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More House Pictures, Tired of Them yet?


So I know it isn’t very fitness related, but as I have stated before, I believe healthy living means being healthy in all areas of your life, including mental health. Trust me when I say moving into this house will be good for my mental health. (Haha love you mom and dad, I just feel SO unorganized! I am thankful you let me live with you.)

Anyway, we will close on the house middle to end of February, so it’s getting close! Check out the progress!

DSC_2018 DSC_2019

DSC_2020 DSC_2022



so many cabinets!



one of the spare bedrooms


laundry room


backyard slab off patio for our table and chairs


front path


hanging out in the shower. There will be glass on top of the half wall and for the door.




blue ceilings on the outside porches Smile


downstairs hallway from garage looking into kitchen/living room to front door




Thanks for humoring me, I will get back to more fitness related things tomorrow SmileIn other random news, we switched cell phone companies today and I got a Galaxy S and so far I LOVE it! (I had an iPhone) anyone else?

QOTD: What kind of cell phone do you have? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Trail Running


So, writing about my interesting experience with a 5k trail run yesterday got me thinking about trail running in general. I honestly never considered doing it, no reason really, except maybe lack of trails and knowledge. Well, I take that back, a big reason for me is also injury. I have weak, weak, ankles from playing (and tearing ligaments) in basketball and volleyball games in high school. I was on crutches more than anyone should ever be. I was petrified of hurting myself yesterday. (I am SO SORE today, but that’s not what I mean.)

My ankles wobbled and rolled a couple of times yesterday, and I also slipped on some wet leaves doing downhill a couple times. Running on so many different terrains…sand, grass, mud, dirt, leaves, and pavement all in one race was quite taxing on my body. My IT band hurt, my ankles hurt, my abs even hurt today from all the jumping.

I did a little research and learned Runner’s World has a whole section dedicated to trail running! I started browsing and wow there is so much I don’t know! Once again, being honest, I have no desire to take up trail running, but I think it’s always great to be informed anyway. So, if you are interested in learning more about trail running or trying it out, go check out this great page. One thing that was so scary for me yesterday is I felt so unprepared and didn’t know any of the “tips and tricks” that may have helped me. So, if you do choose to try it out, be prepared and well informed so you don’t get hurt! Safety seems to be a number one concern in my mind. There is a “trail” (not really, just concrete running through some woods…) by our house and I am not allowed, for good reason, to run on this alone.

I do think trail running is cool in theory and much more difficult than road racing, so kudos to you if you are a trail runner. You rock!

QOTD: Do you trail run? Do you want to? thoughts?

Look what my sweet husband got me for our anniversary. A personalized Saints jersey Smile


Stinky is ready for some food.


Resolution Run 5k January 29, 2011


Happy Saturday! It’s a beautiful 69 degrees here today! I am loving this! So, Bobby and I did something kind of silly this morning, we ran a 5k race! I happened to see a flyer for one and so we registered on a whim. It was benefiting the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. I was excited because I haven’t run a 5k since last May and I have gotten faster. I have been running training run 5k’s around 28 minutes, so I knew in race atmosphere I could crush my old PR. The flyer said “5k run trough Terra Bella Neighborhood.” Oh…little did we know….

We got there early because I wasn’t sure about traffic, and it was cold! about 29 degrees. We parked, went and got our race packets and went back to the car (and heater) to put on our bibs and chill for a bit.

Bobby ALWAYS struggles with his race bib…


Ready to go! In my cute new shirt (Thanks Heather E!) and my sparkly headband (thanks to my favorite across the pond runner!)



A few minutes before the start we took some GU and Powerade and got in line for the bathrooms…That is when we first heard “the news.” A guy was talking to another guy about how they had to put some hay down on all the muddy parts of the trail…HUH? mud? TRAIL? Um…the flyer said NOTHING about this, it said through a NEIGHBORHOOD not an off road expedition!

At this point, we weren’t sure exactly HOW much of the race was on a “trail.” Maybe just a little part? We were about to find out! Well…we started out on a road…I knew we were in trouble when the announcer explained things to us before the race…to look for the ribbons on the trees marking the trail…huh? and the orange spray paint on the levee….what?!? This was NOT a good sign.

