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See Ya Real Soon!


Happy black Friday! It is cold and rainy here, and I am glad I am not out fighting crazy people for merchandise! Instead I am packing up for our cruise! We drive halfway today and then the boat leaves tomorrow!

I know I said I would have my runner’s Christmas gift guide up today but it’s not going to happen. I am sorry guys, the Saints game had me super stressed out yesterday evening, I was planning on blogging and watching, but I was glued to the TV instead! I want it to be good so it will have to wait till I come back.

I promise to take lots of pictures, so don’t leave me readers, I will be back! To hold you over until I get back, why not take a look back at a few of my old posts or race recaps? Here are a few I would start with:


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I hope everyone has a great week, I will be back to regular blogging NEXT Sunday, see you all in December!


QOTD: Do you black Friday shop?

Happy Thanksgiving 2010


Gobble Gobble! Is everyone stuffed and now wearing their stretchy pants?! I hope you are having a great day with family and friends. It is 83 degrees here…not even joking! Not very Thanksgiving-y but what can you do? We have cooked, eaten, napped, and are now ready for SAINTSGIVING! Who dat!?!

Here is my day in pictures:

old picture! I was about 5 or 6!


Mom hard at work






Watching the parade!


Camera shy


Ready to cook!


Captain Mickey balloon during the parade!


Making twice baked potatoes




Ok Bobby that’s good!


Dad starts slicing the turkey, and look who shows up!





I was in charge of the table. Can you spot Bella?



Happy Thanksgiving from the Montgomery family!


QOTD: What are you thankful for today? I am thankful for my awesome family and friends (blog friends, too!) Also for my health, dogs, and all the other blessings in my life!

Geaux Saints!

Good New and Bad News


Happy Thanksgiving eve! November has just flown by! I hope everyone is having a good day, gearing up for lots of yummy food!

As promised, I have an update on my IT band situation. There is good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good.

Monday, I had to go to Mississippi for some personal things, and I went to the chiropractor twice. When I went in the morning and told him my knee was still not right, he got all excited because he has just gotten back from a conference dealing with extremities. He said he learned a lot about legs/knees/hips and had some tests he wanted to try on my legs and some adjustments he wanted to do when I came back that afternoon. ooookkk.

So I go back and he did a serious of tests, bending pulling, stretching, having me point/flex/etc. and He told me that I have absolutely zero rotation in either of my legs/knees/hips. They won’t turn at all apparently. I or course thought I was normal and you were not supposed to be able to rotate like that. I was on my back and he bent my knee, turned my leg in and tried to pull it towards me and my hip flexor hurt so bad he couldn’t get it to go anywhere. Then he did some kind of adjustment to my hip and knee and tried it again and my leg turned a whole lot farther!

Basically, my right hip is so badly rotated that my leg can’t sit in my hip socket properly or something like that, so that is most likely what is causing all the stress on my IT band which is causing it to get inflamed and tight. Good news, he can fix it my basically putting everything back where it is supposed to be.

Bad news….I need to go see him as often as possible before my race to make training possible (once is just not going to do it obviously) and I cant go back for two weeks! I am going to try to go the 2nd and third weekends in December and the first week of January right before the race and  just pray that is enough.

I tired running yesterday to see if I could tell a difference. Good news, I made it 1.5 miles zero pain. I was so happy! But then it started to get tight. I ran walked the last 1.5 miles, stopping every half mile to walk for one minute and that seemed to help. I hurt a little this morning but not badly. I am stretching and foam rolling hoping that helps. 1.5 miles is good though…before, it was hurting from the very first step, so this is progress I guess? I guess I will just have to do a lot of driving back to MS in order to make this happen!

sorry for the lack of pictures, I have been so busy the past couple of days getting ready for our cruise. I will take Thanksgiving pictures tomorrow!

QOTD: Any fun Thanksgiving traditions?

O Christmas Tree Take II


What a sleepy afternoon! I just woke up from a nap. I had to make a quick trip to Mississippi for some personal reasons, and I was up at 5:30 this morning then did all the driving so I needed a nap! It was nice. Smile

I have mentioned that putting up the tree is one of my very favorite things to do and I was sad I wouldn’t get to reflect on all the memories of my ornaments etc. this year. Well, I was wrong I did! My dad had a smaller tree at his office he brought home for me and while Bobby was here over the weekend we put it up with just a few of our “special” ornaments. Not as fun as past years but better than nothing! Excuse the sad way I look. it was 9:30 at night.






The puppies slept through all the fun.








YAY for the holidays!!! I am done posting goobey tree pictures..for now. Smile

Come back tomorrow, I have some interesting (and somewhat hopeful) news about my IT band!!

