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I have been bored running, so I thought if I varried my runs it would help, also it would help with my speed. So my plan yesterday was to do 3 miles, a slow mile, a fast mile, and another slower but not AS slow mile. It was hot and sunny and I am not used to the heat but I still did it. It was’t a great run, but I did alright.

First mile was 11:18
Second mile was 9:05
Third mile was 11:00

that second mile was hard, and the third was hard because I was tired from the second. I feel tired today and it’s really hot and pollen everywhere so I decided to not run today and wait till tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day though

This is proof it was ally sunny and hot!

I just took the furballs on a walk and they are now layed out on the floor worn out!

QOTD: How do you vary your runs?

Running Skirts and The Hills??

I know I have at least one post on running skirts, but something actually prompted me brining this up. Well, two things. The Hills, which i do not watch, and the running skirts new line.

I was reading my US weekly e-mail I get everyday. The other day there was a poll, and a pictures of Audrina Partridge, running in a purple plaid running skirt. The poll said something like “running skirts, silly or sporty?” SADLY, over 67% said SILLY!!!! i was APPALED! Obviously, none of these silly women have ever actually RUN in a running skirt, nor had the benefits of running in a running skirt. No shorts riding up, fabulous lightweight fabric, pockets, etc. So wonderful! Not to mention, they are super cute! I must say, i was slightly offended and annoyed at US weekly for even suggesting my awesome skirts were silly! (Like they care what i think.) Also, I don’t think Audrina even actually ran the whole marathon? Can someone confirm this?

Next prompting of my post is the running skirts spring/summer skirts, they are out and on the website! My FAVORITE are the floral and the pink or black mini dot. I also love the cheetah. I decided i can only get one, so the floral it is, although i would LOVE more than that! You can go HERE to see the new skirts. How cute are they?! I would love a matching headband but I am really trying to be good with my money. I also am getting the pink tank top that says I love running. It’s not a running skirt, it’s cotton, but it’s still super cute.

QOTD: What is your favorite running skirt from the website?

Weekend Woes

Does anyone else feel like they totally fail on the weekends with their eating? I do SO well during the week because I pack my lunch. Breakfast is really healthy, dinner is so so, but I am ok with that due to the two other meals being super healthy.  But when Friday night rolls around, I am a failure till Monday morning! We love to eat, we love to eat out. It relaxes us, it’s fun, and I don’t have to cook. I hate cooking on the weekends! This usually amounts to me having sweet tea, lots of dessert and tons of calories on cheese dips, pastas, mexican food, junk food.

Then, Monday morning, I step on the scale and get so mad at myself. I work all week to get myself where I need to be, then blow it every weekened, so i never actually get where I want to be. I guess maybe I could workout more to offset the food? I just don’t know what to do. We really love to eat out and I feel like I deserve good yummy food on the weekend if that makes sense.  Also, it seems like there is always something to celebrate. Oh a birthday dinner, we are celebrating this or that, this person made a special dessert and I have to have some, etc. etc.

I guess I am just kind of at a loss. I am trying to learn how to indulge in good fun food but also not blow it every weekend. What do you do on the weekends? Is this a problem for you?

Ok going to hit the elliptical!


Well it’s that time of year again! Spring has sprung and our yard looked awful! I wish I would have taken a “before” pic to show you the clovers that were taller than Bella and how the weeds were taking over the grass! Well, Bobby has this high ankle sprain, so being the kind person that I am, I decided to help him with the yard, which I NEVER do. take care of my flowers, and pull weeds, but the grass, etc. is his job.
Yesterday was a beautiful day for it too. The day started with a GREAT 5 mile run in the sunshine. I ran at a really good pace for me, and it just felt good, not labored and painful like one of my awful 4 mile runs of last week. SO after the run we went to a wedding, then came back and worked in the yard.
I mowed part of the yard, edged the whole front, used the blower, pulled weeds, fertilized with the spreader, and watered the grass. Whew! I am a little sore this morning, pushing the mower up the hill in the back = pain. I LOVE a nice clean yard though. My dad is obsessed with our yard, and growing up it always looked perfect, so now I of course love a nice yard. Bobby doesn’t care quite so much so sometimes it’s a struggle!
Here is a nice picture of our front yard. The only thing we didn’t get to do was weed eat around the trees etc. b/c the weed eater died and went to weed eater heaven.

and here is a picture from my sunny warm run. No, the mustang is not about to hit me, it was parked!

QOTD: Do you work in your yard? Do you enjoy it?

Water Water Everywhere

So for the past two days I have been forcing myself to drink a ton of water,and don’t know know, I am actually craving more! Well, at least I think I am. It could also be that it is getting warmer out, but I would like to think I am just wanting it! I try and drink some as soon as I get up in the morning, everytime I pass the water fountain at school I take a few sips, and I try and dirnk it with either lunch OR dinner. I can’t do both just yet, I need some flavor!!! I am getting better though. Hopefully it will make me feel better, and be good for my overall health.

I think I may do a little more spring cleaning this weekend. I am trying to decide what I want to tackle next. Maybe the panty? Offie closet? We will see.