I kissed Bobby, told him to have a good race and to be careful, and the gun went off and I took off. I started out way to fast. I was nervous about this off road stuff and knew I had to make up time. When I realized I was going at a 7:30 pace, I slowed myself down. bobby had forgotten his Garmin so he was going WAY to fast. He was way up ahead of me, but nothing I could do! I SO wish I had my camera to take pictures of all the surfaces we had to run on.

So the first about .65-.70 were on a road. this was good…maybe I was right about just a little of it being on a trail. We got to almost the front of the neighborhood, so I assumed we were about to go out on the main road. Not so much! We turned off into the empty lots and into the mud. It was that uneven dried mud/dirt with grass growing out of it, so it was very uneven, an they had put hay on it so I couldn’t see/tell where the uneven parts were, so I just kind of hopped along jumping and dodging the best I could. I hit one mile, and had kept a 9:02 pace, even with over a quarter mile being in the mud. I was hoping it was fast enough to make up for the time I knew I was losing. I thought that was the worst part, haha! after we hit mile one we took a turn to the right. This is where a trail was cut out through the mud and trees with a 4-wheeler, and we had to jump over SIX ditches of water. No joke. six! I felt like a hurdler! My ankles and IT band were screaming, and my poor ankles just kept wobbling every time I landed. I rolled them a couple of times, but I think it scared me more than anything.

After the hurdling came the woods. We hit some thick woods and an old cross country trail with steep up and down dips. The trail was covered in leaves, and a couple of times on the downwards parts I slipped on the wet leaves and almost busted my butt. I hated having to go so slow but I was so scared of hurting myself! There were a couple of times in the trail that I wasn’t sure what way to go and I just kind of stopped and looked/thought about it for a minute then went again.

I finally made it out of the woods and ended up on a levee going around a lake. The surface here was a mixture of sand and thick thick high grass, but at least it was a little more level than the mud but the sand and grass were so hard to run through. About this point Bobby yelled at me from the other side of the lake and I waved and kept going. I wasn’t THAT far behind. About midway through the levee fun we hit mile 2. I made it around the rest of the lake and at about mile 2.8 we were back on the road. I tried to run as fast as I could to make up time, but there wasn’t enough of the race left for me to make up enough time. I saw the clock in the upper 29’s and I sprinted to the end RIGHT at 29:59. WOO HOO at least I broke 30:00!

They had chic fil a, fruit, water, etc. We hung out for the awards because I thought I may have placed. This was my next annoyance with the race. Most races I have run do 5 year age group increments. 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc. Well, this race did 15 and under, 15-19, then it jumped to 20-29 and 30-39! What the heck? I ended up getting 4th in my age group but if they WOULD have done it 20-24 and 25-29, I would have gotten 2nd and gotten a medal WWWAAAHH! I was so sad. I was 13th female overall. Sad smile Bobby though ended up getting 2nd in his age group and he did get a medal! Yay Bobby! He normall runs 23’s and he ran a 26 something. I know on a road I would have probably run a sub 27, so I was really bummed. I was ready to crush my PR! I still PR’ed barely, but I was not expecting all of this craziness!

Apparently no one knew this was going to be a trail race, and a lot of people seemed to be unhappy about it. I won’t be doing this next year!

Yay Bobby!


All done!! My first trail race! (I somehow got mud on my ankles?)


SO, that is my first trail race experience…I will NOT be doing that again. If you know me you know I have very loose ligaments in both my ankles anyway. I am already getting sore! So, then I come home, take a shower, and proceed to fall down the stairs. Awesome. Now I will REALLY be sore tomorrow! (I am ok, not the first time I have done that…and Bobby did it LAST weekend and has a huge bruise on his butt. What is wrong with us?!?)

QOTD: Thoughts on trail running? Have you ever done it?

Friday Favorites: GU

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Happy Friday! It is a BEAUTIFUL sunny 69 degree day here! I am about to go sit outside and enjoy it while I can! But first, my Friday favorites post for the week, GU! I love this stuff, and it’s all I use to fuel during my runs (besides Gatorade and water of course.) I will admit when I first started eating Gu, it took me awhile to get used to it. I prefer this to shot blocks or chewy fuels because I don’t like to chew and run, and the chewy kind always get stuck in my teeth and it drives me crazy!

