Unwelcomed Visitor


Yesterday morning, I went on a run. I was planning on 3 easy miles, but my legs felt dead from lifting weights yesterday, and I had just eaten breakfast (I usually have to wait a good 45 minutes after I eat to run) and so I ended at two miles.

As most of you probably know, I have some qualms about running in my neighborhood. It’s small so I have to do lots of loops. it’s hilly. It’s in the woods. I saw a snake once (which I HATE) and still have not been down that street. No lie.  So imagine my surprise, when Bobby gets home from work and tells me he ran over a giant snake in the neighborhood with his car, and had to run over it about 15 times to kill it because it was so big. Oh, by the way it was 5 feet long, a timber rattler, and was attacking his car as he rolled over it. OH. MY. GOSH. Oh, and did I mention it was in the middle of the road I had just run down TWICE that morning. I wanted to die. He, of course, was proud of his “kill” and made me take a ride on the golf cart to the front of the neighborhood to see it.

…..fair warning, if you don’t like snakes, please skip the pictures….








This first picture is when he had only run over it a couple times and it was still striking at the car and trying to get away.


this is from when he brought me back out. Trust me, Bobby’s feet are huge, that is one big flip flop. And one big snake!



the rattler fell off somewhere, so it would have been 5 feet with it. Plus we didn’t have it stretched out all the way straight


So…..let’s just say I am petrified and will NOT be running alone in my neighborhood anymore this summer. Our neighbor came by with a shovel and the tape measure, and told us he killed one when he was young, and the game warden told him they bite up close to your knees and it would have caused nerve damage and probably paralysis if it would have bit me while running. Not to mention, it would have KILLED my dogs! It was SO thick in the middle…I touched it, SO gross. Did I mention I hate snakes?

This girl will be running on the treadmill or with my husband until it gets much colder out. I hate that I am so scared of them that it is forcing me inside, but seriously, I am NOT taking any chances, this is serious, dangerous stuff. So, if you run outside, or on trails, etc. Please please be careful and watch your footing. I am talking about snakes, wasps, wild dogs, etc. Just a friendly reminder! Also, watch your pets!!! Especially little ones like my little monkeys.

Oh, the giveaway winner? I didn’t forget, don’t worry. Smile

The winner of the ROK Band giveaway is Tanya from Vegan Faith! Tanya, please e mail me at [email protected] so we can get you the rok band of your choice!

A big thanks to all who entered the giveaway, stay tuned, a BIG raffle coming up soon!

QOTD: Have you ever encountered a snake while running? Or any animal for that matter? What did you do?

*Notice anything different about my blog header? RWS is going through some changes, including getting it’s first real “logo!” Come back to see the final product soon!

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  1. I LOVE the new look! That was the first thing I noticed 🙂

    And as for snakes, I hate them too. My parents had a nest around their cottage last summer and killed 8 of them (one INSIDE!) Thankfully this year has been much less uneventful, except for the water snake my dad killed. I’m still freaked out to go into the lake! (Do note – it did try to swim away from my dad first…that is slightly reassuring…) Gross gross gross!! Thank goodness Bobby ran over that one – it was huge!

  2. Sara-Jayne says:

    I’m sorry that happened to you ~ and sorry for the snake. I think many people forget that by building everywhere we are taking more and more of their habitats away from them and leaving them to stray into our lives. I would have hated anything to happen to you or your dogs, but I wish our safety didn’t have to come at the cost of an animal’s life.

    • Heather E says:

      I agree. It’s a little sad. I really do wish our safety didn’t come at the cost of an animals life.

      • A little sad, but would have been way more sad if it paralyzed me or killed one of my dogs. Not an ideal situation for Mr. Snake but my safety comes first. I def. Don’t go around looking for things to kill for fun though!

    • Sad for the snake, but if it comes between snake, Me, or my dogs safety the snake has got to go! That Guy was super poisonous and only a street over from my house, I don’t want him to end up in my yard while I am taking the dogs out to potty or something. I def don’t randomly hunt snakes down for fun, but if we see one near our house its got to go. LOL

  3. Wow, I’m totally freaked out by your snake story and pictures! I have screamed and jumped like a little girl over snakes about a tenth of that size! I HATE snakes!

