Team in Training Halloween 5k 2011


It’s time for a sssppookkyyyy 5k recap! AND, I didn’t even run. If you aren’t running, the next best thing to do is volunteer. Our chapter of TNT decided to host a 5k to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. We decided to do a night run, Halloween theme, with costumes welcome and plenty of candy for the kids! We also had a 1 mile fun run before the 5k. It was a lot colder than anticipated, but we still had a blast!

Bobby and I were given the task of picking up all the pizzas and chick-fil-a sandwiches that were donated before heading to the race. They smelled so good in the car, it was tempting to not dig in right then and there! We helped with registration and got read for the race!


We decided I would go as the football player and Bobby would go as the cheerleader. (yes that REALLY is his uniform and megaphone from college!)


I was so glad I dressed warmly and brought a jacket. It started misting and the wind picked up quickly and then it got dark, but I was relatively warm. Poor Bobby didn’t bring a jacket.


The 5k was held in a nice neighborhood near our house, out on the grassy area in front of their party/meeting space.

Look! I even found a blog reader! Meet Kristyn! She and her husband both totally rocked the 5k, and Kristyn is running the Rock n Roll new Orleans half in March! Hi Kristyn, it was so nice to meet you and share a near death experience with you! (More on THAT later!)


That evil tent is eyeing me in the background….can you detect the foreshadowing?

I took it upon myself to take some pictures while I wasn’t helping with last minute registration.



Our director/race leader welcoming everyone to the race!


the 1 mile fun run was first followed by the 5k.



Oh, Bobby…


Since Bobby had a megaphone, he was in charge of the “on your mark, get set, go!” for both races.


Aaanndddd they’re off!


We hung out at the finish line clapping and cheering for everyone, and Alana and I held up streamers as people crossed the finish line. Fun!


post race we had drinks, pizza, chick-fil-a sandwiches, pasta, and CANDY! We even had a live band playing on the porch the whole time. Good times were had by all (I think. I sure had fun!)


The winners of the costume contest, the teenage mutant ninja turtles! All 4!


Ok, so near death experience. I was standing in the grass talking to Kristyn and her husband after the race, when a HUGE gust of wind came up and blew the giant purple tent RIGHT into me and her husband! It smacked both of us in the back before flying over our heads across the grass where a bunch of guys wrestled it to the ground. It nearly missed some kids so we like to think we took a hit for the team and saved the kids. We also had some team building events.

No, but really, it HURT. The metal bars smacked me right across the back, and as I ducked, I winced and just waited for one of the legs of the thing to impale me. When I looked up and saw it had blown over us I knew I was ok, but WOW it was really scary for a second there. Evil purple tent…

So anyway…we had the awards ceremony and cleaned up and came home. It was a really fun experience and I hope I get to volunteer for something like that again! I am going to miss all my TNT buddies!

QOTD: Have you ever volunteered for a race? Did you enjoy it?

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Gulf Coast Half Marathon Race Recap


Good morning! Catching up from the weekend?

My Thyroid Story

Disney Day 4 September 2011

When Your Body Says Stop

Disney Day 5 September 2011

On October 9, Bobby and I finished what we started when we signed up in May to train and run a half marathon with Team in Training. We chose this race because it was in my hometown and we could stay with my parents before and after our one night already paid for in a hotel by TNT, and because (being honest) it had the lowest fundraising minimum. I was nervous about raising money, and with both of us running we were really raising $2,000. (We are JUST shy of our goal, you can still donate on our team page.)

I already shared with you about the inspiration dinner we attended the night before the race. We then met up with Karen and some of her running friends for frozen yogurt at Menchies! Then we hit the hay for a 4:00 am wake up call!


my stuff ready to go!

I had a hard time sleeping, I felt very restless from running around at the expo for two days, it’s like I couldn’t turn my mind off. The alarm went off all too soon, and we got dressed and ready for the race.



All the TNTers took two busses to the start line. We were picked up at 5, so we ended up at the start line around 5:30 and the race didn’t start until seven. It was quite chilly, and I didn’t bring a bag to check so I had no jacket.



Church friends! Me, Alana, and Nicole

In a pathetic attempt to stay warm, Bobby and I stood near a generator….until we realized there was a big warning sign on it talking about the fumes…we then slowly backed away…


Check out my temporary TNT tattoo! Also, Alana braided some ribbon in my hair to complete my outfit.