They are compact and easy to carry, and the best part is, they come in a rainbow of flavors for your enjoyment. (My favorite being vanilla bean and gingerbread!) Also, occasionally the lovely people at Gu will release a new limited time flavor (like island nectar, tastes like a pineapple fruity drink!) I actually enjoy when it’s time to take fuel, because these babies taste like candy! Sometimes they can get thick in your mouth (make sure you chase with water/gatorade.) I take one about every 4-5 miles and they give almost instant energy! (Don’t give these to your already hyper children. It would not end well!)

Gu all ready with my other gear on race day.


Go check out their website and look at all the flavors! They even sell a sample pack if you aren’t sure what flavor you will like. (They just came out with a new flavor, cherry lime!) You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter from their webpage. They even have a  nutrition facts page!

I know some people are/were hesitant to try GU at first *cough*Jen*cough* but now are believers. You can buy individual packets from your local running or sports store if you don’t want to buy a 6 pack in case you aren’t crazy about the flavor (or you can just mail them to me!)

QOTD: What is your favorite fuel/flavor?

I am off to enjoy my afternoon, but though I would leave you with a few pictures!




The above dessert was some sort of boston crème pie…SO GOOD!

Grocery Shopping on a Budget


A big thanks to those of you that gave input on other ideas to help you to be physically healthy on a budget! Seems like I have a lot of lurkey lurkers these days. Come on out and say hi people! I don’t bite…unless I’m REALLY hungry! (This post will make you REALLY hungry!)

So, yesterday’s post was all about being fit on a budget. Today, as another follow up to the Fit Blog chat, I thought we would talk about food. I am going to start by being totally honest with you. In case you haven’t noticed…I am not a foodie. *gasp* I know, I know. There is a reason I don’t blog about my food (aside from an occasional recipe.) While I like to think I maintain a healthy balance and eat well, some probably wouldn’t agree. For starters, I eat meat. YES you heard me, RED MEAT. Not all the time, but I do. and it’s good. and I am ok with that. and I know you aren’t supposed to start a sentence with and, and you are supposed to start one with a capital letter. It’s ok, it’s my blog and I shall do as I please. I also have sweets everyday, mainly chocolate. I love my sweet tea, too (on the weekends.)

Now that the grammar police are after me, let me get to my point. What kind of fun would life me without chocolate, or cupcakes, or pasta in alfredo sauce every now and then? Not so much in this girl’s opinion. So, When I discuss healthy eating on a budget, it may look a little different than some people’s version of healthy eating on a budget. But, stay with me. These principles can help you even if you don’t eat just like me. If you don’t eat like me, that’s cool, too. Your choice! Not saying it’s good/bad/awesome/stupid. I admire food bloggers because I could never do it.  I just want to be clear that I never claimed to be a food blogger.


1.) Make a list

Sounds so simple, but is so complicated in real life. It’s so tempting to see the newest thing, or something that looks so yummy because you are hungry (my next point.) Unless it’s something you truly forgot to put on your list and need to get for a recipe, etc. stick to the list. It will stop you from impulse buying!


2.) Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach

This is a pitfall for me. When I shop hungry, EVERYTHING looks good and I buy way more food than planned or necessary. This leads to going over budget, food going bad in the refrigerator because I simply cannot consume it all before it goes bad, etc.


3.) COUPONS and sale papers!

There is a coupon craze happening right now, and I like it! I always clip coupons. Yes, a lot of them are for processed foods, but not all. I can usually find coupons on things like yogurt, butter, cheese, cereal, etc. Also, check manufacturers websites for coupons of mailing lists for coupons. Be sure to get the most bang for your buck with coupons. If you have a coupon for something AND wait until it’s on sale then you can save a lot. Also, stock up a little bit if you can, but not like the creepy people who turn their basements into a panty. weird.


4.) Make things from scratch

Yes, it takes more time and effort. This one is a judgment call if your time is more valuable to you, or if you are a bad cook. Pre made or packaged things are generally more expensive, but also more convenient.


