Waiting is a Waste of Time


Today’s guest post comes from Laura. Please read and take to heart her story. Remember readers, beauty isn’t in a clothing size or in a number on the scale.  You are all beautiful! Have a great day and enjoy the post!

Most of my life I struggled with food. I was the chubby kid growing up always being told “you have such a pretty face, why don’t you lose the weight?” I thought there must be something wrong with me since I didn’t have the “willpower” to lose the weight once and for all. Therefore for most of my life I spent hiding because I was too fat.


Only prom picture that I have and I am wearing red

I avoided relationships, dating, shopping for clothes, trying out new things because I was fat. In my head the only reason that is keeping me from living life is my weight therefore I needed to do something about it. I rather be skinny and miserable than fat and happy. Crazy thought, huh? Well the chasing to be skinny took over the years took a deadly turn  as I developed severe eating disorders.

After hitting countless of rock bottoms, four years ago I asked for help. I went to therapy, group, 12 step, writing and started to live life. The process hasn’t been linear. The weight didn’t dropped right away yet my relationship with my body shifted. I now exercise 6 days a week because it is my source of sanity. I eat real food. I live a full life taking on new challenges on a regular basis. My life is full of love.


Me Today!

This past summer I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and signed up to take an 8 week burlesque course. My intention for taking this class was to really walked the talk and come to a place of love and acceptance of my body as it is. I wanted to move away from hiding and finally be seen.


Me in my dress rehearsal attire.

This class gave me permission to stop hiding and be a girly girl that I always wished I could be but I thought I was too fat to be. I have walked through the fear of going to Sephora and MAC  store and asked for help regarding makeup. I have learned how to walk in heels. I now look myself in the mirror and my first thought is “I am gorgeous. Look at my body that continues to get stronger and sexier everyday.”


Kitty Cavalier, teacher in the middle, me and a classmate at a fabulous Hotel in downtown NYC

As part of the class, I learned a routine that I would  perform at a show in NYC to friends and strangers. I am excited to really walked through the performance and prove that old storyline that is wrong once and for all.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that waiting to have the perfect body to start living life is truly a waste of time!

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QOTD: Have you ever done anything outside of your comfort zone like Laura? Were you glad you did?

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