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It’s not secret I have a VERY short attention span. Running three days in a row is no good for me. I get bored, overworked, and burnt out. This poses a problem since I am trying to tone and burn as quickly as possible before the cruise. (Once again for clarity sake, I do not think I need to lose weight. I would like to tone up and maybe burn a little fat off my abs so I can see them, but I am not concerned with dropping pounds on the scale. I weight myself once a week just as a measure on if I am staying in my happy weight range.)

I have talked many times before about doing something you love and enjoy as a workout, trying new things (you never know, you may find a new love!) and working out with friends. Last night, Bobby and I played volleyball for an hour, so I thought I would share some pretty hilarious pictures with you of me trying to relive my glory days!

Yes, they are fun to look at, but I really want to show you all the muscles you can work while doing something like playing volleyball.

DSC_2675 DSC_2679

DSC_2682 DSC_2685

Holy leg muscles. Look at all the squatting and bending. Legs always moving, knees bent, your butt and quads should be on fire! Also, arms up, constantly moving and working. (I know my form isn’t great but I was hitting the ball to myself chasing it all over the park!)


Setting….oh boy…Let’s be clear, I was a MB (Middle blocker/hitter) I am NOT good at setting. I tried my best when I had to, but it was not my strong suit, but, you get the idea for the sake of my muscle demonstration….

DSC_2672  DSC_2673

Once again, arms up moving and working, and then pushing through and up, working shoulders and abs!


last but not least, my favorite, hitting. Smile 

DSC_2686 DSC_2689

Stretching and reaching up with your abs, swinging motion is definitely a shoulder workout!

So my whole point of showing you these goofy pictures is that you do NOT have to be stuck in a gym all day to get a good workout. Yes there are some things done more efficiently in the gym, but you can also have fun doing something you enjoy! I was sweating like CRAZY after an hour of hitting the ball around with Bobby. I am a little sore, too. SmileRunning is a great workout and I enjoy it, but it works a select set of muscles, and others can be underdeveloped if you don’t throw other things into the mix as well (Hello, injury!)

QOTD: What is your favorite non running workout?

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  1. Great tips! I used to love volleyball when I was younger – I may not have been coordinated enough to be good, but I loved it! I also get really burnt out if I do 3+ days of running in a row! We have to give our bodies time to repair!

  2. I am so not coordinated for volleyball or anything else that includes a ball. SO I started going to Zumba over a year ago. I have gone to 3-4 different instructors and love it no matter who I have had! You are using your arms, abs, legs, even toes at times!!! it is a great cross training activity. Down side is it is indoors. I have pulled back from 2 times a week to once now with the beautiful weather in PA!!

  3. If I belonged to the gym, I would do Body Pump, hot hula, or yoga as x-training! Alas, I don’t do much of anything other than run. However, I am going to try and mix it up with some stairs and drills. I also do my “restroom exercises” which lately has only been sink tricep pushups. My biceps and shoulders are buff, though, from carrying around the kid! Can you imagine if I wasn’t working and had to carry him around all day? I’d have some guns! LOL

  4. I started playing volleyball in 6th grade. I was a tall 5’10” middle blocker then. As I transitioned into high school, I became a 5’10” outside hitter and finally a 5’10” setter by senior year (when the average middle blocker was about 6’5″). I did make first team all district, so I guess I transitioned well. I miss it sometimes, but also wonder if I might have been an all state distance runner had I gone that route at an early age. Oh well, can’t change the past!

    My favorite non-running exercise is putting on my headphones and zoning out on a stationary bike. I don’t run with headphones, but I often envision myself running while pounding the pedals to the tunes.

    • thats awesome. my husband talks all the time about wishing there were mens teams around here when he was in school. sometimes we joke about running off and joining the AVP haha!
      my husband is 6’2″ and its funny that he would be considered “short!”
      I’m 5’9″ so i did fairly well blocking and hitting for girls games, enough to earn me district MVP!

  5. I love playing volleyball, so anytime I can get a good workout with volleyball I am a happy girl! Sometimes I would make my hubby come out in the backyard and play with me! We also love playing sand volleyball, and I plan on playing a ton when we go to Mexico!
    I was a setter, and I cannot hit worth anything!

  6. Ahh… volleyball! Love it! That is one of my favorite summer activities that I don’t do enough! My favorite non-running sport is hands down KICKBOXING. I get such a rush from it!

  7. You look like you are totally in your element! It’s really a joy to see those photos, you just look like you are having fun! I tried out for volleyball in junior high twice and never made the team!

    If I had a bike, I’d probably ride a lot for a non-running workout but for now I alternate running with the elliptical and ST. I’d love to start playing tennis again, too, if I knew someone that knew how to play.

    • thanks Morgan! I love vball and miss it so much. I hear you on needing others to play. I wish we knew more people so we could play an actual vball game!

  8. I’m a new runner, so I get burned out on running pretty quickly! My favorite non-running activity is definitely TENNIS! I love to play tennis and when I play someone at my level or better, it’s a really great workout!

  9. I love volleyball! I used to play in high school and college and now I play club!