5.) Buy in Bulk

This ties in with the coupon one a little bit. Be sure not to be wasteful though! If you have something like a Sams club, etc. near you then take advantage! My family gets great steals from there all the time in bulk and for a great price. You just have to do a little research and math. (Once again, judgment call. If you got a D in math, you may want to skip this on.)

Bottom line in my book is plan ahead. if you make a plan, have a list and coupons, know what is on sale, and shop after eating, I think you are headed in the right direction! Like I stated before, I am by no means an expert in the food department, these are just a few simple tricks that have helped me stay within my budget and shop for food the smart way.

QOTD: What do you do to save money on food while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle?


*all of the above pictures are from dining in Disneyworld Smile

A New Start, Coming Soon!


Good morning! It’s gloomy and yucky here today. I plan on doing some strength training and hopping on the elliptical after I finish blogging and eating lunch. This day is flying by! I am still looking for suggestions on my goals from yesterday’s post, so if you have any let me know!

Yesterday Bobby went out to the new house to talk about our fence placement with the builder, so he took some iPhone pictures for me so I thought I would share!

back door/patio. You can see the color of the outside of the house.


living room




master bathroom


downstairs guest bathroom


bonus room


dining room


laundry room


stairs minus the railing (weird angle)


master bedroom


it’s really looking like a house now! I am so excited! I can’t wait to move in!

QOTD: What are you doing for exercise today?

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New Goals


Happy Monday! I know, I hate Mondays too, especially since I am not living with my husband right now! Let’s try to make the best of it, shall me?

A lot of people suffer from the “post marathon blues.” I honestly have not really been sad. I am HAPPY my training is over and I reached my goal. Do I want to run another marathon in the future? Yes. Do I want to run one next week? No way!  I do, however, feel the need to make some new fitness goals for myself. Being the highly competitive crazy type A person that I am, I NEED a goal (or several. whatever…)

I do not want to set myself up for failure, but I would really like to work on my speed in the shorter distances. (Mainly 5k and half marathon, I don’t do too many of the in between races.) I have a half marathon coming up February 13th. The Mardi Gras Rock n Roll.


Originally, my goal for this race was to PR. Is this still possible? Probably….I think…I hope…??? I will say, I was NOT prepared for how my body would respond to running after my marathon. (See this post.) Yeah I knew my body needed to rest, but running out of gas in the middle of a three miler seems crazy to me, and really makes me doubt my ability to perform well in just a couple of weeks. Am I still going to try? You bet I am! See, here in the lovely south, marathon/half marathon season is mainly November/December and January/February. It gets hot and humid here so early in the year, we don’t have a lot of spring halfs…..mainly just 5ks, and sometimes it’s even to hot for that! So, there is a possibility that this is my only shot until fall rolls around again. I PR’ed in the Jazz Half in the fall, but it was also on a very injured IT band that started killing me at mile 2, so I KNOW I can run faster.


Here is my dilemma…knowing my body is still recovering from the race and being sick, and not having a lot of time to work on speed…Do I set a specific time goal, or just to PR, or nothing at all and wing it? I am too competitive to not even at least make an attempt. If I start running and see it’s not going to happen, that’s fine, but I have to TRY.

With that being said, I am trying to work on some other fitness related goals that don’t have to do with race time. Maybe something to do with strength work, stretching, or yoga? I NEED goals to operate well. I am not a good enough self motivator to just wing it, I will end up just doing nothing and laying on the couch all day like the wonderfully lazy Bella and Sassy.  I used to once upon a LONG time ago, be pretty speedy. I could possibly excel in the 5k if I put my mind to it. But I really enjoy the half distance, so I don’t know. Comments? tips? sarcastic remarks? anything?

QOTD: Help me with my goals!

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More Marathon Week Pictures

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Hello! What a lazy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day here. Already been to the grocery store, eaten lunch, now just waiting for football to come on! This time last year I was so excited…the Saints were about to play for the NFC championship. It was SUCH an exciting time. Now I am sad.

