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Hey guys! It’s MONDAY! I know Monday is normally totally NOT fun, but here is why this one IS fun…you have the chance to win free stuff! As you SHOULD know, Bobby and I are training to run a half marathon in October with Team in Training. To help raise money for the cause, I have decided to host a raffle. All money will go directly to TNT. You can either donate online via our donation page, or mail a check to me addressed to LLS. (Please e mail me for more info about sending a check.)


Ok ok so what can we win and what do we have to DO to win? Well, lucky for you there are several different prizes, so even if you don’t win the main prize you can still win goodies AND be helping an amazing cause!

The grand prize is a running skirt from!!!!! WOW!!!! Such generous ladies over there willing to help out for the cause.  You will have your choice of color from IN STOCK skirts. If you have not seen how insanely cute these skirts are, you have got to check out the website. I have an awesome job. Seriously. It’s so easy for me to sell a product I believe in!

runningskirts_logo rs-mums_in_bloom

(retail for $48-68)

The next prize for the second winner will be a pair of compression socks!!! Your choice of color, purple, pink, azure, black, or white! These socks have a graduated compression, very cute and comfy, and make your legs very happy during or after a long run!


(retail for $32)

The third prize for a winner will be a running skirts journal and water bottle! I have one of each of these as well, and let me tell you, there is just something about a hot pink water bottle at the gym. Smile The journal comes with a super cute pen as well.

2011-07-28123046 2011-07-29083402

The fourth prize is actually two super cool and special items made by a very talented friend of mine. It’s a running headband and rhinestone transfer made by Crystal! Look how stinking cute this is!

IMG_20110731_235635-1 (1)

The transfer will probably say “13.1” in a cute font, and all you have to do is iron it on to a shirt, it’s really easy. She made my transfer for the Disney marathon, remember this?


bling bling!

Ok, so this is how it’s going to go down:

$5.00 = 1 entry

$10.00 = 3 entries

$15.00 = 5 entries

$20.00 = 7 entries

$25.00 = 10 entries

If you give anything above $25.00 I will give you an extra entry per dollar, so say you give $27.00 you would get a total of 12 entries. Also, PLEASE leave me a comment after you donate so I can keep track easier and match people up more efficiently. Thanks yall!

There are another couple of ways to get extra entries AFTER A MANDATORY $5.00 or more DONATION! You will not get entries if you do the following things but do not donate.

1.) retweet or post on your blog about my raffle ( on entry for each, link back here in your comment so I can check it out, please!)

2.) become a follower of my blog (tell me so in a comment)

3.) Become a fan of my Facebook fan page.  (tell me so in a comment)

Once again, click on the link to go to my donation page and let the fun begin! This raffle will go until Saturday at 8 pm Central time, August 13. I will pick winners using and will post winner on Sunday morning, August 14th.

I am so stoked about this! Please remember this money is going to cancer research. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way, so let’s find a cure! (and win cute stuff in the process, right?) Thanks for having a giving spirit, EVERY little bit helps! Your donation matters and is important to me and to every person out there right now battling this disease.

Think of it this way: $5.00 is forgoing your morning Starbucks run for a day or two, or getting something out of the vending machine at work for a week. It’s that easy! You have the power to do some good. 🙂 Thanks guys, I know I can count on you!

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  1. Hi Heather! I just donated! It is listed under Kristin Cormier. Good luck with your continued training!

  2. I love reading your blog! I just donated to your cause and it is listed under Rachel Wright. Good luck with your training and your upcoming half marathon! I am training for my first half marathon and have your blog really inspiring.

  3. Just donated 🙂 And I follow your blog, obviously. But I don’t know if I officially follow you? Is there a way to do that?

  4. I donated it’s under Rebecca Strang. Good luck with your half training and in Providence this weekend!

  5. I donated – under Emily Allwardt. (I show up twice but that is because I previously donated pre-raffle. I figured it’s a good cause and this time I might win something! 🙂 ) Good luck! I am also a fan on Facebook.

