A Day in the Country


  Today we spent the day in the country! Bobby’s mom and her husband just built a new house, it’s super cute, out in the middle of the sticks! It took us a solid 2 hours to get there. I was quite starving by then, so we went to lunch at a little Mexican restaurant


They live on a hill on a beautiful gold course, so they drove us around and showed us “downtown” which reminded me of the little small towns you see in movies! Then we went to see the view for a neighbors house. Beautiful!




We were standing right on a tee box!



Then we went back to their house where they have a huge deck overlooking the golf course.





They have these hummingbird feeders, and while most have already left to fly south for winter with this weeks cool front, there were still a few lingering. They said sometimes they will have 25-30 all at once, crazy! Bobby got some good pictures.






Isn’t that cool?!

We had to leave early because I had a chiropractor evaluation at 4:30. Apparently my sinuses are so blocked he is surprised I can breathe. awesome. Also not only do I have scoliosis (which I knew) but one of my hips is rotated causing my pain. He took x-rays and I go back tomorrow. Hopefully this will improve my running!

    Speaking of running, tomorrow is a run, and then a MASSAGE! I am excited! I hope everyone had a good day while I was in the car over 4 hours!


QOTD: Do you have any wildlife at your house? We had deer, armadillos, raccoon, possum, you name it!

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  1. We have an evil squirrel that taunts my indoor-only kitties!

  2. We have a ton of deer. I have never, ever seen an armadillo and it’s kind of my life goal to see one.

    • awesome! just come here. Bobby chased one through the backyard with a shovel in his boxers a few weeks ago. i so wish I had caught it on video. They are super ugly. But be careful bc the have sharp claws for digging!

  3. Jude (JBM02) says:

    squirrels (aka “rats with tails”), fox, groundhogs, deer, turkey and on one occasion, moose! Do I include my son’s pet hedgehog, Slush??

  4. I’m fascinated by chiropractors. You should post your xrays and give us more info! What is an adjustment like??

    I know. I’m weird.

    • I will let you know after tomorrow! It will be my first one. I am a little nervous! I knew I had scoliosis but I didn’t know my neck was starting to curve the other way or that my hips were so out of whack! I really hope it helps my running!

  5. I see raccoons in my area. I live in NYC (in the borough of queens), but have been battling families of raccoons for ages! Also, there’s been an influx of stray cats and of course, squirrels.

  6. danicastacijo says:

    We have a raccoons, elk, deer, coyote , squirrels and neighborhood cats if they count. I also have a problem with my hip, one is higher than the other. Your going to love your massage there awesome.

  7. Cute dress you’re wearing! 🙂 Wildlife…hmmm…I live in a pretty crowded city….so…do rats and mice count as wildlife?

  8. That is to funny about Bobby chasing an armadillo around in his boxers. Karen and I went running the other week and one of them jumped out at us while we were running. It scared the poop out of us because it was pitch black! Jen, just come to SE Texas and you will see them all over the road and everywhere.

  9. I live right off of a college campus, so the only wildlife I see around my house is college students! LOL!

    On a side note, I loved seeing a MS State T-shirt on your blog!!! Makes me think of home (even though I am an Ole Miss girl)!

  10. Fun!
    We have hummingbirds here, too, and I love seeing them at the feeder. My son loves making the food for them.

    Hope the chiro can help you!

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