Since it’s such a lazy day, I thought today I would just post some more pictures from the rest of our fun marathon week (PRE sickness!) for you to enjoy! My brain doesn’t feel like working/coming up with an interesting post!

Our room at the Wilderness Lodge


yummy concierge food


fireworks from atop the Contemporary at California Grill. (Wishes from the Magic Kingdom)


EPCOT with Karen and Jason


This was hilarious. Bobby was being so silly we could NOT get a good picture!

DSC_1726 DSC_1727








Look how awesome, I maxed out the score halfway through the ride!



our room at the Grand Floridian, Royal Palm Club


Water Parade from our balcony with my zoom lens


Animal Kingdom with the zoom lens. We got some great animal pics with it!


DSC_1909 DSC_1926

DSC_1936 DSC_1945


DSC_1961 DSC_1964

from our balcony


DSC_1977 DSC_1983


Grand Floridian Concierge food



QOTD: Who do you want to win the football games?

Post Marathon Running


Tomorrow marks two weeks since my marathon. Today marks my first outdoor run since the race. (I did an easy 2 mile treadmill run Thursday.) It was in the 30’s but I really wanted to try a nice average paced three miler just to test the waters and get myself back into a routine since I have a half marathon February 13th.


I started going and immediately my lungs started burning. I am NOT used to this kind of cold! I kept going, walking a little bit, and finally got into a little bit of a grove at mile 1.5 but it was still SO HARD! I was running fast while I was running, but I had to keep stopping and walking. What the heck? I just ran 26.2 miles. How can I not even run THREE now! Very discouraged, I finished up and came home. I knew my body was still recovering, not to mention I had a cold for a full week after the race, but I thought three measly miles wouldn’t be a big deal. I came across a couple of articles that seem to suggest otherwise.

THIS ARTICLE from Runner’s World suggests you wait until week three to slowly return to running. It says to cross train in week two, and rest in week one. I rested for a full week, but didn’t do any cross training, I just lifted some light weights once this week and went on two walks. I also found THIS ARTICLE and it says to expect some long term fatigue. It suggests you may feel like you have “run out of gas” (what happened today) on long or hard runs. I knew to expect a little fatigue, but I was not expecting 3 miles to be such a challenge! I felt like a new runner all over again, and it was not a good feeling.

I know I have not done what I should have been doing as far as stretching, icing, eating the right foods. When I was sick all last week, I didn’t have much of an appetite and did not eat much at all. I am hoping that if I just keep going and work through the hard runs (while being careful not to overdo it) that I will start feeling like myself again soon!

So, if you have just run a marathon (or are even new to the half) don’t worry if you don’t feel yourself when you run after your race. Be sure to listen to your body, and take care of yourself post race (and cross your fingers you don’t get sick like me!)

QOTD: Have you ever had a hard time coming back after a hard race? What did you do to feel like yourself again?

For your enjoyment, more pictures!




Friday Favorites: Spibelt


Happy Friday! I am stoked, I get to see my husband tonight, wahoo! I hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend planned. Mine includes running, football, and relaxing, which sounds fabulous to me.

Today I am going to discuss something I am currently loving, my Spibelt! It took me awhile to jump on this bandwagon because I was SURE it would bounce around when I rand and drive me to take it off and throw it in the ditch in the middle of a long run, but it REALLY doesn’t bounce! I wear mine down on my hips and I forget it is there. I also sometimes have the problem of a skirt riding up over my hips, and by putting the spibelt over it, the shirt stays in place. The pouch is stretchy and can hold more than you think!

For the marathon, it easily held a small pack of tissues, 2 GU’s, my room key, and some chapstick, and there was still plenty of room. When I needed to get something out, I either asked my husband or Karen to get it out, or I just turned the pack around (I wore it on my back) to my front and then moved it back after. Here are a couple of pictures. You can barely even notice it is there in my opinion!



You can buy them online, or your local running store probably has one. If if hate running with things in your hands and don’t have pockets this is a simple solution!

*I was not paid to give this review nor was I given a spibelt, I bought this on my own, but hey, free stuff is always welcomed!

QOTD: What do you run with to hold all of your “stuff?”

…aaaanndd for fun a couple more pictures from our trip…