Hi everyone! I am currently on my way home from a little road trip, (by the time you read this) but am posting Tuesday night. Bobby and I had to go up to the place we moved from 6 months go to take care of some business. Can I just say its totally weird to get a hotel room in a city you lived in for years? For a good part of the day I was alone, so I used the opportunity to go running in my favorite neighborhood, eat Lunch a McAlisters, and drive by our old house (so weird!)
If you have never driven by an old home its hard to explain the strange feeling! Out of habit, I almost pulled into the driveway! Ha! Anyway, we were supposed to be home Tuesday night but due to some unforseen things, we spent another night. No problem. More eating at my favorite places, shopping at my old favorite stores, ice cream for dessert, etc.
We have only been Gone 6 months but it felt strange to be visitors the past Couple days.  Those of you that prayed for us yesterday thank you so much, please keep praying, some things still could/need to happen, its not over.
I apologize for the boring post, but like I said, I was expecting to be home Tuesday night. Tomorrow we will be back to normal at RWS!
I took some pics with my phone but the wifi sucks here and its not uploading anything! So, here is what I could get, pictures of our hotel room and view. Did I mention I miss living here?

QOTD: have you ever driven by an old home of yours? How did it make you feel?

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  1. Nostalgic!!!! 😀

  2. After Christmas, my husband and I moved back to the city that I grew up in. Upon returning, I made the mistake of driving by my childhood home, hoping it would be exactly as I had remembered it. I was so sad to see that the current owners were not taking as good of care of the home as I know that I would have. That house holds a boatload of memories for me and was the last place I saw my father (he passed away when I was younger) and driving by that house…well, it just isn’t the same anymore.

    I am enjoying being back in my childhood city though…even though it has changed tremendously. We are making it our home now, and, of course, getting immersed in the running community here. 🙂

  3. Aww, I’m glad you got to go “home” for a bit even if it was for a not-so-great reason. It is always weird visiting a place you lived for so long. I bet if Bella and Sassy were there, they would have tried to run into the house! 🙂

  4. I live rather close to the house we lived in when I was really little. Sometimes I drive past and “yell” at them for changing things, like painting the house and taking down my swingset. I’d love to stop one day and see if my siblings names are still carved into the tree in the front yard.

  5. We moved a LOT growing up…always in the same town, though. Sometimes, when I go by one of our old houses I wonder about the people who live there now.

  6. We went home to visit after being gone just over a month – it felt so weird to have to schedule our visit time with family and make sure we saw everyone a few times {we used to just drop in as we were only an hour away}. And staying at my mom’s house we just weird! I guess it will become the new normal for us, but it felt odd the first time through!

    Enjoy your road trip!