I hope everyone has a great afternoon! My Christmas gift guide for runners will be up hopefully on Friday, I thought Black Friday was the perfect day to post about shopping!

QOTD: Do you have a favorite ornament? What is it?



Happy weekend! It’s official, we have a foundation! Woo hoo! Today, Bobby and I brought my parents to see our house in progress. My mom had been to the neighborhood before but my dad had not. I was so excited to show them and see the progress with my own eyes! It’s going up fast!

This is standing on the opposite side of the park looking towards our lot. They are putting a picket fence all the way across the lots on the park.


Looking at the front of the house, you can see the big porch!



Standing in the house looing down into the garage and at the driveway (which is behind the house)


Standing at the bottom of the driveway looking up  the back of the house


Looking to the right, to the side/backyard


Love this


We will have a cute gate like this on the front! (Pretty sure they are painting this white)


Where our gate will go



Look at the cute drainage covers




After looking around, we drove down and around by the beach. We passed the Beau Rivage


Then we drove on the beach road



Good but long and tiring day. Now I am watching the Saints game and relaxing.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are driving to my house so I can go to the chiropractor, and so we can get mail, check on the house etc. I am ITCHING to run so badly, I feel like I am losing fitness everyday. I walked yesterday but did nothing today. Maybe I will try to walk and maybe jog a little at my house tomorrow.

So I posted that I used the tennis ball on my leg and hip…well, it left a bruise! I am SO SORE, and my leg had a bruise. I read that was ok, but I really didn’t think it would happen to me. oops. Hope it is at least helping! have a good night everyone!

QOTD: What is your favo
rite Thanksgiving food?

The pain of a tennis ball


Football Saturday! Hope you are having a good weekend. I am watching my Tigers play their last game of the season in Death Valley. Doesn’t it seem like football season just started?

I am still struggling with my IT band. Still icing, foam rolling, massaging. I have been walking 5-6 days a week about a mile and a half each time, I have also done elliptical a couple of times. I did some more research yesterday about massage to help my problem. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, so I cannot go and get deep tissue massages 3 times a week.

My chiropractor suggested on top of foam rolling, that I use a tennis ball to really inflict pain on myself. I laughed when he told me…but he was not joking. WOW talk about painful. Never did I think a little neon bouncing ball could make me hurt so bad! Just LAYING on it not even moving…wow! It’s a good hurt, and I know it will help me in the long run. The research I did said I may be sore and even bruise, but it should help with circulation in my muscle fibers or something to that affect. Hey, I am all up for trying ANYTHING at this point! I am going to keep using said ball and see if it helps. I even joked with my mom I should carry it with me and if I get tight during a run, bust it out and lay on it on the side of the road. People would think I was crazy!

Tomorrow we are going to see the new house! I hope they have done more work on it. I am excited my dad gets to see the neighborhood for the first time. I will have lots of pictures! I also have pictures from my brother in laws birthday dinner…I am slacking on the pictures, I know.

A big thanks to everyone who left comments for my Christmas list post! it will be up sometime next week. Keep them coming if you would like to contribute!  So that this post isn’t all text and no pictures, here are a couple more pictures from my September Disney trip. By the way…we get on the Mickey boat a week from today!





QOTD: What “odd” things have you done to help heal an injury?

I Need Your Help!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this week has been a good one for you! I am excited I get to see my husband today!

Ok, I need your help. I am putting together my own Christmas wish list for runners, and I would love to know what you think should be on it. Do you have something on your wish list that has to do with running? I want to hear about it! Sensible, wacky, off the wall, you name it. I plan to put together a post with a gift guide including average prices for the items. I know Black Friday is coming up so everyone should be getting their lists going for themselves and their friends and family.

SO…..leave me a comment, tell me something you have gotten you loved, or something you would like to get, and I will put everything together (with some ideas of my own) in a post! Thanks guys! Have a great Friday!

QOTD: this one should be pretty self explanatory…I need your help for the runner’s wish list!!