DSC00074 DSC00075

Gulf Coast TNT group!


It was finally time to head to the start line. There were no corrals, just big signs with suggested pace times, and you know people lined up at the wrong ones…we ended up getting into the corral area late because we were in line for the potty, so as close as we could get was the 12:00 mile marker. great.


Karen ended up finding us, and before we knew it, the gun went off and it was go time.


It was pretty congested getting out of the park, and my legs felt like lead. This was NOT a good sign a half mile into the race. Having run a half marathon seven days prior and working two expos (4 days of expos = hard work!) I am not all that surprised at how tired my body felt. I tried not to think about it, because I still had a LONG way to go, and that thinking wasn’t going to do me any favors except kill my motivation.


we ran through several neighborhoods in old Mandeville. I grew up here, so this area was nothing new to me. I honestly didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to my surroundings, and did a crappy job of remembering to take pictures. oops. I ran strong for the first half of the race, only walking through water stops and to take GU. It was nice having the TNT coaches along the way yelling out my name and encouraging me. I saw one of my coaches about mile 5 or 6 and he ran with me for a minute and told me I was doing a good job, and Bobby had made it by a few minutes earlier. WE went through a few more neighborhoods, and passed Varsity Sports (where the expo was and one of my Running Skirts accounts.) I stopped and yelled for several of the employees that I knew, waved, and then continued on. I hit the turn by the lakefront, and then cursed myself for not wearing sunglasses. We had to run the entire length of the lakefront ( a couple miles) in the DIRECT sun with no trees. I LOVE the lakefront, I have run many, many miles along this baby, but the rising temps and the sun started to drain me.


turning onto the lakefront


The lakefront run REALLY zapped me, and I was struggling to make my legs keep going. I decided to adopt a run/walk method about mile 8 or 9. I ran for five minutes and walked for 30 seconds. I felt that having that designated walk time gave me something to look forward to and made me run faster during my running portion.


If you can’t tell, the sun is burning into my eyeballs in these pictures…

After awhile, we turned onto the trace. The trace is a ridiculously long running/biking route that goes for many many miles. This is where Bobby and I ran our disastrous 16 miler last fall. The path is pretty narrow for a race, but parts of it were shaded which was nice because it was getting into the upper 70’s low 80’s. (obviously, not the part in the picture below!) I passed a fellow TNTer from my crew on the trace and tried to encourage him but then kept moving and passed him up. At this point, I tried to keep up with the people I was running around. Even with my running/walking. I was starting to get that miserable “this sucks” feeling about this point, so I tried to think about why I was running, and I pictured all the cancer patients I was running for. If they can go through chemotherapy, I can run 3 more measly miles. It gave me the little boost I needed, having some motivation and a reason to run.


Then, I hit mile 10 and a TNT coach was so sweet and ran with me for a minute and told me all I had was a 5k, and that I could do that in my sleep, that was just a warm up. It is what I needed, a 5k is easy peasy, and it was exciting to know that’s all that was left, and I knew I would make it! At this time I also started looking at my watch trying to make calculations for a predicted finish time. I also texted my mom and told her when to expect me, her and my dad were at the finish line waiting for us to cross.

I made it back into the park and knew I had just over a mile left. at mile 12.5 or so, I  hit a water stop with some VERY enthusiastic volunteers that gave me a little boost. I took one last walk break and said I wasn’t going to walk anymore. I could hear cheering up ahead, so I knew I was close. I hit mile 13 and my watch beeped and I was at 2:16. I rounded the final corner and could see the finish line wwaayy up in the distance.

Then, I saw my mom and dad and Bobby up ahead! My mom had made a sign, and she was jumping up and down and Bobby was sitting on the ground.


wweeee I am about to ddiiieee! Thanks mom!

I heard my mom yell “kick it in” and I started laughing because this WAS kicking it in, I had no gas left, my legs just wouldn’t move and I was regretting my back to back halfs and expos decision. I finally hit the finish line and could have kissed the ground I was so glad to be done!


don’t I look thrilled? I was happy though because I did PR! 2:17:12, over a 4 minute PR. I was so happy to see that on my Garmin! Considering the past 7-8 days, I was happy with it. My training runs had me between a 2:10 and 2:15, but a PR is a PR and I will have plenty of other chances!