  4. I just found your page last night and love it! You have just confirmed why I run on a treadmill in my bedroom…with a fan…under the air vent…with the t.v. on closed caption…while listening to music..LOL No snakes!!! I live in South FL, so this could happen frequently-along with racoons, dogs, ants, spiders, armadillo, cats, palmetto bugs, birds, rain, lightning, cars….can you tell I’m not the outdoorsy type??

  5. I really like the new look! The new logo is great!

  6. Yay, I LOVE the new look! It looks great 🙂 I bet you’re super proud!

    And eww about the snake. I’m so sorry you had to deal w/ that!

  7. I don’t like live snakes, dead snakes, or sticks that look like snakes.

  8. Oh my freakin gosh!!! GROOOOSSS!

    I’ve never seen a snake up close and I don’t plan on it! Poor you!! That’s terrible!!!

  9. I too had an unwelcomed visitor (actually I think I was the unwelcomed visitor) just shy of my 3 mile mark I spotted a moose…stopped, took a picture (needed proof) and slowly backed away. Completed 6 miles but in a different direction. As for snakes, yuk! they can certainly ruin a good run.

  10. WOW!!! Snakes don’t bother me at all but still, I wouldn’t want to be close to that snake. It’s so NOT funny that Bobby came across this snake and not at all funny that you ran down the road twice that day and could have seen it…but this post made me laugh out loud. I love how he made you go look at the snake and how he brought a measuring tape and put his shoe near it!! When you said he drove over it 15 times to kill it I was like “Bobby?!?!” Not that I know him, aside from reading your blog but I wouldn’t have expected him to do that so i think that made me laugh too. Good for him! What a brave man! And you were so brave too to go and look at it!!! Wow. I hope you never see another one! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I’ve seen several snakes while running but just tiny ones mostly, nothing like what you saw!!! wow!

  11. Love the new look! Is that your actual silhouette in the logo? 🙂 Love the skirt.

    I’m cool with snakes, but then again, I have not encountered any rattlers…I’m not sure how I’d react to that…

  12. I’ve never encountered any critters, but my DH ran over a rather large snake with his bike on his way to work!

    But, we have coyotes that roam our neighborhood sometimes and that worries me. Especially when they are out in the middle of the day just sitting in the open field across the street from our house. I saw that one driving home one day.

  13. love the new look
    hate snakes with a passion
    and hmmm here in S. FL we run into alligators, raccoons, possum, dogs, snakes in some areas and my big fear…FROGS…I know insane…but I’m deathly afraid of frogs…
    sadly I encounter them nearly every morning I run!
    they just freak me out!

  14. The first thing I noticed when I stopped by your blog today was your new header, it looks great! Did Julie @ Savvy Eats help you with the design?
    Ewww. Snakes. Yuck.

  15. Yeah, snakes are no good. I’m glad you didn’t run into the rattler on your run! I remember as a kid, Water Moccasins would get into our backyard after a good rain and my dad would go defend the house with his sword (shovel) in big wading boots. The new design looks great! xoxo, Suzy

  16. EWW!!! I freaked out the other day over a shoelace that looked like a snake! I can’t imagine what I would have done had it been a real snake. The worst I’ve had to deal out running has been raccoons. Oh and a mole.

    Love the new heading!!

  17. Oh wow! I don’t *hate* snakes but I’m not a big fan – mostly because they just might kill me! I’ve never had to worry about snakes until two months ago when we moved out to Colorado. I’m yet to see an actual rattlesnake but I’m terrified of the moment I do!

    I’ve run a snake over when I was biking. It was completely on accident and when I realized what was happening I freaked out and almost fell off my bike! I kept trying to pull my feet up onto the middle of the frame but I had my shoes clipped it. Scared me nearly to death!

    Glad Bobby met the snake and you didn’t!

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