National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! Did you run? I did! I was thinking if I got up early I could beat the heat…turns our 8:00 is NOT early enough to start a sunny, hot, humid run! I was still drenched after, and had to gor eally slow. At least I did my 3.1 miles on this special day! (I guess it’s special? but don’t they ahve a national day for everything now?)

I did a little research to find some of the crazy things they have a specific day for:

-January 7th is old rock day
-July 22 hammock day
-February 4 create a vaccuum day
-May 3 lumpy rug day
-September 5 be late for something day
-October 6 mad hatter day
-December 5 bathtub party day (huh?!?)
-December 24 national chocolate day (must remember this!)
-July 13 embrace your geekness day (this is my bday lol!)

So, as you can see…there is ALWAYS something to celebrate!

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Have a good day all!
QOTD: Did YOU run today?!?!

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  1. Crystal says:

    ugh, no. I didn’t run because I didn’t have a sports bra! Had to ride 30 min on the bike instead. Oh well.

  2. I totally plan on celebrating tonight!! Yay for running!! And bathtub parties!!!

    Totally adding you on twitter (:

  3. Crystal says:

    You forgot Star Wars Day – May the 4th

  4. I was kind of thrown by the create a vaccuum day…I realized after they didn’t mean vaccuum CLEANER!!! lol

    Happy running day!!! :0)

  5. runnerstrials says:

    Yay for your run!

    I find it ironic that National Chocolate Day is Christmas Eve. Something tells me I always celebrate it without realizing it haha.

  6. That’s crazy what they have National Days for! Seriously? Lumpy Rug Day? That’s so odd.

    I didn’t get a run in…my workout for yesterday was a walk around a little town center area holding my 22 lb daughter. I hate how things are so hit or miss for me right now. I do plan on getting to the gym today though since I actually feel OK. Yay! I hope you have a great day.

  7. I heard on the radio it was also National Egg Day today- like scrambled eggs, haha!

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