I got my medal, and made it over to the TNT tent to check in, then started looking for my family. Apparently, Bobby had a bad race and got really sick and could barely stand up. He didn’t really train for this race…his last long run was over a month ago and he maybe ran a total of 3 times since then, about 2-3 miles each time. He tried to push too hard and got really nauseated and had to go lay down after the race and ended up throwing up twice. I told the boy you can’t NOT TRAIN and expect to run a PR!


My cheerleaders


me with my mom, the cancer survivor!


We did it!

We then headed over to the TNT area for FOOD! They also had a masseuse just for TNT participants, and you bet we took advantage! We also had our own port a potty which was nice, no lines!


They had gumbo, jambalaya, burritos, sandwiches, chips, drinks, and bread pudding among other things. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we sat and enjoyed the weather, although I did feel bad enjoying myself while Bobby was laying down over on the side all sick. Poor baby.

Then Karen texted me and we met up for a quick picture


There was a band playing during the after party, and everyone seemed to be having a good time


Here are a couple pictures of Bobby during the race



My parents brought us back to the hotel so we wouldn’t have to ride the bus. Half number eight was done!


Bobby got a little picture happy…

DSC_0778 DSC_0779

We showered, checked out, and drove to my parents house for the Saints game. It was a GREAT weekend! LSU won, the Saints won, and a successful half marathon was completed. I was a happy girl! My experience with TNT was a good one overall. They give you a lot of support during your training and fundraising, and the race is a lot of fun.

*If you are interested in learning more about TNT please e mail me! You can also still donate to the cause!

QOTD: Have you ever run for a charity? Which one? Do you want to? for who?

TNT Inspiration Dinner


Middle of the week already, wow! Hope you are having a good one. I am keeping busy and trying to get back to “normal” for the next couple weeks before I take off traveling again for work. Last night, Bobby and I hit up the gym for some weight lifting, and today I will start running again.

As a lot of you know, I ran a half marathon this past weekend with Team in Training. My mother is a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor, and I wanted to run this race for her and also for my aunt who had the same diagnosis. I have gotten several questions from people about Team in Training since I joined back in May. If you have a question please feel free to e mail me or leave it in the comments section, I would be happy to answer!

Today I want to tell you a little about the inspiration dinner. The night before each TNT event, there is an inspiration dinner/pasta party. You eat, socialize, and hear inspiring stories about survivors, those who are no longer with us, and what we have done to help advance research for finding a cure.

This half marathon was small, and was opened up as a TNT event for LA and MS TNT members only (not nationwide like some of the bigger races.) There were 78 participants running in this particular race, and the dinner was at the hotel we were staying at in my hometown. I invited my parents to join us for the dinner, and we had a good time!


When you walk through the doors, all the coaches and mentors are there cheering, screaming, ringing bells, clapping, and basically going crazy as you walk through the hallway into the banquet area. We got our food (buffet style spaghetti dinner) and chose a table.

Look at the great decorations!



Quintin, our honored patient, left as a drawing at our place setting. How cute!


They had a slideshow playing while we ate, and I had sent in some pictures of my mom and our family and they came up on the slideshow under the “in honor of” section. When the program began, everyone was welcomed, and then we were told that the 78 of us raised $88,000 dollars for cancer research! They also had all the cancer survivors in the room stand up, and they were given a huge round of applause. As my mom stood up, of course, she starts crying…so then I start crying!

They had a main speaker for the night, a man who lost his 17 year old daughter to leukemia last year. They played a slideshow in the background as he talked, and it was so sad to see this beautiful girl with bright red hair go bald, look so sick in the hospital bed, and then pass away. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room as he spoke of her bravery and positive attitude through the whole ordeal. He went on to run a half with TNT and is training for the full Rock N Roll Savannah race in November.


We ended the night with some final race instructions (wake up call of 4 am!) and each individual chapter met with their coaches for a final pep talk. It was well put on, and I can see how some of the really big events would be even more fun! I left feeling inspired and ready to run. I knew that during those tough miles, thinking of these people, and the pain they went through/are going through would help me finish the race.

QOTD: What or who inspires you to run/workout/be healthy? a family member? blogger? a goal you are trying to reach? A cause you raise money for?

