed about going out here (never been to the NW!) and running this beast of a race. How AMAZING would it be to be selected?!? I think i would die. Well, that wouldn’t be good because I need to run….Must think of something….Anyway! I think I would be a great addition to a team, for multiple reasons.

Also, of COURSE, I love love love nuun. I am always looking for things that “work”with my body and not against it for hydrating when I am running. Nuun fits the bill for me. Sometimes, let’s just face it, we want a little taste of something in our water, so whenever I feel that way I just drop a tablet in and it’ instantly tastes better. My favorite flavor is tri berry, and I love the easy to pack and use tubes that the tablets come in. I love what they stand for, and I love how they incorporate bloggers and other athletes into their brand, and they are a big presence in the social media world. Love it!

So, here are some reasons why you want me on your team.

1.) I LOVE nuun. (duh)


spreading the nuun love in Disney world

2012-02-25 08.05.56

Disney Princess half marathon weekend 2012

2.) I am already famous on the Nuun Facebook page.


3.) I am able to only sleep for 1 hour over a 36 hour period and still run a total of 21 ish miles (point proven at Rouge orleans)

4.) I am a fun van-mate (I can give you references!) who knows when to PUSH her teammates with some tough love, but also can have a great fun time making memories with complete strangers.

5.) I am a female, who has an active blog, who LOVES running and loves having fun on new and exciting adventures!!!

In closing, I just found out I could apply on the LAST day, I don’t have as much time as I would have liked to make up a creative video, but I do have a lot of heart, so, here is a short little video talking about why I want to run this race and why I think I would be a great addition to the team!

Here is one last video I have used before on my blog, but I love it so much, it just screams “me” so Enjoy!

Please pick me, k?