Weekly Recap: April Week 3 2013

Happy Sunday! It has been a nice relaxing weekend here at the Montgomery house. Yesterday, we had some guys come help us work in the yard. All the bushes were cut way back, yard was edged, etc. It looks really good, and since it was such a gorgeous day I spent most of it outside. I walked to the gym, walked the dogs, and spent time just sitting outside.

photo 77

Here is a look at last week’s workouts, broken down by day:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3.1 mile run

Tuesday: 30 minutes bike, back, biceps, abs

Wednesday: 4.09 mile run for Boston

Thursday: rest

Friday: 2 mile run, 20 minutes elliptical, chest, triceps, legs

Saturday: 30 minutes elliptical, biceps, abs

A much better week overall than last week, especially with the cross training and weights. I di however want to get my mileage back up, even if that means doing it on the treadmill to avoid the heat. I have to remember I have Dumbo in August so I can’t slack on my distance too much just because it’s getting hot! For this coming week, the focus goes back to running and still sticking with cross training for my cross train or remain the same challenge.  Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!

QOTD: Did you spend any time outside this weekend?

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  1. I’ve pretty much spent the entire weekend indoors as the weather has been crappy here.

  2. It’s not hot in NY, but at least it’s not freezing. 🙂 So, we walked to our fav restaurant for dinner and of course for ice cream afterwards. It was lovely to be outside during sunset.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Nope,stuck inside w/a sinus infection:(

  4. It’s so hard to beef up the miles again when we have a chance to relax and recover – at least you’re doing your strength training that’ll make it easier once it’s time! I’m ready to relax this summer…just a tad 😉

  5. So jealous of your weather! It was chilly yesterday, but I think from now on we’ll start seeing more spring weather…I hope! I miss being outside

  6. Sounds like a great week! I’ve been spending some time outside walking around, but it has been very rainy here lately!

  7. It was a beAUtiful day in Auburn, AL yesterday! We spent the entire day outside celebrating Auburn football and the tradition of rolling Toomer’s Oaks. It was very bittersweet but the memories will remain.

  8. I really appreciate your weekly recaps…I’ve only been running since January. I’ve completed my first 5K and finally am ready to think about speed and time. I’m 44 though and I do not want to push too hard too fast and hurt myself. It helps to see other weekly plans as I try to make my own 🙂
    It’s getting hot here in MS, but the humidity is worse than the heat. So far we’ve only had one really humid day but I could tell before mile 1 that I better get a plan B in place before the humidity sets in for good. I’ll either have to run early a.m. or before dark.

    • It is getting hot! I think the cold weather we had the past few days will be our last. I will be on the treadmill most of the summer!

  9. Sounds like a nice couple of “lazy” days! 🙂

    I had a 12k race on Saturday, then kinda took the rest of the day easy. Today, I was in the gym for cardio and weights post-church. But, my weekends are usually a bit of a mixed bag.

  10. I am envy the beautiful weather. We’ve had nothing but rain here in Seattle. But this week is supposed to be sunny everyday! I am looking forward to running outside as much as possible!

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