Disney September 2011 Sneak Peak


Good morning everyone! I spent yesterday hanging out with my family, watching football, and loving on my puppies. I have either caught a cold, or am dealing with some serious allergies. I got some meds yesterday and spent the day on the couch so hopefully I will be fine!

Today’s agenda includes unpacking, laundry, and repacking for Disney’s Wine and Dine! I leave on Wednesday. Crazy, huh? I am so excited to work this event! I will be there through Sunday, if you are at the event please stop by the Running Skirts booth to check out the new fall prints!

Ok, so I know you all want to know who won the raffle prize packs, right? First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated and got me one step closer to my goal. I haven’t quite reached it (you can donate here) but hopefully I will in the next couple of weeks!  If you will remember, I had two prize packs up for grabs. The winners are as follows:

Grand Prize: Ros from Life’s a Wheeze

Runner Up: JoLynn Barnhill

Please e mail me at [email protected] to claim your prize packs! Thanks so much guys, with your help, we really are making a difference!

Ok, so let’s move on to Disney! Today I am just going to give you a sneak peak of the first day of the trip. We left Friday after Bobby got off work and drove halfway, got up Saturday morning and got to Disney after lunch. When we checked in, our room was ready, and we were lucky enough to get the room right below the one we had for our Honeymoon at the Grand Floridian!

DSC_0347 DSC_0349

DSC_0352 DSC_0363

DSC_0351 DSC_0356

oh, what is that out the window?




We were stoked to get this awesome room!


Here is the rest of our panoramic view:

DSC_0372 DSC_0373

DSC_0375 DSC_0376

Before long we realized we hadn’t had lunch yet. Oops. The excitement of Disney will do that to you I guess! We headed to the concierge lounge for some snacks.

DSC_0396 DSC_0397

DSC_0398 DSC_0400

aaannnddd because I am not feeling well and have a million things to do I am going to totally leave you hanging at a really random point in the day. Sorry guys! That just means you have to come back. Ha!

QOTD: What is the best “room with a view” you have ever had?

Rock On


Rock on!!! Yesterday, in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to get this little beauty:


I got this for completing 2 Rock n Roll events in a year. I will be running Rock n Roll Savannah, so I will get another medal as well after that one, woot! I love me some bling! I can’t wait to hang it up on my new sport hook rack! (If Bobby would ever hang it up. ahem….)

Yesterday, I did a lot of catching up on household things I neglected over the weekend, like dishes. oy. It was nice out, so I opened the window, and Bella enjoyed her perch for the morning.


Mommy, the birds want me to come play tag with them.

I did level 1 of 6 weeks to 6 pack too. I honestly haven’t done this video since May when I completed the full 6 week program. I got SO burnt out on it, I didn’t want to even look at the cover of the DVD box! I also did some foam rolling and stretching, which I neglected this weekend.


Oh, Jillian, don’t look at me like that.

Today it is back to the gym and back to the run for me. I have to head to my parents house later this week for something, so I plan on doing my long run there for a change of scenery. Will be interesting! I feel like I am starting to gain a little bit of speed. My IT band still hurts like the dickens after a long run, but seems to do ok during my runs, so hopefully it will hold up for me. It is usually just sore right after I run and is gone the next day. Weird.

Ok, more laundry awaits. I can promise you I won’t be doing any of this:


In case you didn’t know, I despise ironing. Really. It’s way too much work for something that’s just going to get wrinkled when I sit down. I do it only when absolutely necessary. If I iron for an event you are attending, then you can rest assured I think you are really really special.

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QOTD:- Have you run any Rock n Roll races? If so, which ones?

– Do you like to iron? Some people actually love it, which does not compute in my brain.

Win More Stuff!


Hi everyone! I am SO excited today! I have been working for a couple weeks now with some companies who have graciously agreed to sponsor/send items for my blog raffle benefitting Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. If you will remember, Running Skirts was the awesome and generous headliner of my last raffle, as well as some amazing others, and it went really well! Well, I still am not quite to my goal, and would LOVE for you to help me raise money for cancer research. So, today, I present to you, round two! There will be TWO winners. A grand Prize/prize pack winner, and a runner up.

