Weekend Laziness and the Judgment Zone


Hello everyone! We have been so lazy this weekend! Yesterday we got to meet our TNT coaches and some of the team members for brunch, and had a great time, everyone seems really nice! I am hoping to get my letter finished this week so hopefully we can get some donations in the mail.

After that, we went and joined Planet Fitness. Our reasons for joining this gym are purely location and economics. It’s 10 bucks a month and 10 minutes from home. Now, some of you are probably going “Planet Fitness, oh boy.” Some of you have NO idea what I am talking about. Lucky you. Ha.

If you are not familiar with Planet Fitness, it is franchised gym, very large, lots of equipment, very purple and yellow, and as stated earlier, ten dollars a month. The common phrase here is “the no judgment zone.” Let me explain. The focus of this gym is to be comfortable and not intimidating for anyone wanting a safe environment to workout. In theory, this is awesome, but they take it to the extreme, and I must say, it’s rather annoying. For instance….

-no stringed tank tops (I broke this rule my first day without knowing. oops.)

-no grunting or dropping weights (there is a “lunk alarm” that will go off if you make to much noise. I so with I was kidding.

-no hats other than baseball caps

-no “gallon jugs of water”

Other common phrases are “leave your ego at the door” etc. etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like when muscle heads grunt loudly or drop weights, but Bobby dropped a weight BY ACCIDENT one time and the dumb alarm went off. How embarrassing. For someone claiming to have “no judgment” I think that was pretty judgmental and embarrassing.  It’s like you have to walk on egg shells so you don’t “offend” anyone. Heaven forbid my string tank top make someone feel inferior.


I am all for everyone having a safe place to workout and not feel judged, anything to get someone motivated and inspired…. but putting SOME of these rules out there seemed a little silly and childish in my opinion.

But, they have a good price point and product, so we will grin and bear it, leaving all doo rags, gallons of water, string tank tops and the like at home, so we can get in a decent workout in the hot summer months.

Alright, I will get off my soapbox for now and move onto how lazy and wonderful our weekend has been! Oh, and by the way, we did bi’s, back, legs, and 20 minutes elliptical at the gym.  yesterday after the workout at the judgment zone (haha) we came home, took naps, and lounged around reading, etc. for most of the afternoon and evening. It got so hot out, we had a nice rain shower in the afternoon, too.

Today, we went to church and lunch, then ran a couple errands before coming home and doing the exact same thing, and what do you, know, it’s about to rain again. Smile

QOTD: What are your thoughts on gyms like this? too extreme or just right?

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  1. Sounds kind of extreme to me, but the price is awesome.

  2. That does sound pretty extreme. I’d be afraid to pick up a weight in case I did drop it and the stupid alarm would go off and everyone would point and laugh! That’s far more intimidating to me than seeing a guy in a do-rag with a gallon jug of water!

  3. Wow – that gym sounds crazy! I would be nervous I would do something wrong! We really enjoy our gym – but I have a ton of ideas on ways for it to improve. If we had the money – we would buy them out and improve it 😉

  4. Yeah, that sounds a little extreme to me, at least with your tank top… I mean, it’s not revealing or anything. I could see if it was a sports bar, but a TANK TOP? Anyway, it’s good that you have a gym because I know it’s been crazy hot lately and not really safe to run outside, plus you can lift and other cool stuff… just don’t drop the weights, lol.

    • exactly. It’s getting to hot for speedowrk or really ANY runs, except for just easy slow ones! yeah I understand the sports bra thing, but a stringed tank top? yeesh.

  5. What a great price I love my gym especially the classes.

  6. (About Bobby dropping the weight) Wayne says, “What a lunk!” You know Wayne’s a goof.

  7. Wow, I have never heard of gyms with rules that strict! But you cannot beat the price! So like you I’d suck it up and deal with it 🙂

  8. Wow, I guess there are a lot of strings attached for a $10 gym membership (though none on tank tops LOL). That’s a crazy set of rules! I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone abiding by them in DC.

  9. We don’t have an alarm that goes off but my gym has a crazy set of rules too. By me though, it’s a tiny private ‘mom-and-pop’ gym and it’s not as in your face but everyone knows the rules are there. And if you break a rule? The owner is calm about it…but you have to do pushups as punishment. The amount of pushups depends on the severity of the rule broken. It’s actually fun and he jokes around about it and will usually do the pushups with you so you don’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells. We have a few big rules…. tank tops and hats are allowed…but no alcohol related shirts, no dropping weights, no serious grunting, no gum chewing, NO cell phone talking or texting…leave your cell in the locker!, no walking into the gym smelling like a cigarette, etc, etc.