My (Temporary) Break Up With Running

Well guys, this is a post I have been meaning to write for awhile, but didn’t because 1.) I didn’t want to come to grips with the fact that it was indeed happening, and 2.) I wasn’t ready to deal with the feelings that came along with the realization, and somehow not saying it out loud (or on the blog) made it feel like maybe it wasn’t real.

Bottom line: I was not meant to be a pregnant runner for this pregnancy. Oh, how I tried. I forced myself to do it, and did so semi successfully until about 20 weeks. After that, I could no longer deny the pain, and slowly dropped down to once or twice a week of run walks, determined to not give it up all together. Then it got to where the pain kept me up at night so I switched to walking, but I would still “try” to run once a week, all with the same results. Yes I tried stretching, yes I tried yoga, yes I tried a support belt that did absolutely nothing to help me. Most people call it round ligament pain, I call it the evil constant pains that took away my outlet, my therapy, my way of staying in shape and staying sane.


I ran Dopey and Tink pain free (and also didn’t know I was pregnant!)

So this is what happened. As I was training for the Crescent City Classic 10k, I realized that during and after some runs I was struggling with pain on both sides, low in my pelvis. I figured it was just a temporary growing thing that would go away in a week or two. I kept with it, but had to take Tylenol to complete the 10k. I made it through the race, but paid dearly for it later. I couldn’t even get out of a chair on my own because my pelvis hurt so badly. Sneezing, walking, bending, etc. was all excruciating for about 2-3 days. Again, I thought it was just because it was the most mileage I had run since the Glass Slipper Challenge, but the pain continued on my next run even after taking several days off.


After the Crescent City Classic, my last race I would run during Pregnancy at 16/17 weeks.

I really didn’t understand why this was happening, I was in amazing shape (for Dopey!) when I got pregnant, and even ran Dopey and Tinkerbell before realizing I was pregnant. When I ran The Glass Slipper Challenge at 9 weeks pregnant at the end of February, sure I was sick and nauseated, but I didn’t have any pain. It never crossed my mind that I could potentially be one of “those people” who struggled with running during pregnancy and had to stop. I tried not to think about it, like maybe it wasn’t really happening, but in the past couple of weeks it has become impossible for me to run without severe pain, so I stopped and started only power walking.

princess half 9

Glass Slipper Challenge at 9 weeks. Nauseated and exhausted, but no pain!

I knew things were getting bad when I power walked 2 miles the other day, and that same pain started creeping in, WALKING. I know I am 30 weeks now and shouldn’t expect to be totally pain free, (which I don’t) but it is really frustrating to have these limitations when people much further along than me are running and working out like normal. I KNOW it’s wrong to compare, and I am happy for my friends still able to push hard and run, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. I guess it’s the same way I feel when I have an injury. You so badly want to be out there, especially when you see everyone’s awesome instagram photos, new race medals, and shiny new PR’s, and you are stuck on the couch unable to participate. I am trying to be open and honest about my feelings here, because I am sure there are other mamas-to-be out there struggling with the same battle.  Before I start getting hate mail about how I should just be happy to be pregnant, please hear me: Yes, I know I am super blessed and am thankful to be pregnant, but still longing to participate in my favorite hobby, which is a very valid feeling. Accepting my limitations has been mentally difficult for me, and this is my space to share and be real and honest.

19 weeks

Frustrated after a 20(ish) week run/walk gone bad.

I have ten weeks to go, so I will keep reminding myself that in the end it will be worth it because I WILL get back to running, and I will have a new baby girl to share my passion with once she is here. I will look back on these few short months where I couldn’t run as a blip on the radar, and it will be totally worth it.

30weeks preggo

30 weeks pregnant, after a sadly painful one mile walk

So running, I am sorry we have to have a temporary break up, but my body is being used for something else more important right now. However, I promise you, I WILL be back!

QOTD: Mamas, did you run during pregnancy or have any pain issues?

Is this how everyone feels during an injury? Frustrated?