Whew! Not being connected to the internet for nearly four days except via smartphone is tough when you work from home for a living! I am officially back, and hopefully now with no glitches. The last few days have been a whirlwind, and while I have a lot of work to catch up on, it was nice to have the weekend to unpack and spend some time with Bobby at the place we are staying at temporarily.


It’s on the lake, and we have really been enjoying it so far, as have the girls. Bobby has caught several fish, and Bella has a new love for riding in the kayak. She was terrified at first, but now she cried to get in it!

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She barks for Bobby to catch fish, and when he does she freaks out and won’t get too close. Strange dog. Sassy is enjoying sitting outside watching us, but she could care less about fishing or getting in the kayak.

unnamed (1)

Sunday we went back to our old church, and it was SO GREAT to be back “home”. I think I smiled for two hours straight, all through Sunday school and the service.

unnamed (2)

Yesterday I went on a 2 mile run, my first one here, and it was nice to have a change of scenery. It felt good to sweat, but I am still having issues with round ligament pain so I don’t know how long my running will last. I was going to try the support belt today but since I haven’t run in over a week, thought I would try “just one more time” without it to see if I could, aaannddd, it’s painful, so, definitely going with the belt for my next run.

unnamed (3)

Tomorrow I will have my weekly pregnancy update on the blog, and then will hopefully be in the swing of things here. Thanks for hanging with me as we transition!

QOTD: What do you do when you don’t have the internet? Do you ever purposefully unplug?

**I updated my pregnancy page on the blog so now you can directly click on each weekly update, etc. without having to scroll through all the pregnancy posts. Check it out!


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  1. great that you’re still running!!! i think I made it until 28 weeks and then it just felt uncomfortable.

  2. Glad your move went well! I’ve never purposely unplugged while at home (maybe on a vacation or cruise), but I was recently thinking I may take a week or two sans social media when I get to Cape Cod this summer. I think it would be a healthy thing to do, I hate that I feel the need to check my phone/ computer/ social media so often!

  3. I purposefully unplug when I visit my parents. I find when I keep my phone and computer in my room and out of sight, I’m not tempted to check things all the time. Sometimes I don’t turn on my computer at home but there’s always my phone…

  4. I find that when I’m traveling I don’t have the time to be plugged in. Other than posting pics to IG and the occasional Tweet, there just isn’t time to be online as much as I normally am if I’m going to enjoy all that I’ve traveled to do. Its quite refreshing, until you come home to an overflowing inbox and your blog reader full of blog posts to catch up on!

  5. Happy to hear that the move went well. And that you’re enjoying the temp location It looks very inviting to be right on the water like that.
    I pray your ligament pain subsides and that you can at least enjoy some light running soon.

  6. Sometimes unplugging is a hidden blessing – hoping you can keep running or maybe even discover new workouts while in pregnancy mode!

  7. That place looks so pretty! So excited for all of your changes up ahead!

  8. That is too cute how Bella loves to kayak! I am glad you are enjoying being back at your home church!

  9. I have been trying to unplug more– especially in the evening, even when I am home.

  10. So pretty! I love all the water pics. Hmmm…Maybe Mississippi Blues Half might have to be my comeback race now! 🙂

  11. I remember my friend and I would go up to her lake house in the poconos and they had no cell service or internet. So we were forced to unplug! this was before smart phones though, so since I’m addicted to my phone now I can’t imagine how hard it would be 🙂 So weird how “pre-smartphone” era really wasn’t that long ago!

  12. Welcome back! I live in the Brandon/Reservoir area. Lots of great running trails around here! Hope you get to enjoy them even if it’s post-pregnancy. Love the blog!

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