Probiotic Skincare

I am often asked what kind of skincare products I use that give me such a glow. It’s all in the name, Glowbiotics. I have always, ALWAYS struggled with acne, and was told when I became an adult it would go away…it didn’t. I went to the dermatologist and have been on every pill, cream, and face wash you can imagine. Not much seemed to really help until I started Glowbiotics. It has also helped reduce fine lines, age spots and dull skin as well as giving me an amazing glow. Of course I didn’t want to keep this to myself, so I’m sharing my own personal beauty routine with you. Scroll down to see what I use!

Morning routine step 1

The probiotic acne treatment cleanser is treat for oily, congested, and acne prone skin. It helps eliminate acne causing bacteria and is sulfate and paraben free! Helps get rid of oil without drying out your skin. Contains 2% salicylic acid and probiotics. I use this morning AND night!

Morning Routine Step 2

The anti-wrinkle illuminating eye cream wakes up my eyes in the morning and helps them appear more bright with less fine lines and dark circles. It contains a blend of peptides and lipids and also helps tone the overall eye area. I use this every morning when I wake up! 

Morning Routine step 3

The advanced vitamin-c brightening serum tightens and brightens my complexion so my skin doesn’t look dull or hyperpigmented. It defends your skin against damage, regenerates collagen, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I use this on my face and neck in the morning. 

Morning routine step 4

This gentle probiotic calming lotion is super lightweight and calms irritated acne prone skin. It creates a more even complexion and gives hydration without feeling oily. This goes on every morning!

Morning Routine Step 5

The hydra glow cream oil is my favorite Glowbiotics product! It gives my skin a dewy glow without making it feel oily. My skin feels so smooth and soft! It also calms inflamed skin and provides a healthy skin barrier. I use this sparingly in the morning. 

Morning Routine step 6

This is the best face sunscreen ever! It has a light tint to it so it helps even out your skin tone, and it is super lightweight so you don’t feel like you have thick greasy sunscreen on your face. It is enhanced with essential vitamins and antioxidants and is a great makeup primer for all skin types!

Evening routine step 1

I use these resurfacing pads every other night. They are great for getting makeup off, and exfoliating away dead skin cells to soften fine lines and wrinkles. They also tightens and illuminates your skin over time!

evening Routine Step 2

The advanced retinol renewal treatment fights visible signs of aging. It uses a Smart Retinoid Complex and Smart Biometric Peptides, and stimulates cell turnover and effectively. It also can reduce pore size!

evening Routine step 3

The instant refreshing gel hydrator is such a refreshing product! It includes topical probiotics to reinforce your skins natural moisture barrier. It’s super lightweight, too. It also provides effective anti-acne effects with a one-of-a-kind Bioidentical Barrier Repair Complex.

I have been using Glowbiotics for almost one year, and I am still obsessed! These aren’t your regular drug store products, they are medical grade! Founded by Christine Watson, who wanted products that worked but were also good for your body without all the “extra” chemicals. A huge thanks to Glowbiotics for introducing me to my favorite beauty products, and making me feel good about my skin and what I put on it! I feel more confident than ever to leave the house without makeup on!

*I know a lot of the products I discussed above are for acne prone skin, but they have a FULL LINE of products for every skin type, so be sure to check out the website to see what will fit your needs. Take the skincare quiz to help guide you in your purchase!

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links which means when you purchase and use my code I get a small comission. Photo credits to Glowbiotics, Unsplash, and Sandra Morlet Photography