Here are the things that will be in the GRAND PRIZE winner’s prize pack:

Running Chics long sleeve shirt. This shirt is amazingly soft and comfy! I got a Medium, and it is a great length with a good sleeve length. It’s not thick and heavy which I like, and it has the great Running Chic’s logo on the front AND on the bottom of the back! I have a feeling I will be in this baby all fall and winter!

2011-08-31154105  2011-09-09155126


Sport Hook 5 medal display. Your choice of ANY 5 hook display! They sent me this Rock N Roll one, and I lllooovveee it! Now I can display my Rock n Roll medals proudly on their own hooks! It comes with the wall mount screws, easy peasy to install!


Go Sport ID has donated their Go Sport ID inspire AND ALL 8 colors of interchangeable bands to mix and match! (This is heaven for someone like me who likes to be color coordinated on my run!)



Go Sport ID T-shirt (I don’t have a picture but I am sure they are really cute!)

Attune foods has donated 2 boxes of their super yummy cereal (they were amazing sponsors at Healthy Living Summit!) AND their super cute go-bowl. The bowl is BPA-free, made of recycled yogurt cups, and has a screw top lid for easy closure and security.



Lift Your Sole was kind enough to donate this beautiful necklace that says “”focus on the journey, not the destination.” LOVE it! You will also get your necklace in this cute bag, and you will get a Lift Your Sole magnet.

*Also, exclusively for RWS readers, Lift Your Sole is offering FREE SHIPPING right now, for YOU! Simply enter the code  TNTfreeshipping when you check out! Sweet!

2011-09-10173743 2011-09-10173734

Team in Training reusable bag, pen, cup, and bracelet


(NO Bella, you can’t take that…you haven’t donated yet!)

BIC Bands has donated this leopard band. Not to mention, in the month of August they did an awesome thing by donating one dollar from every purchase to TNT!





-GO sport ID bracelet and 8 color bands (same as above)


GO sport ID t-shirt (same as above)

Lift Your Sole necklace of this cute runner girl. It has a metal clasp on the back.


-assortment of GU/fuel from ME!


-running warehouse reusable bag and sticker



Holy Prize packs!!! That is some serious awesomeness that you can win, for as little as                      FIVE DOLLARS! How do I enter you ask? here is how the “entries” will break down.                         Go to our team homepage to donate.

$5.00 = 1 entry

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If you give anything above $25.00 I will give you an extra entry per dollar, so say you give $27.00 you would get a total of 12 entries. Also, PLEASE leave me a comment after you donate so I can keep track easier and match people up more efficiently. Thanks yall!

There are another couple of ways to get extra entries AFTER A MANDATORY $5.00 or more DONATION! You will not get entries if you do the following things but do not donate.

1.) retweet or post on your blog about my raffle ( on entry for each, link back here in your comment so I can check it out, please!) (@runningwithsass)

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Once again, click on the link to go to my donation page and let the fun begin! This raffle will go until Sunday, September 25, at 8 pm central. I will pick winners using and will post winners on Monday morning, September 26th.

Please remember this money is going to cancer research. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way, so let’s find a cure! (and win stuff in the process, right?) Thanks for having a giving spirit, EVERY little bit helps! Your donation matters and is important to me and to every person out there right now battling this disease.


Just in case your head hasn’t exploded yet from the awesomeness that is my raffle, you can catch up on this weekend’s posts below:

When the World Stopped Turning

Happy Together

Friday Favorites: CWX Tights

When the World Stopped Turning


Growing up, I always heard my parents and people their age (you know, old. Just kidding!) talk about where they were when Kennedy got shot. Obviously, I wasn’t born yet, and so I couldn’t really share in the conversations. However, I vividly remember where I was on September 11, 2001.


I was a Junior in High school, and I think I was in 2nd hour. We were in the middle of a lecture, when another teacher came in and pulled my teacher aside and whispered something in his ear. Our teacher then told us a plane had crashed into the WTC, and at first we thought it was a joke and didn’t believe him. Then, he pulled out the TV and I think later went home to find some rabbit ears so we could watch the news.

I just remember sitting in my desk being in shock, a little scared, and wanting to call and talk to my family. Here we were, just going about our morning routine, while our fellow Americans were dying in awful and scary ways. I prayed a lot that day, for the families, for President Bush, for the nation. I cannot believe it has been ten years since that awful day.


