Valentine’s Day as a Kid


The other day, Jen and I were talking about Valentine’s Day, and how as a kid it’s a lot of fun at school parties etc. Then it’s also fun when you are dating, but it seems after you get married (at least in our cases) it just isn’t that important. Bobby always tells me not to get him anything because it’s a holiday for the ladies. We go to dinner, but never on the actual day, way to crowded. Oh, and roses, I would KILL him if he paid for overpriced roses on Valentines day. That’s just how we roll.


roses are great any other day of the year for this girl.

But back to being a kid, my family always did a great job of making it special for me. My mom would make us pink heart shaped pancakes in the morning, and have a little goody bag for us of candy, and usually a CD or DVD. She would cut our sandwiches with heart shaped cookie cutters, put special treats in our lunches, and when we would come home at night, my dad would give my sister and I each a box of heart shaped chocolates. Every year.

At school we would have parties and make mailboxes out of shoe boxes, and then go around the room handing out our Valentines to our classmates. We were hopped up on sugar all day, and it would continue when we got home an had more candy from our parents.


Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have Mardi Gras?

I miss those fun days, and can’t wait to celebrate with my future kids and let them know how much they are loved, like my parents always showed me.

QOTD: What did you do as a kid for Valentine’s Day? What do you do now? Any traditions?

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  1. No traditions for me- I’ve really never been that into Valentine’s Day before. This year I made sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies and bought some candy to make packages for my brothers. That’s it.

  2. Back in the day my mom would make us little bags with Avon ( I know that sounds so OLD), but it would have fun flavors of chapstick and hand lotion and fun nail polish. They had characters or something on them so they were geared more towards kids/teens. I don’t ever remember getting candy as a kid on vday which is a shame now that I look back..haha! As an adult, my husband has always sent me a dozen roses at work, but this year we agreed that something more practical would be more appropriate because as you mentioned, they are expensive ( and they just die anyway). Have a great day with your Valentine Heather!

  3. My parents always gave us a small present on Valentine’s Day, which helped show us that today isn’t just about romantic love but its a day to show your love for anybody you love. This is a tradition I want to carry on with our future children. Since my only “child” right now is my dog, my husband and I gave him a small present this morning – a new toy for him to play with!

  4. My mom was awesome at making V-Day special! I can only hope to be as awesome for my kids. Wyatt is obsessed w/the Emo Valentine’s book I just gave him so hopefully I’m on the right track!

  5. My parents always got me some candy and little teddy bear (usually a Disney-related stuffed item haha). I am the same way about roses… I make sure my husband knows not to get me any over-priced flowers for Valentine’s Day! Nowadays, we usually spend V-Day at home and make a special dinner/dessert with a movie and glass of wine!

  6. It was fun in elementary school because we could waste 2-3 hours easily on the Valentine’s Day activities, and the teachers took it easy on us because we were hopped up on sugar. Now it’s just like any other day because I still have to work and we don’t stop during the day.

  7. Aw, I still love Valentine’s Day. It can still be a fun day even without buying into the going out for an expensive meal, gifts, or buying marked up roses. This year, I’m making a fancy dinner and heart shaped cupcakes for dessert 🙂 We’re just staying in and watching a movie but I like the idea that there’s a day of the year where it’s cool to go a little overboard and be all romantic. It’s just fun 🙂

  8. My parents would always shower my sister and I with small candies and hearts in our what would later be used Easter baskets. It was awesome! Because I am still single, my dad loves to send me stuff in the mail. It’s awesome!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. So sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. I love that! 🙂 Today for K, I cut his toast into hearts and sprinkled heart sprinkles on them, and put a heart shaped rice krispie treat in his lunch with a not that said “Happy Valentines Day! I love you! love, mommy” I know he can’t read it yet, but it’s something I hope to continue to do in the years to come. Love the heart shaped pancakes idea! I should have done that! I’m not giving him candy, as he will get plenty at school, but he will get a gift. 🙂 We didn’t do anything special growing up for v-day, and I never had anyone give me anything in high school (sad!) or college…haha…but oh well.

  11. Love this!! We always had special Valentines Days growing up, too. :0) The heart shaped sandwiches sound adorable! Oh yes, and we did the shoeboxes thing in school, too!

  12. My husband and I celebrate the way you guys do too! No flowers for me- he surprised me with a new pair of running shoes. Our traditions for the kids have been to take fun loving pictures of them together and they also get a goody bag of movies/candy/stickers. You are going to be such a good mom when the time is right! Blessing towards you and your family!

  13. As a kid valentines day means just to get flowers especially roses. There is some sort of innocence in roses which is only found in kids so roses are the most preferred flowers in valentine.

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