So does anyone watch animal planet? I have been watching it a lot lately. (I go through phases.) There is this new show called Fatal Attractions about people who keep wild/exotic animals as pets and either die or get seriously injured. It’s so interesting! I have seen an episode where a man is killed by his lizzards, a woman by snakes, and 2 ladies by tigers/panthers. People are nuts to think it’s normal to keep these animals as pets! But, just for fun…QOTD: If you could keep a wild animal as a pet what would it be? I would say a tiger. they are just so pretty!

Spring Break Pictures

So it took me long enough, but I finally uploaded my pictures, here are just a few from my Disneyworld trip last week! It came and went in a flash, I can’t believe it’s already over! Now I am looking forward to my cruise in June. Yay!
Our room, 4242, Club Level at the Boardwalk Inn

snacking in the lounge

At Epcot

Me and mom at the Magic Kingdom

Getting ready for my one and only run!

at Goofy’s at downtown disney on St. Patrick’s Day

view from the room we switched to at the Grand Floridian

Ok so that’s all you get! I have a ton more but I am not going to sit here and upload them all to the blog, sorry!!!

I had a good gym workout today, 25 minutes on the elliptical, going forwards and backwards (obviously not at the same time!) and then I ran one mile on the treadmill between a 6.0 and 7.5. It was hard for me after the 25 min. on the elliptical! Felt good to sprint though! I also did a few arm exercises at home with my weights.

Glad tomorrow is Friday. This weekend I have a wedding to go to Saturday, and hoping to get in a good run in Saturday morning. Tomorrow it may rain again, and is going to be a slight bit cooler. Ok, have a good night everyone!

Need for Speed

I am working or, attempting to work on my speed. I want to run a faster 5k. In hish school, i ran the 100 meter dash, and was pretty darn good at it. I was 6th in state in our Class. Now, running 3.1 miles is a lot more than a 100 meters, but, it’s still the shortest distance other than the mile. really, and 5k’s are the most abundant, so I am trying to foucs on them for now.
I am approaching this with a long(er) run, an interval/tempo run, and a maintenence run each week. I am also cross training at least once a week, and strength training 1-2 times. The reason why I am only “scheduling” 3 runs a week is because I have learned I CANNOT put pressure on myself to run more than 3 times a week. If I do, and then i DON’T end up running 4 or more times, then I will beat myself up like crazy. So, I make myself do 3, which is managable, then anything else I do is above and beyond, and then that makes me feel really good about myself. It is all so mental for me, I can’t stress out over the amount of times I run. For instance, it’s Wednesday and I have already run twice, so I have 3 days to get in a run and cross training. That feels “doable” for me. Even in a week where I feel like someone is sitting on my head:
(yes yes those are my two sweet puppies, the little one sitting on the older one’s head.)

Been one of those weeks!!!
I just had a really hard windy 4 mile run, but I did it!
Ok I may do a little strength then cook dinner!
QOTD: How many times a week do you run?

Crazy Day

Sorry I did not post yesterday. It was a very stressful and draining day, well, mostly night/evening which is when I usually post. I had a long faculty meeting, then Bible study, then Bobby had to take his dad to the hospital last night (he has cancer and was having some problems) so I was up, then got no sleep, Bobby didn’t come home till the middle of the night, so I am beat. I will post later this afternoon. Hoping to go on a run this afternoon, sunny and 74! Thanks for understanding!

Getting Back on Track

It felt really good to go to the gym after work and run 3 quick miles. I wanted to do more but I needed to get home because I was bringing a meal to a family in my church who just had a baby. I have really been trying to foucs on getting back on track after my trip, but it’s hard! Especially with Easter candy lying around!
Luckily, tomorrow the high is 70+ so I will get to run outside. I cannot wait! I also plan to do some strength work as well. I really want to tone up before summer.
Tomorrow I also plan on having a green monster. Today I had some apples and that’s sadly all the fruit I had. I did have some greek yogurt though. I am having a hard time getting out of bed since it is SO DARK when I get up and even leave, so making a smoothie this morning was out of the question.
SO I am trying to plan ahead, so that I have more success tomorrow. 1.)Green monster 2.) greek yogurt 3.)more fruit 4.)a good run 5.)drink more water. I think this last thing will really help me!

Oh I am also hoping to run a 5k on April 10th so speedwork it is!!!

QOTD: How much water do you drink a day?

Disney Workouts

I am going to post more pictures from my trip, but I have to upload them. These are the ones I took with my camera that have anything to do with woring out! I only ran sadly once, around the boardwalk. It was WAY colder than we antcipated. I wore my running skirt and my thighs were numb!
the second morning we were there I got up at 7 and ran.

looking back at the Boardwalk Inn

I did a little over two miles but I ran at a really good/fast pace so I felt good about it.

Then the next day we went on an hour long bike ride. It has been FOREVER since I rode a bike so it was fun! We rode from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness and back.

thought I would throw this picture in for good measure. Some of you that know Disney well may say “wait, this isn’t from the Boardwalk!” and you would be correct. hehe. Stay tuned to find out what happened!

we also walked and walked and walked a ton!

Oh, I was super excited to use my Oikos coupon to buy the new caramel flavor of greek yogurt.

QOTD: do you clip coupons? Do you have other grocery shopping strageties?