  6. Such a great idea! Iodinated, follow your blog, am a fan of your Facebook page – and will tweet and put a link on my blog! 🙂 Such a great cause too!

  7. Courtney says:

    Hi Heather!!

    I just donated, too (Courtney Foster)!! I’m so excited for you and Bobby…good luck with your training! This sounds like such a rewarding experience!

    I read your blog every day (I look forward to reading it and enjoy your sense of humor)! I don’t know how to officially “follow” it, though. I’ll just keep reading it daily!!

    By the way, I pre-ordered the RunningSkirts stars skirt for the Air Force Marathon that I’m running in September!! Have you seen it? I’m trying to find a shirt (blue or red) that would match it, but I want the shirt to have a saying on it (like the cute shirts from Firedaughter Clothing). Do you know what shade of blue or red the stars are (i.e., navy, midnight blue, bright red, deep red, etc.) so that I can get a custom shirt for the race? Thanks!! I think you have the coolest job as a RunningSkirts rep!! 🙂

    • of course I have seen it. 🙂 the blue is I guess a royal blue, and the red is just a flat out red….def not a dark red, I’m not sure if thats helpful or not lol! I hope it is!!! Thank you SO MUCH for donating! Also thanks for the sweet comments!

  8. I just donated! :0) I’m a follower of your blog and a fan of your FB page. I also tweeted about your raffle, and I posted a link to your raffle on my blog’s homepage! :0)

  9. I donated $5! Wish it was more, but that whole broke college kid thing will get ya! haha

  10. I am a follower

  11. I posted about it on my blog! ( on the sidebar)

  12. Hey there…I just found your blog for the first time, whilst looking for some running tips for a beginner runner. Awesome site, btw. Anyway, while the Running Skirts look pretty badass, where is the stuff for Dudes?
    Digging your site…i’ll definitely keep checking up.

  13. I donated (Morgan Rooks)! I also tweeted, posted about your raffle on my blog, follow you on Facebook and follow you in Google Reader. Phew 🙂

  14. Hey Heather! I just donated under my name-Leah Moore. I check your blog every morning and follow on FB. I would post it on my blog, but I have been so lazy and haven’t updated in months. I need to get inspired. I’m wondering how Courtney pre-ordered the new skirt for fall. Am I not in a loop that I need to be in? I can’t wait for the fall line as I am anxious to see the patriotic skirt and hope it will be perfect for the Marine Corps Marathon. Have a terrific time this weekend. I can’t wait to see and hear all about it. Don’t push yourself on the half-just enjoy!

  15. I made a donation!!

  16. Oh yes, and I liked you on facebook. 🙂

  17. Tiffany Godinez says:

    Hi Heather! I am a fan of your facebook page, I follow your blog, and I donated $10. Maybe you could check out my page as well…I am training with TNT for the Disneyworld full next year! Good luck to you!

  18. I made a donation – under Heidi Nicole!

  19. I follow your blog in Reader

  20. I like you on FB!

  21. Donated, follow your blog, fan on FB… 😉

  22. Heather – I just made a donation.
    Working on a blog post now!

  23. Ok, I just posted my blog about your giveaway:

    Also, liked your page on Facebook.

    Been following the blog for a while now.

    Good luck with the rest of your fundraising!

  24. Hi! I just made a donation and I now officially follow your blog.

  25. Hi Heather, I just donated. Good luck with your training and fundraising!

  26. I donated 15 – good luck 🙂

  27. i tweeted

  28. i follow you on google reader, of course!

  29. i am a facebook fan 🙂

  30. I donated, should come up under ROJ Running. If know it’s Julie C.

  31. I am a follower of your blog

  32. I also follow you on FB. Found you from the FitBlogger Friday follow actually

  33. Just donated!!!

  34. I have been following you on Facebook!!!
    {My name listed on FB as Manda}

  35. I also follow your blog and let me say how much I enjoy your post!!!!
    After reading your blog I decided to start one for myself about the journey of training for a half. It is still in the works of all the info but when you get free time please take a look


  36. I just donated under Nicole March

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