I have been bored running, so I thought if I varried my runs it would help, also it would help with my speed. So my plan yesterday was to do 3 miles, a slow mile, a fast mile, and another slower but not AS slow mile. It was hot and sunny and I am not used to the heat but I still did it. It was’t a great run, but I did alright.

First mile was 11:18
Second mile was 9:05
Third mile was 11:00

that second mile was hard, and the third was hard because I was tired from the second. I feel tired today and it’s really hot and pollen everywhere so I decided to not run today and wait till tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day though

This is proof it was ally sunny and hot!

I just took the furballs on a walk and they are now layed out on the floor worn out!

QOTD: How do you vary your runs?

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  1. aww bella looks SO cute!

    awesome job on the tempo run!

  2. Bella is to cute!!! I ran 4 miles yesterday and I understand the heat and the pollen. There is so much here too. The only other thing that we have is gnats. They were everywhere. I was so scared I was going to swallow one. yuck!!!!!

  3. Ill have to try a tempo run sometime, seems like a good idea. I vary my runs by my schedule because with my school schedule being soo demanding its hard to figure a run for everyday. For instance like today I am so exhausted from being in Organic Lab today, I really to run today but my body is just blah right now. Cant wait for the summer to be off from school so I wont get tired when I need to run. By the way the fur balls look soo cute.

  4. I try to do a tempo or interval workout once a week. I will often do a progression run too. Starting slow and picking it up throughout. Whatever it takes to keep it fresh!

  5. If I’m bored with running, I usually take a break from it and go back to biking or swimming. My runs are pretty varied anyways. I run 1-2 times a week during work. It’s a 3.33 mile loop on the waterfront. To change that up I switch directions once in awhile. When I run at home (the long runs) I vary it by changing my route. I moved in with my boyfriend last summer and still don’t know the area really well. It’s always an adventure going out! And a hilly one, too.

  6. that is fun running in a new place!
    unfortunately I don’t ahve a bike and the only pool I have access to is our little neighborhood pool.
    I do what I can to change my route but my neighborhood is small, and I don’t like going on the trails alone, too scary! GEnerally my husband comes with me…maybe when his foot heals we will get back to it!

  7. looks like a good run! That second mile is impressive! Great job!

  8. Good job on the tempo run! I am typically tired during the second mile then catch my second wind for the third mile! I run in the same area all the time and it does get boring. I need a running buddy to explore more places with me!