I am very patriotic, and so proud to be an American. It angers me beyond belief that this happened on our soil. It was a scary wake up call that no one is truly ever “safe” in your home, at work, on a plane, etc. In my opinion, the only TRUE safety and security is found in my relationship with the Lord. I believe HE is in control, and though tragedy may happen, He already knows how it all turns out, and whatever happens to me today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now, I don’t have to live in fear or anxiety. It is SUCH a freeing feeling!

I get choked up thinking about that sad day, and about all of the innocent lives lost, the families that lost their loved ones. I pray they have found hope and comfort over the years, and will remember that we have not forgotten about them, or their loved ones.

Ok, I need to move on or I am going to turn into an emotional wreck.Smile


Yesterday morning, Bobby and I were up at the crazy hour of 4:45 so we could meet with our Team in Training group for an 8 mile long run along the beach boardwalk and out and back over the crazy steep Ocean Springs Bridge.

It was nice having low humidity and temps in the upper 60’s to start, even though later the sun was beating down and it got well into the 70’s. we actually had a good run, completing 8 miles in 1:20:00. We came home, and immediately got to work staining our back fence. We have had the stain since we moved in 6 months ago (can you BELIEVE it’s been 6 months?!) but it has been way too hot to get out there and do it. It will take weeks to get it done, but we got a good start today!


I’m ready to paint, yall!


I made Bobby paint with the Disney paint brush. Because of this, I got a hidden Mickey from him. I guess the brush has a mind of it’s own?


do you see it?


So apparently, I paint too slow. My side on the left, Bobby’s on the right. I thought I was going fast!


Apparently I am also very sloppy. Oops. I look like I have chicken pox!

(fun fact: I got chicken pox when I was 5 or 6, a day or two before I was supposed to get my tonsils out. I was so happy b/c I thought this meant my tonsils could stay in….well…not so much. Also, I have a bunch of chicken pox scars, mainly on my hands/arms.)


Look how great it looks now!


THAT took over 2 hours…yeah…we have a long way to go. (We have to paint the inside, and other 3 sides, too!)

*RAFFLE on the blog TOMORROW! Great stuff you can win, please come back and check it out! All proceeds go to Team in Training!

QOTD: Where were you on September 11, 2001 when you heard the news?

Happy Together


So happy for the Weekend! I know you are, too! (I would think so?) This weekend is extra special to me, because today, September 10, marks the seven year anniversary of me and Bobby’s first DATE! I cannot believe we have been together for 7 years. That makes me feel old!


Look how young we look in this engagement photo! I was newly 21, Bobby was newly 23.

Bobby and I met in college, playing intramural volleyball the first weekend of my sophomore year, Bobby’s first senior year….or second junior year, however you want to look at it. hehe. He was the hot, cool older guy who drove a red corvette and I was the nobody sophomore who almost didn’t go back to school where I did due to a bad breakup the spring before.  (Imagine if I hadn’t gone back?!?)

His team crushed mine in the tournament, but he SPOKE TO ME and I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t believe it! He asked me in the cafeteria what time my next game was, I was like “who, me?” It was embarrassing. I was a total geek. He got my number so he could “invite me to play sand vball next time” (haha) and we started hanging out, and then he finally asked me out a couple weeks later. (Well, basically told me I had to go out with him. Not gonna fight ya, buddy.)


On our honeymoon January 2007. Recreating his proposal. Ha.

I remember being SO NERVOUS waiting to be picked up for the date. I must have changed clothes 20 times. We double dated with a friend of his, and went to a nice restaurant and had a good time. It wasn’t like we were friends first, so it was kind of awkward not really knowing him very well. You know the whole what should I order to eat, do I try and be funny, try not to talk to much…too many decisions! What was supposed to be a fun evening ended on a very very bad note when we kept getting calls from his housemates and finally answered one, only to very unfortunately find out Bobby’s roommate (he had a dorm room and lived in a house, this was his dorm roommate) had been killed in a car accident along with two other students. There were 5 students total in the car.


It was a very very sad night and next few weeks that followed. I will admit is was very strange and awkward to start off your relationship with someone in this way, but we look at is as God put me in his path at just the right time to help him get through that miserable time. We became close more quickly than most newly dating couples due to this tragic accident.

We are of course very very happy together, but it is also sad to celebrate our dating anniversary knowing what also happened on that September 10th night. So today, while oh so happy to be with the love of my life for 7 years, I also pray for the families of the lives lost, and how this is not a day of joy for them.

