Top 5 Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about my favorite Disneyland restaurants. It was such a hit, I had people asking me to do the same for Disney World resort restaurants. There are SO many great places to eat in Disney World that I decided to break the post into my top five favorite places to dine in the resorts, and then another post with my top five favorite restaurants in the theme parks. Also keep in mind these are all sit down or “table service” restaurants in this particular review. Enjoy!

Disney world resort restaurants

1.) Trails End Dinner Buffet

We “discovered” this buffet on a recent trip. It’s one of those places I always knew existed, but didn’t get a lot of hype. Luckily, I went out on a limb and booked it, in an effort to try something new. This place is now a must go to for my family and a hidden gem among Disney World resort restaurants! It’s a good old fashioned country buffet with all the comfort foods you could imagine. Not to mention, the price point is great for a Disney buffet. For sweet tea drinkers: this is the real deal. Only place on property that makes tried and true “homemade” sweet tea. Everything from ribs, to fried chicken, to mac and cheese, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and cornbread is yours for the eating. For dessert there is red velvet cake and soft serve ice cream with toppings like gummie bears and hot fudge, as well as some other southern favorites. You won’t leave here hungry and the servers are very friendly. *Please note there is NO PARKING at the restaurant. You have to park at the front of Fort Wilderness and take an internal bus to the back.


2.) Citricos

This has been a long time favorite of mine at the Grand Floridian. Beautiful, elegant, and delicious are a few words I would use to describe Citricos. It has my favorite steak in the world, as well as a great drink menu. The sweeping views of the grounds are relaxing, and the open kitchen is fun to watch. A great fancier meal while not being stuffy, Citricos gets two thumbs up. it is on the second floor of the Grand Floridian, so you can stand at the railing and listen to the orchestra or pianist at night while you wait for your table. So romantic!


3.) California Grill

Situated on the top floor of the Contemporary, California Grill is the place to be when the sun goes down to watch the Wishes fireworks show. There is even a private viewing deck outside for diners to visit. If you love sushi, you have to try the food here. I personally don’t eat sushi, but the husband loves this restaurant, and I enjoy the steak. It has a fun lively atmosphere, with wall to wall windows looking out over Bay Lake. It can get a little loud, but the food and views make up for it. *Check in for the restaurant is not on the top floor, please follow directional signs


4.) Ohana Dinner

This place is pure fun, and we always leave so full! Ohana serves food family style at the Polynesian resort. They bring a huge portion of different menu items in big bowls or platters, and you can eat as much as you want. For the meats, food is brought around on giant skewers and then pieces are put onto your plate. Be sure to save room for dessert, the bread pudding is delicious! For those with little mouseketeers, there are fun games going on during meal times, and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are always acknowledged.


5.) Cape May Café Breakfast

Cape May is a character buffet (at breakfast only) at the Beach Club resort, and serves your standard breakfast fare, but plenty of it! I love that the characters come around to your table for photos, and really seem to take time with you, even if you are a “big kid” like me. The restaurant is beautiful and open, and the food is plentiful. It’s a great way to start your day before heading off to the parks. I have seen Minnie, Goofy, as well as Chip and Dale in their beach gear at this restaurant.


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QOTD: What are your favorite Disney World resort restaurants?

Disney Princess Weekend: Monday, and a Giveaway!


In case you missed my other non-running Disney Princess posts, you can check them out below:

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Disney Princess Weekend Sunday

After quite the eventful Sunday, we were excited to hit the parks at a nice relaxing pace on Monday. We went to Hollywood Studios, and wore our I did it shirts.



We headed straight for Toy Story Mania. The fastpass return time was already really late, so we stood in the standby line, which went by really fast.

We saw this hilarious guy on the street telling people to stop and go.


We made sad faces in our picture then he changed his at the last minute.


my mom wanted a picture with this funny pair. I could watch the street performers all day! Be sure to watch them if they are out when you are there!


Karen and I wanted to ride Star Tours, so our moms waited for us to be down with it. There was hardly a line for it, either! We also saw Beauty and the Beast.




I really can’t remember what else we did besides lunch! We ate at Backlot Express, and it took forever to get my sandwich because I special ordered it. I won’t make that mistake again, I will just pick off the stuff I don’t like.


We decided to head back to the hotel and then go to the Magic Kingdom (I love being on the monorail!) To do some shopping and I really wanted a dole whip! First, we got a picture with Richard. I love this guy, he has been at the Grand for 20 years. Whenever a bride is getting her photos taken at the resort, he goes around with her holding the train of her dress up. it is so. cute.


We hopped on the monorail and were quickly at the gates of the magic Kingdom.



I snagged a couple pics of the Main Strees Barber shop



My mom and I headed for adventureland and Dole Whips while Karen and her mom were in search of some regular ice cream.


aaahhh my trip is now complete. We seriously considered each getting another one they were so good.

We waited for the other outside the Plaza, and what do you know, the parade was about to start and we had perfect seats!

DSC_0449 DSC_0452

make sure you get it all mom haha




After the parade we did some shopping and walking around the shops, it was so relaxing.





We headed back to the hotel just in time for scones and tea


I used the down time to take photos with my stalker lens




I honestly don’t remember what I did before it was time for appetizers! But, soon enough it was time for our last night in the lounge. It started raining, but we crossed our fingers it would finish before time to walk to Ohana. We were able to walk over there and enjoy our last dinner. Look who else we found, Megan!


The food was good as usual, I was stuffed!


We were able to watch Wishes from our seats, and then we headed out and took the monorail back to the Grand. Tuesday morning, we packed up the car and I somehow managed to drive the whole 9 hours home, with a car that looked like this.


We had a great trip with great friends, and now have so many memories. Thanks so much for reading along for our magical trip!



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I will announce a winner on Tuesday, April  3.

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Disney Day 6 September 2011


Mornin’. I am on my way to St. Louis right now…well…depending on what time you read this! I am headed to work the Running Skirts booth at Rock n Roll St. Louis. If you are running, please stop by and say hello! I will be running the half Sunday then flying back home afterwards.

We left off on the Disney posts with a dinner with friends at Artist Point. The next day, we headed to Hollywood Studios after breakfast. Poor Jen was still sick and they didn’t plan to stay long, but we figured the boys could go ride some of the rides together that pregnant Jen couldn’t ride in her current state.

We had a good laugh at the fact that Mr. Runner’s Trials was wearing a “happily ever after” button from their honeymoon on the back of his camelbak. When the boys went off together to ride rides, people were congratulating them and poor Bobby didn’t realize why until they told us about it when we met back up with them. Hehe!


It was also quite comical to see a very pregnant Jen walking around with him wearing the happily ever after (honeymoon) button.


DSC_0619 DSC_0620

After they left, Bobby and I hit up Star Tours, and I was chosen as the Rebel spy. eekk! If you have no idea what I am talking about, go ride the new ride. Smile


But I promise I’m NOT a spy!


We had lunch at Sci Fi, a fun favorite. It gets a lot of points just for atmosphere.


For Dinner, we met back up with our fellow vacationers for a huge, delicious, dinner at Ohana. I had a big #fail this night because the only picture I took was of dessert! Oops. Shows you what I was thinking about!


It is all you can eat so we ate a LOT. Good company, good conversation, good times.

QOTD: Do you take a lot of pictures on vacation, just a few, or leave the camera at home?