O Christmas Tree

More Christmas fun! Good afternoon, I hope today is fabulous for you! My mom and I finished decorating the house for Christmas by putting the tree up. As far as Christmas fun, this is my favorite day of the year aside from Christmas day and eve. Sadly, I didn’t get to put up y own tree with all my own stuff in my own house. I LOVE listening to music and looking at all my ornaments and remembering where they are from. (Whenever we go somewhere new we buy an ornament as a souvenir.) Well, there is always next year in our NEW house! We are going to put up a small tree in my bedroom but it just won’t be the same. Sad smile Anyway, I still had fun! Here are some pictures from the occasion:





We put blankets around the bottom b/c last year we broke a really nice ornament on the hardwood floor! I broke one this year in the BACK corner, the only place the blankets were not, but it was just a cheap green ball ornament so it’s ok. Smile




Some of my favorite ornaments:





pooped from all the “hard work”



I finally have some good running news! I have not run since my disastrous 16 miler on Saturday, but I have walked 3 times with my mom and I stretch several times a day, do some yoga poses, foam, roll, and ice. Well, yesterday I got my IT band strap in the mail, and I wore it today on our walk…no knee pain! granted, I didn’t really try running, but walking was fine, woo hoo! I may try an EASY 2 miler tomorrow with a long warm up and see if it starts hurting, and if it is I am stopping. it usually starts around the first mile or so, so we will see!

QOTD: Have you ever used any type of knee strap or sleeve for running?

Wardrobe Overhaul Fail


Afternoon blog land! Thanks for all the nice comments about my blog yesterday on it’s one year anniversary. I love my readers!!!

Well, do you remember the post I did a few days back about my runner’s wardrobe? Also how I promised to wear less hats and sweats and more cute tops and boots? Well, so far it has been a FAIL! I did not even realize it! The other night, Bobby spontaneously said “let’s go get fro yo” of course, I am all for that, so I changed clothes, got in the car, and off we went. That’s when I realized I was wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, a hat, and no makeup. I am FAILING here! It was like, my second day of this and I was already messing it up. Oh well. What can you do? We did have a good time at Menchies though! Click here for the most affordable and the best fitted wardrobes in London.






So, realizing my failed attempt at dressing as a normal person, I decided to be more aware of what I put on today. I am happy to report I wore a sweater, a scarf, skinny jeans and boots. I even wore my hair partially down. Woo hoo!!! I am so proud. baby steps here people. Baby steps.

QOTD: What is your favorite accessory to wear?

Happy Anniversary!

Well, it was actually yesterday but close enough! One year ago yesterday, I started blogging about running. At that point, I was not blogging daily, but I had the idea to blog about my fitness simply for accountability. I was preparing to run the Disney half, and I wanted to make sure I got runs in as well as be able to share with others about my training and about my race when I got home. Well…I think I blogged once in November and 2-3 times in December, but then when January rolled around I started my regular blogging that I have been doing for a YEAR! I can’t believe it. it has flown by. Miraculously, there have only been a small handful of times that I haven’t “felt” like blogging. I really enjoy it!

Thinking back to my first blog post, I realized I have grown and changed a lot! A lot of things have happened over the past year.

I ran my First half marathon in Disneyworld, followed by the Mardi Gras RnR half marathon in February.

In March, I took a girls only spring break trip to Disneyworld with my mom.

In April, my sweet husband surprised me with a King bed and Tempurpedic cloud mattress. This helped me get through the rest of the school year!

In June, we went with my parents on our first Disney Cruise.

The summer was also very hard for us. At the end of June, Bobby’s father passed away after a year long battle with cancer.

July was my birthday month but I can honestly say it was the worst birthday I have had to date due to some awful greedy people.

July turned around a bit at the end of the month when my sweet husband surprised me with a new car!

In August, Bobby and I officially started marathon training.

In September, we officially announced our plans to move to the Gulf Coast. We put our house up for sale and I am temporarily living with my parents so bobby could start his new job. I also got off birth control pills in September, and we took a much needed vacation to Disney world, specifically to attend Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party.

In October, things started moving with our house, and we ran the Run for Life half marathon and the Jazz Half Marathon.

In November, we officially broke ground on the house and things are moving along nicely!

In less than two weeks Bobby and I are going on an early 4 year anniversary cruise.

That pretty much sums up my year of blogging (of course there are lots of other little things and smaller races thrown in too as well as the injury I am battling as we speak.) Looking back I think I had a pretty good year (if I can just block out most of the summer…) I feel very blessed and have a lot to be thankful for as we approach Thanksgiving. Things don’t always go as planned, and life is not fair sometimes, but we still have so much to be thankful for. I encourage you to look back over your blog from the very beginning and see how far you have come as a blogger and as a person. it’s fun to see!

I hope you have enjoyed following my blog over the past year (or however long you have been reading!) and I hope you continue to read for a long time to come! I love all of you who read my blog, I really appreciate the support and encouragement you have offered me over the past year! Here’s to more fun, laughter, and good memories to share. Cheers!


QOTD: Do you blog? if so, what are your thoughts on the past of your blog, where you were, where you are, and where you are going?