BUT, we can’t dwell on the past, it is very sad, but it is also done and cannot be changed. Who would have thought I would be where I am 7 years ago. I for one can tell you “not me!” I didn’t deem myself cool enough or pretty enough to be Bobby’s girlfriend.  (He dated all the pretty cheerleaders. Ok, he WAS a cheerleader so I guess that doesn’t count?) I look back all the time and laugh about serious and mature I thought Bobby was in college (he is a total goofball, so don’t let him fool you!)



Today we are running 8 miles with TNT then hopefully going to do some yard work and fence painting since it will only be a high of 88! woo hoo!

QOTD: Can you remember your first date with anyone? Were you nervous? Anything interesting happen? (keep it clean folks, I don’t mean THAT. Hopefully that won’t be any of your first date stories. yikes!)

Yardwork Deserves Cobbler


Another Weekend has come and gone. I am sad, but at the same time, excited because some fun things are going on soon at RWS! First of all, soon, I will be hosting ANOTHER raffle for TNT and the Leukemia and Lymphoma society!!! I am working on an all-star lineup of prizes, so stay tuned!

Next, I will be going out of town in the middle of September, and I need YOUR help! I plan to pre-write a few posts for you for while I am gone, but also would love to feature YOU on RWS! Here on the blog, I am all about inspiration, hope, and determination. If you have a story to share, I would love to hear from you! How have you overcome adversity as it deals with health/eating/fitness? Send inquiries to [email protected] about being featured here in September!

Ok, so yesterday after church, Bobby and I headed to Lowe’s to get some things to spruce up the yard. At our old house, we had mulch in our rose garden and not only did the red contrast amazingly well with the green plants, but it really kept weeds away well and stayed a lot longer than pine straw. After pulling a million weeds, we realized we needed more pine straw….but then decided to use mulch, and get some black garden edger stuff to hold the mulch in place.




After (sort of) we kinda grossly underestimated how much mulch we would need…yeah…


But doesn’t it already look so good? I love that Bella looks like she is smiling in this picture! She was busy tormenting tree frogs.


After finishing back there, we added more pine straw to the front (we spent an hour pulling weeds yesterday after our 10-miler.) So the yard is looking good for fall! While waiting to cool down, I decided to make a blueberry cobbler. We have a ton of blueberries and I didn’t want them to go bad, so cobbler it is! I used the same recipe that is on my recipe page for blackberry cobbler, just substituted blueberries!


2011-08-28172844 2011-08-28 18.12.58

Paired with ice cream, well deserved after an afternoon of yard work!

QOTD: Do you reward yourself after a day of hard work?

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BIC Band Giveaway


Goooooooooddd MORNING! I am back in Mississippi, and busy busy busy.  Sunday I drove to my parents house for a retailer visit Monday, and after the rain I saw the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow. Very rarely have I ever seen one from end to end, all the way across. I do not recommend trying to take a picture and driving like I was…do as I say not as I do, people.


God painted a beautiful rainbow!

My mom and I went to see the Help after visiting my potential store, and while it was a good movie, the book is better. So, if you liked the movie and haven’t read the book I highly recommend it! My mom also drove me by the house my dad grew up in in New Orleans. It was cool to see and hear stories from her about driving by his house before they started dating when she “liked” him, and he just happened to be outside cutting grass so she ducked down in the seat. How funny!



After, when I dropped my mom off at home, I got to see my NOLA girl! She is getting so big and growing “real” dog fur now.


I can’t believe Healthy Living Summit is SO close. I am finally starting to get excited. It seemed so far away when I bought my ticket! Lots to do before I leave though! Like….host a BIC Band giveaway!

In case you haven’t heard of these nifty little things, let me enlighten you. Bic Bands stands for “Because I can” bands.  So cool! Here is more:

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Yes, you read that right folks. For every band sold, they give a dollar to charity. How COOL! This months’ charity is the Leukemia and Lymphoma society/Team in Training (which of course you all know I am training for!) So, if you have been pondering buying one, please do it this month! I plan to buy some this month and save them for Christmas gifts. GREAT stocking stuffers! They have a ton of cool colors and patterns too. Go to their website and check them out!

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QOTD: Have you ever been to where your parents grew up?