Below you will find the top tools I use to run my blog smoothly and successfully. These tools can help you to make money online, and I highly recommend them all. Please note there is nothing on this page I have not personally tried and loved myself, and that some of the links are affiliate links (meaning if you purchase from them I make a commission).

Top resources I use for a successful money making blog. Click now to see the best tips and tools to help you make money blogging while you work from home.


Convert Kit: 

This is what I use for my e-mail subscribers list. Convert Kit has a monthly fee, but it starts out low as you start out your list. It is super easy to use that it’s totally worth the price to me. It has tons of features that help you go from landing page to e-mail funnel. There are also lots of tutorials and they host webinars.


Sprout Social: This is what I use to schedule social media posts for myself and my clients, and I can also run SUPER detailed reports to see what is working and what isn’t. Set it and forget it and spend way less time scheduling or worrying about your content. They have a 30 day free trial, too!

Pic Monkey: 

This is what I use to edit my photos. There is a free version and a paid one they refer to as the “royale” version. I feel like the price is very fair (and you can get a free 30 day trial) as I use it nearly every day for my editing. This is where I add text, overlays, watermarks, and filters to my pictures. You can also resize, create collages, and crop your photos.

Blue Host:

Blue Host is what I use for web hosting. It is affordable, reliable, and you get a domain name for free! You can pay monthly or sign up for a whole year and pay ever less per month.

Link in Profile:

This tool is for Instagram, and provides one link for your profile that directs people straight to a certain blog post that is associated with a photo you post on Instagram. No more will you to go into your profile and constantly update your link to go to a specific blog post.

Pinning Perfect e-course:

A great course all about Pinterest and how to get more traffic to your site or shop. Very step by step with lots of modules, worksheets, and tips. I learned a lot!

Book Boss:

Recommended for anyone thinking about writing an eBook. Abby goes step by step through the entire process from start to finish. She uses tons of examples, photos, and modules to help you get from idea all the way to self publishing. I honestly don’t think I ever would have checked off the bucket list item of writing an ebook without Book Boss!


Bitly is a very simple way to shorten links. When you are sharing a link on Twitter for instance, no one wants to see a super long link full of odd letters and characters. Bitly will give you a nice, short link to add instead.

Yoast SEO:

This is a Plugin with WordPress that is really simple to install and use, and can make a big difference in how your posts are ranked. It will tell you what you need to change or add in order to make your post optimized the best way for search engines.

Hemingway Editor:

On this site, you can plug in an entire blog post or paragraph and Hemingway will judge the ‘readability” for the post for you as far as difficult to read sentences, and the grade level your post reads as. This has helped me to identify sentences that made sense in my head but didn’t translate well in my writing.

Buffer App:

Buffer is a social sharing tool that has really simplified the way I post things onto Twitter and Facebook. Before Buffer, if I found an article or page I really liked, I either had to share it right then or bookmark it later and then try to remember to go back and share. With Buffer, as soon as you see a post you like, you click the extension button in your browser and it automatically saves the post in a que and then posts it for you at intervals you have set up in your profile

Broken Link Checker:

On this page you can enter in your domain name and check for broken links. Very straightforward and easy to use!

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